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Marcelino appointed as new manager of Valencia
at 12:46 12 May 2017

I said it before here but I'll say it again: he should have been the one to replace Guidolin.

It really is a travesty how he was interviewed by somehow Bradley was chosen over him (Christ). It was an absolute no brainer. Personally, if I was Levien or Kaplan I wouldn't have even wasted time with an interview and just hired him as soon as Guidolin was gone. In 3 1/2 seasons this guy fvcking got Villarreal promoted, recruited wonderfully despite being on a shoestring budget, and lead them to two 6th place finishes before leading them to 4th (Champions League!) last season, all while playing wonderful football.

It's worth stating that we came up against his Villarreal side once, albeit in a friendly. As you may remember, his lads thoroughly bossed ours, and they won 3-0:

We had a chance to appoint one of the best young managers in the game today and we completely blew it. If we do end up getting relegated and it does turn out that Clement was not the right guy to keep us up, then we will live to sorely regret this decision, perhaps even more than Jenkins' decision to turn down Koeman for Monk.
Why do we always have to get fvcked by the refs when it comes to penalties?
at 17:13 25 Feb 2017

Every season we go through this shit. We get clear pens that don't get called and/or the other team gets pens that they clearly didn't deserve. In all 6 of the seasons we've been in in the Premier League now there hasn't been a single one where I didn't lose count of all the bad penalty decisions against us. Especially when it comes to being awarded penalties.

Ridiculous how in the beginning of our PL days idiots kept saying that it was "going to all even out." That's sure happened hasn't it??

I just saw the replay and it clearly hit Azpilicueta's arm, which was completely in an unnatural position. Incredible that dickhead Swarbrick didn't call it.

And did any else catch that giant grin of his after the 2nd goal? Have a look:

What was that all about? He was walking around smiling like the girl who he'd been after since the primary school days finally accepted his advances or something.
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Mike Dean is such a piece of shit ref
at 15:43 5 Feb 2017

We should have fvcking had 2-3 free kicks in the last 4 minutes. One of them was an absolute stonewall foul in which Stones pushed off Narsingh after he had nutmegged him near the edge of the box, but for some reason Dean signaled no foul and let play continue. Instead of getting a free kick at Siggy's sweet spot we got nothing.

Then Dean inexplicably called a foul on Narsingh on the right wing in which Narsingh had gotten to the ball fairly and had acres of space to run in to. I just looked at the replay of it and it was even more ridiculous than I thought--Narsingh hardly touched Kolarov. It was a particularly brutal call for us as Kolarov fell down and had Dean not blew his whistle Narsingh would have miles of space in front of him and Borja to his left with just Clichy to beat. Seconds later we concede the goal.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but Siggy got booked after Jesus scored. He was absolutely livid, and I don't blame him. If I was on the pitch playing for Swansea it would have been incredibly hard not to punch this cvnt in the face.

It's really no wonder why Dean is so criticized and attracts so much controversy. He's an abomination of a ref and it's 100% true that he always favours the big teams. We just saw it today.
Now that the transfer window is over...
at 11:26 2 Feb 2017

How do you think we did?

Personally I'm not entirely convinced we did enough to stay up. At all. This squad is still in desperate need of a defensive midfielder, a new right back, and a centre back.

If we couldn't afford to buy another player, then surely we could have at least gotten some guy(s) in on loan? With those around us fighting to stay up all strengthening their squads relentlessly and bringing in a multitude of upgrades, it's all very disappointing. We learned the hard way what happens when you sit idly by in the summer and do nothing as the rest of the league improves their teams. This January window was the last chance we had at correcting all the inactivity and incompetence that occurred in the summer. But as it stands there's every chance that we made the same mistake yet again.
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Pablo Insua
at 06:03 31 Jan 2017

Marca is saying that we have agreed a deal to loan him in for a loan fee of €1m. He's a 23 year old centre half currently playing for the newly promoted and 17th placed Leganes, on loan from Deportivo:

Not unlike many of our targets, this one is quite puzzling. Insua is a lad with hardly any top flight experience (to date he's only had 29 starts in the top flight) and was relegated before with Deportivo in 2013. We need someone decent and proven, not a young prospect who is FAR from ready to being thrown in the deep end. Did we not already make this mistake when we signed Alfie Mawson?

