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***Leanne Wood*** Cheering thread [dance] 18:45 - May 11 with 821 viewstrampie

This site needs a cheering thread for Leanne Wood supporters, I will start off with a song :-

We love you Leanne - we do,
We love you Leanne - we do,
Oh Leanne we love you.

Continually being banned by Planet Swans for Porthcawl and then being reinstated.
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***Leanne Wood*** Cheering thread [dance] on 15:44 - May 19 with 40 viewsblueytheblue

***Leanne Wood*** Cheering thread [dance] on 14:32 - May 19 by trampie

Leanne who had previously called out Teresa May said last night after she did not turn up :-

‘I have a message for the Prime Minister, who I’m sure is watching tonight.

‘You may be too scared to come here tonight, for your U-turns to be highlighted, for your cruel policies to be exposed. You want this election to only be about Brexit because that means you avoid talking about the real issues like the NHS, the economy and the cuts you have made to our public services.

That’s weak leadership – weak and unstable.’

That's about as effective as you calling out Anthony Joshua tbh trampie.

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