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Embarrassing, humiliating, inevitable and a sad reflection of where we are as a football club. Sometimes Blackpool have been getting away with results that have probably flattered us somewhat. Last week's shots on target by Wolves should have served as a warning about what might happen if a team had some players who could hit the back of the net and on Saturday we found that team in Watford. An awful afternoon for Lee Clark who could only find solace in the fact that three of the next four games are at home. Clearly he's forgotten the state of the Bloomfield Road pitch and the baying crowd!  0
Watford 7-2 Blackpool - Player Ratings and Reports
If you saw the match, how would you rate the players' performances? Sat Jan 24th 17:26 0
Watford v Blackpool Preview
So Blackpool's 14th attempt this season to get a league win and they've not chosen the easiest of locations. Fri Jan 23rd 18:16 0
Wolves 2 Blackpool 0
Whilst Lee Clark's record since he arrived at Bloomfield Road hasn't been bad, his record away from home continues to disappoint. Sun Jan 18th 10:39 0
Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 Blackpool - Player Ratings and Reports
If you saw the match, how would you rate the players' performances? Sat Jan 17th 17:14 0
Wolves v Blackpool Preview
It wasn't that long ago that the Seasiders were a Premier League side and Wolves were struggling to come to terms in League One. Fri Jan 16th 20:02 0
Blackpool 1 Millwall 0
There is an irony to the fact that Ian Holloway helped keep us up last season with a rare home win for the Seasiders against Millwall (the only one under Barry Ferguson) and wouldn't it be strange if another win against Ollie's side was the catalyst that kept us up this time. Sat Jan 10th 20:24 0
Blackpool v Millwall Preview
There was a time that match day would fill Blackpool fans with hope, excitement and expectation, nowadays they approach a game with hate, repulsion and anger. Sat Jan 10th 10:36 1
Aston Villa 1 Blackpool 0
There are some things that have become New Year traditions like the singing of Auld Lang Syne, being the first through the front door with a lump of coal and Jools Holland - well you can add to that list Blackpool's annual exit from the FA Cup. Sun Jan 4th 21:36 0
Aston Villa 1-0 Blackpool - Player Ratings and Reports
If you saw the match, how would you rate the players' performances? Sun Jan 4th 17:56 0
Aston Villa v Blackpool Preview
The last time the Seasiders headed to Villa Park, it ended in one of the most talked about games of the Premier League season - for all the wrong reasons. Sat Jan 3rd 13:42 0
Murphy's Law - Jacob heads back to Norwich
The true meaning of Murphy's Law is 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong' (quite apt for this season). Wed Dec 31st 16:31 0
2014 - Hardly a classic! by Roy Calley
Well that’s been one interesting year hasn’t it? As I write this (at the start of the festive season), our beloved chairman, who has taken incompetence to new levels over the past 12 months, is currently reaching a new low in all-time unpopularity, not only with Blackpool fans but seemingly everyone who has even glanced at a football, never mind played it. Tue Dec 30th 15:07 2
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The ignorant mind.
   by Curryman Fri 23rd Jan 2015
The ignorant mind, it is said, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons.
The Bad, The Good and the Ugly.
   by Curryman Fri 2nd Jan 2015
Remembering the 56 and its effects.
   by Curryman Wed 17th Dec 2014
A recent feature on the Bradford fire disaster in the Observer newspaper stirred up a predictably powerful reaction among fans of the Bantams, and rightly so.
Success and Failure, You decide why.
   by Curryman Mon 17th Nov 2014
Henry Ford once said, ‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself’.
will Christmas come early?
   by basilrobbiereborn Fri 7th Nov 2014
It's been a strange couple of weeks, if you are a Blackpool fan.
Lions lead by Donkies (Asses)
   by Curryman Fri 31st Oct 2014
"Lions led by donkeys" is a phrase popularly used to describe the poor leadership of the British Tommies of WW1 and to blame the generals who instructed them.
What future for the fans? The true face of BFC.
   by Curryman Mon 13th Oct 2014
Why do increasing numbers not want to go to Bloomfield Road anymore, is it because the club is dying? It's a question those leaving are more than ready to answer.
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