It looks like Jenkins is merely going with the dirt cheap option yet again, this time to appease the hoards of fans screaming for a centre back.
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There was never any investment, and nor will there ever be any.
at 09:49 15 Jan 2017

What we must realize about these new owners is that they're capitalists. They make their money buying up stocks, doing nothing but sitting on them, and then selling them for a profit. They have yet to put a single penny into this club, and nor will they ever will.

If it has not been already damningly apparent, this club is just like another stock purchase to them. Whether it's tech, pharmaceuticals, or alternative energy, capitalists are always looking to exploit the latest and greatest craze, and unfortunately for us, the latest craze for predatory investors is football.

Let's not making it anything but crystal clear: Levien and Kaplan thought this was going to be easy. They thought it would just be like any other of their previous investments, and the plan was always to sit back and watch as the skyrocketing TV deals increased the value of SCFC year after year before selling for a nifty profit. I have it on good authority that Levien has already made more trips to the UK in 6 months than he had imagined he would make in a few years as owner. As we have already seen, he along with the rest of his scumbag partners thought they could just buy the club and do nothing but defer to Huw Jenkins to ensure that the Premier League club they had bought stayed one. After the takeover, Levien gushed about how he had watched A Jack to a King, how he was amazed at how well run this club is, and how incredible the guy at the helm (Jenkins) is, claiming that all of our successes post Petty era was down to him, and even referred to Jenkins as a "tremendous football mind."

No doubt it has since hit him as clean as a knockout punch from Mike Tyson how hysterically wrong he was about Jenkins and his ability to run a football club, as too his own ability (or complete lack of) to own and preside over a team. These new owners have seriously, and I mean seriously underestimated just how difficult it is to run a club in the Premier League and what is required to keep a club in the top flight. Unfortunately though, these revelations have clearly not hit hard enough, as Jenkins remains at the helm and our transfer business remains inadequate as ever.

Nevertheless, do not buy these owners frequent talk about how they plan on being "long term owners"--it is just pure and utter bullshit, just like the all the rest of their statements. Venture capitalists never ever stick around for the long term, and if you ask me, Levien had let it slip just how "long" he wanted to stick around here during his first press conference, when he said that his goal was for the club "to be in a better place in five years." No doubt that is the time him and his partners were planning on exiting after having sold us for a nice profit.

Their message in yesterday's programme against Arsenal, where they once again disparaged the supporters and even deflected the blame from their own disasters onto us, was a pathetic attempt and a downright insulting plea to the fans to be nice, stay silent, and back them despite all their failures and despite having treated us like utter sh*t. This is beyond unacceptable, and frankly, it is the final straw. If we ran Tony Petty out of town, then I have no idea how we haven't ran these mother fvckers out yet. Not only is it long overdue, but our future depends on it. We will go nowhere but down so long as Jason Levien and Stephen Kaplan are the Swansea City owners.
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We're going to be relegated.
at 18:32 14 Jan 2017

I know the window is not yet over, but as it stands, it looks as though the only players we will bring in are Luciano Narsingh, Martin Olsson, and Tom Carroll. This is utterly and unreservedly not good enough, and frankly, I'm surprised as to how more of our supporters aren't outraged. How Mr. Jenkins thinks that this trio of players will be the solution to our problems is utterly mindboggling. But forget about the possibility that they may help us stay up. I'll say it right now: except for maybe Narsingh, none of these acquisitions will even improve our squad. Olsson and Carroll will hardly, if at all be an upgrade over what we currently have.

It's funny. You'd think with a club like us--with what we've gone through so far, with us in mortal danger of being relegated, and with us having made the beyond costly mistake of having invested nothing in the summer while other teams strengthened relentlessly--would finally wake the fvck up and realize that this January window was the last chance to correct all our wrongs. Instead, there is still the same exact idiocy, incompetence, and complete lack of urgency there was in the summer, and we continue to think that sticking to the usual plan of spending bit part money on bit part players will be the answer.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. It's mind boggling really.

