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After the last international break we predicted that the six games in October/November until the next break could prove crucial for Jose Riga. As it happens, he fell at the halfway stage having lost the first three games against Huddersfield, Derby and Reading. So now the baton is handed to Lee Clark who'll probably wish the next break for the Euro qualifiers was sooner rather than later. If he is really looking to ingratiate himself with the tangerine faithful then Saturday's home game against Ipswich and the two away trips to Fulham and Leeds means he has eight days to try and find some results.  1
Clark Days Ahead?
As Jose Riga packs his case, helps himself to the free Blackpool Hotel toiletries and cashes in his Morrison bonus points before heading back to Belgium, there is an empty desk at Bloomfield Road which needs filling. Wed Oct 29th 09:07 0
Jose Riga Sacked!
After a day of speculation, conjecture and rumour, the inevitable curtain was drawn on Jose Riga's 4 month stay at Bloomfield Road. Mon Oct 27th 19:20 0
Riga-mortis - is the Riga Revolution Dead?
Over the course of history there have been many revolutions - some have been successful, some have ended in tears and others have been shot down before they've started. Mon Oct 27th 09:25 0
Belokon or Bust
Every club needs it's colourful character and up to his downfall in 1996, Blackpool had it's own touch of eccentricity in Owen Oyston. Sun Oct 26th 15:57 6
Reading 3 Blackpool 0
If a picture paints a thousand words then this one (albeit from Tuesday) sums it up. Sat Oct 25th 18:21 0
Reading 3-0 Blackpool - Player Ratings and Reports
If you saw the match against Reading, how would you rate the players' performances? Sat Oct 25th 17:07 0
Reading v Blackpool Preview
Saturday's game is as much about two managers under pressure as it is about two teams desperate for three points. Thu Oct 23rd 21:05 2
Did Derby flatter to deceive?
Read the various Derby forums after Tuesday's win at Bloomfield Road and, whilst some posters said that Blackpool were better than bottom position, many pointed out the flaws in Jose Riga's side. Wed Oct 22nd 20:57 2
Blackpool 0 Derby County 1
Lady Luck which has shone so brightly over Bloomfield Road for many seasons has finally disappeared. Tue Oct 21st 23:48 0
Blackpool 0-1 Derby County - Player Ratings and Reports
If you saw the match against Derby, how would you rate the players' performances? Tue Oct 21st 21:49 0
Blackpool v Derby Preview
So when will Blackpool's luck finally change? It would seem not at the moment. Mon Oct 20th 20:49 0
Huddersfield 4 Blackpool 2
In years to come when Blackpool fans are talking about the worst full match debut they've ever seen a Seasiders player make, then sadly for Joel Dielna his name will undoubtedly crop up. Sat Oct 18th 17:14 0
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Lions lead by Donkies (Asses)
   by Curryman Fri 31st Oct 2014
"Lions led by donkeys" is a phrase popularly used to describe the poor leadership of the British Tommies of WW1 and to blame the generals who instructed them.
What future for the fans? The true face of BFC.
   by Curryman Mon 13th Oct 2014
Why do increasing numbers not want to go to Bloomfield Road anymore, is it because the club is dying? It's a question those leaving are more than ready to answer.
How lucky we were.
   by Curryman Fri 3rd Oct 2014
Ian Holloway often used to exclaim ‘how lucky we are’ and then go on to explain why he felt he and the supporters of Blackpool Football Club were lucky.
one fifth of the way in
   by basilrobbiereborn Tue 30th Sep 2014
Nine league games in and our season shows no real sign of picking up.
   by Curryman Wed 10th Sep 2014
It was Saturday morning, school had finished for the week and there was a football match to go and watch.
The Horsemen of the Apocolypse.
   by Curryman Wed 3rd Sep 2014
In my previous blog, the second of a trilogy, I referred to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and I thought, for the uninitiated I would expand on that theme in order to make some sort of sense out of my statement.
The Folly of Denegrating your fanbase.
   by Curryman Sun 17th Aug 2014
Gerald Irving Ratner (born 1949, London) is a British businessman and motivational speaker.
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