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Adam Johnson 23:56 - Apr 20 with 909 viewsDarran

The first ever recipient of a Planet Swans Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Adam Johnson on 00:40 - Apr 21 with 849 viewsattila_the_hun

child groomer, put it in the non football section or just don't start threads on this slimey prisoner

"I'm Free"


Adam Johnson on 09:51 - Apr 21 with 613 viewsDafyddHuw

Very sorry for what he did then.

I notice he didn't mention the fact that he finger-fùcked the 15 year old schoolgirl, when he was 27 with a baby at home. Lovely human being.

He should be due his first parole board in a year or so. Parole boards hate recalcitrant prisoners. Be funny as fùck if this video somehow got into their hands before then.
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Adam Johnson on 11:07 - Apr 21 with 517 viewsLoyal

Fingering is a strictly adult pastime.

I actually love The Nolans and have knocked my cock silly to all their songs and videos. Even when one died I thrashed a quick one out in work whilst she would have still been warm. Yes, I do have standards? The official inventor of the tit w@nk.
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