You've all heard how I feel about Olsson in another thread--as I said before, he's a guy who has yet to prove he is anywhere near good enough at this level and incredibly, he's been relegated 3 times in the 4 seasons he's been a starting left back in the Prem. No player in history has a worse record than that.

But the real puzzling one is Carroll.

Our squad has been SCREAMING for a defensive midfielder since Joe Allen left, but quite remarkably, he has still yet to be replaced. Since Joe left we have been without a midfield enforcer--the engine in the squad that does all the dirty work, acts as the link between the defence and the attack, and otherwise dictates play like a fine court composer. Whether it's Chelsea with Kante, Everton with Gana, West Ham with Kouyate, Spurs with Wanyama, Southampton with Romeu, Bournemouth with Arter, or Watford with Capoue, every decent squad has one whether they're in the top 4, sitting comfortably at midtable, or even lower midtable. The time for a physical, tough tackling, ball intercepting DM has never been more apparent than right now, and yet we've turned to Tom Carroll of all people. The most lightweight, easily shoved off the ball, and paper thin player of them all, one who has never ran a midfield and never will.

Okay, so he's not a DM, and he has alarmingly low tackle, interception, block, aerial duels won, and clearance numbers per appearance. But neither can you call him a creative centre midfielder or playmaker as so many of his defenders somehow have, as in this lad's entire career in League One, the Championship, and the Prem he has had just 5 league assists and 1 league goal to his name, while averaging just 0.6 chances created per game. Then what is he, what does he provide to the team, and what does he offer over Fulton, Ki, Cork and Britton?

Sadly, the answer is nothing. The rest of the football world can see that Tom Carroll is not good enough. I don't know why we can't.

But enough about Carroll. Let's get to the matter at hand. Our Premier League dream is over chaps. But you know what? I'm not even that bothered that Swansea City will no longer be in the top flight and that I will no longer be able to watch them play in the Premier League. What I'm really worried about is the people of this city. In 2013 a study determined that our Premier League status was worth £55.3m to our economy and helped to create or protect 340 jobs, with pretty much every industry and business having reported increased activity since our promotion ( No doubt these figures have risen 4 years on, but as our time in the Premier League comes to a close, the people of Swansea will lose much more than seeing their team in the PL. If there was any shred of decency left in that big nosed cvnt Jenkins, and if he cared an iota about these people, then he should resign immediately. By failing unequivocally to adequately perform his duties as chairman and do what was best for this club in his insatiable pursuit of personal wealth, he has ultimately failed all and everyone of this town as well. And that is what is most devastating.
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If Martin Olsson is the kind of player we're going to sign...
at 16:15 11 Jan 2017

Then it's even more certain that we're going to go down.

Olsson is a player who has been linked with us in every window since 2014. And every time there was news about our interest in him, I dreaded it. In the 7 seasons he has played in the Premier League he has never proven that he is good enough. It's very telling that no less than 3 TIMES has a club been relegated with him as their starting left back: in the 11/12 season with Blackburn, in the 12/13 season with Norwich, and again with Norwich last season. Currently, he's hardly cutting it in the Championship.

I've been very vocal about my displeasure of seeing Neil Taylor week in and week out in the teamsheet and the need for this to be changed, but Martin Olsson should not be the one to take his place. This is an upgrade in the sense that a piece of shít has had a little sugar sprinkled on it. It's a completely negligible upgrade. Even as unbelievably atrocious as Taylor is, Olsson is hardly better.

The fact that we bought him, and paid £5m no less, is utterly fvcking ridiculous. If this is the kind of player we're going to sign, then it's crystal clear that Huw Jenkins has learned absolutely nothing from his mistakes. Still, we're throwing money at lower league players who aren't good enough at this level, and still, our recruitment is as pathetic as ever.

If Swansea City goes down, how much will it be worth?
at 08:24 8 Jan 2017

In May 2015 Randy Lerner confirmed that he was in the process of selling Aston Villa and valued the club at “somewhere in the £150m to £200m” region.

Fast forward one year and Aston Villa are relegated. Lerner sells his 100% stake of the club to Chinese businessman Tony Xia. He is only able to get £60m. This is a club that, mind you, 1) had never been relegated from the Premier League before 2) owns it stadium, the 42,682 capacity Villa Park 3) is a historically very successful club, having won the 4th most league titles in English football with 7, won the European Cup in 1982, and have won the FA Cup 7 times and the League Cup 5 times 4) are located in a metropolitan area that is the second most populous in the UK and 5) possess a stellar academy that in recent decades have produced the likes of Gareth Barry, Daniel Sturridge, Marc Albrighton, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Gary Cahill, and Steven Davis, amongst others.

As we all know, the Americans purchased a majority stake in the club last summer in a deal that valued the club at £110m. In the very likely scenario that we get relegated, how much will we be worth then? As we saw with Aston Villa, it is IMPOSSIBLE to overstate just how much relegation from the Premier League decreases the value of a club. If a team like Villa, even with all of its assets, its history, its support, and other fortes only went for £60m, then how much would we be worth after relegation? How much will someone want to pay for a small club with a small fanbase that neither owns its own stadium nor possesses a decent array of young players it can build upon, having instead a squad deluged with has beens, scrubs not even good enough for the Championship, and old timers on long and lucrative contracts? £35m? £30m?

I fear that Levien and Kaplan are trying to figure this out right now. There's every chance that they will accept that they failed and try and cut their losses as soon as we get relegated, as did their fellow countryman Lerner.
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How did we go from having 0 debt to 21m of debt?
at 05:25 2 Jan 2017

I just had a look at our annual financial reports from 2012-2015 and it shows that we went from having 0 debt from 2012-2014 to suddenly having £21m of debt in 2015. What the hell suddenly caused this influx of debt???

Every year The Guardian publishes an annual breakdown of the Premier League clubs' finances, with all of its information derived from the annual reports published by the clubs at Companies House. This is how we looked year by year from 2012-2015:

- Accounts for the year to 31 May 2012

Profit before tax: £17m (after £11m loss in 2011)

Net debt: Nil; £5m cash in the bank

Interest payable: £0.3m

Highest-paid director: Huw Jenkins, £200,000

- Accounts for the year to 31 May 2013

Profit before tax: £21m (up from £17m in 2012)

Net debt: Nil; £4m cash in the bank

Interest payable: £0.05m

Highest paid director: Huw Jenkins, £250,000

- Accounts for the year to 31 May 2014

Profit before tax £1m (down from £21m in 2013)

Net debt Nil; £2m cash in the bank

Interest payable £0.015m

Highest-paid director Huw Jenkins, £550,000

- Accounts of Swansea City Football 2002 Ltd for 14 months to 31 July 2015 (club changed its financial year end to 31 July, so all figures are for 14 months from 31 May 2014)

• Profit before tax £2m, following £1m profit in 2014

• Net debt £21m

• Interest payable £0.2m

• Highest-paid director Huw Jenkins, £516,667

What in the world happened? We went from having 0 debt and cash in the bank to all of a sudden having £21m in debt. Anyone have an explanation for this?
Net spend of all Premier League clubs in the last 5 years
at 22:05 31 Dec 2016

What an absolute disgrace. Surprise surprise as to where we rank.

It's no fvcking wonder why we're dead last in the table. WE ARE THE ONLY CLUB IN THE LEAGUE WHO HAVE SOLD MORE THAN WE HAVE BOUGHT.

Jenkins, the current ownership, and all those working with them should fvcking bury themselves. How they're allowed to remain in this club, much less be allowed to step foot in the city is beyond me.
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Landon Donovan
at 19:52 28 Dec 2016

Along with the owners, this mother fvcker has to be held responsible, and he has a lot to answer to. As he publically admitted, he played a major role in getting Bradley here and getting Guidolin sacked:

Just look at what he said about the appointment--truly beggars belief:

"I think it's really exciting for all of us who love the sport who care about it. I'm sure it will be met with some trepidation and caution, but that's what happened when the first Americans went over to the play in the EPL. He's been around the game forever and has been successful in everything he's done, and I expect this to be the same."

In case you don't know, Donovan was Bradley's darling and bff. Donovan got more caps in the US national team under Bradley than he did any other manager, was made vice captain, and it was during that time where he flourished and became the #1 American player. It's absolutely disgusting how the the owners and the pitiful "adviser" that they hired would rather get their mate in and someone who they thought they could use to cater to the American market than someone actually qualified. They are literally using us as a vehicle in a ridiculous attempt at trying to exploit the American fanbase of the game. But no doubt the 7-8 fans who we captured thanks to the brilliant appointment of Bradley have fvcked off since he's been sacked.

It's funny. When Bradley got appointed all Donovan could do was go on twitter and go to the press about what a "huge opportunity" this was for American soccer, as if the club he was appointed to and the task he was hired to achieve didn't even matter. It was all about Bradley and how great this was for soccer in America. Since then though, with loss after loss and humiliating defeat after defeat, he's been DEAD silent. What happened Landon?

After this fiasco there is no way he should remain an adviser. In case you don't know, he also advised Huw Jenkins during the summer on transfers. With the players we signed (or the complete lack of), it's clear that he should have no further role in deciding or advising anything within this club:

"I just want to be able to help. It has already been enjoyable with the transfer window open now. They’ve had some questions on certain players and a lot of these guys I’ve played with or against or I know people who are very close to them and have played with them. So I can give some good insight on certain things that hopefully helps out.”

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I seriously don't get why people want Gary Rowett as our new manager
at 12:34 28 Dec 2016

Don't get me wrong, Rowett is a top, top bloke, but he doesn't have anywhere NEAR the level of experience required for this level. He's simply not qualified to manage a Premier League team, no less one that is embroiled in a bitter relegation battle.

Are people not aware that he has only been a manager for 4 years, and for teams in the lower leagues? From 2012-2014 he managed League Two Burton Albion, and from 2014-2016 he managed a midtable Birmingham City side. This should in no way be enough to make him even a candidate for the job here--especially when there are so many better options out there.

It' scary turning on Sky Sports and seeing that him, along with Coleman, are the "favourites" for the job. We just appointed a guy without anywhere near the experience required for this level and we all so how utterly disastrous it turned out. Are we really to make the same mistake again? Seriously?
Jenkins on 8 Dec: "the last thing we need at this moment is a change in manager"
at 01:33 28 Dec 2016

Less than 20 days again Huw Jenkins said this:

"The last thing we need at this moment of time is a continual change in manager. I've referenced Fulham during their time in the Premier League, they made changes three times in the season they tried to stave off relegation.

We’re in a similar position, whether we agree with it or not, and we have to make sure, first and foremost, that we need stability. But we’re with Bob now to try and turn that corner - that’s what we’re working towards.”

If you ask me, Bradley wasn't the only one who should have gone. This buffoon should have surely been sacked along with him. So long as he's the chairman and de facto DoF this club is nothing but doomed.
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I can't believe we gave Bradley a 3 year contract
at 17:57 27 Dec 2016

3 years. That's even more than what we gave Guidolin, who got a 2 year deal.

It really speaks to just how utterly retarded and out of depth our new owners are. People say Bradley is out of depth, and while I don't argue that he isn't WOEFULLY out of depth, the owners are even more so. How they thought someone like him could be the man to not only keep us up but also be a long term option is absolutely fvcking appalling.

Given the length of this contract, the pay out if and when he's sacked will be especially exorbitant. It's beyond disgusting that this compensation will be paid for with club money. It should fvcking come right out of the pockets of Jason Levien and Steven Kaplan, the two dumb, useless cvnts who made the decision to appoint that clown.

So long as they're in charge and have the final say on all the decisions this club will go nowhere but down. I seriously fear for our future. They've conducted things so ridiculously poorly that I almost wish we had sold to Moores and Noell instead. There is no way they could have been worse than these mother fvckers.
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Let's have a look back at the things our new owners said after the takeover
at 18:14 26 Dec 2016

It's all gotten eerily quiet from Levien and Kaplan, but let's revisit some of the statements they made after they purchased Swansea City:

"Steve and I have both said our first, second and third priority is what's going to help us on the pitch short and long-term."

"Our message to fans is we are very focused on winning and continued success."

"The biggest thing of all is that when we go out on that pitch we're competitive."

"We want to build a football club that is competitive, exciting to watch and sustainable over the long term. Perhaps Swansea has been seen as a stepping-stone club for some players in the past, a chance to show what they can do in the Premier League before moving quickly on. Those days are over."

"I'm a lover of sports and I'm highly competitive. I have a true passion for sport and winning," says Kaplan.

"We also want to acknowledge the Supporters' Trust which will remain a significant shareholder in the club. We have reached out to the Supporters’ Trust and met with them on many occasions and we look forward to working with them as our partners in helping to move the club forward. In that regard, we plan to work with the Trust as our partners in determining the best path to expand and improve the fan experience at the Liberty Stadium."

"It's something that I love, something that drives me to be involved in sports - you're in the game to win the game and that's why we're here."

“I think Huw has a tremendous football mind and he’s proven that over more than a decade. We want to make sure Huw and the club have the resources to succeed. We want to make a splash, but not at the expense of sustainability."

"We will be relentless in our determination to continually improve this club - and we have the financial resources to do so. We will be competitive and we will outwork our opponents on the pitch and in the boardroom."

"We also wanted to be a part of a club that was at the very heart and soul of the community in which it plays. Over the course of a year we looked at a few clubs, but as we dug down deeper, our focus always returned to the Swans.

"We were attracted to the team's distinctive style of play and we loved the intensity of the relationship between the fans and the football team. Backed by the Supporters' Trust, no other team's support base is as strong as Swansea's.

This historic and powerful relationship between the fans and the club is the single most important answer to the question, 'Why Swansea City?' It's a unique story of a club rescued by a combination of mainly local businessmen and a group of fans who decided they couldn't stand by and let something they love die.

To us, it was an incredible achievement and one that truly resonated. We were hooked, we knew we wanted to be involved.

We recognise this club means so much to so many people and we take the responsibility as owners very seriously. While we plan on being long-term owners we know the team belongs to the community. In essence, we see ourselves as guardians of the club but it belongs to the fans of Swansea City.

One thing we want to be clear about is our priorities as owners. Priority number one, two and three is the performance of the team on the pitch. We will field a competitive team that will battle every week against the greatest teams and players in the world.

We know there is always a sense of fear and trepidation when new owners arrive on the scene but we will do everything in our power to win your trust and ensure there is a long and bright future for Swansea City. "

These scumbags are as deceitful, dishonest, and manipulative as they come. You can't make this stuff up--instead of spending money on the club and the squad they chose instead to pump funds on PR professionals to fabricate this absolute rubbish. I'm all for directing vitriol at Jenkins and the rest of the old guard, but these American cvnts deserve as much fury and nastiness as they do.

So this is what we have been reduced to. Owned by a group of cretins who would rather spend money to pay lipservice PR about all the great things they're going to do and how much better Swansea City FC is going to be under them than spend a single cent on actually substantiating those statements and turning them into reality. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.
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Borja Baston
at 17:16 26 Dec 2016

Admittedly, he didn't play well. But I feel for him.

Bradley subbing him in to play as a left winger not once but TWICE was absolute idiocy. I thought it couldn't get any worse than that and he'd cut that bullsh*t out, but today the nobhead starts him on the right. And to throw salt into the wound, Bradley subs him out at halftime. Jesus Christ.

That means Borja has only gotten 3 starts for us now in his natural centre forward position. Looking at his performance data at transfermarkt, he had never even played on the wing once before he came to us.

It's proper caveman mentality from Bradley. "Gee, we paid £15.5m for him, I have to have him in the squad somehow." What a brilliant football man he is--thinking an out and out striker who had never played on the wing before can suddenly adapt to playing there in the toughest league in the world, and on a team embattled in a bitter relegation battle nonetheless. Along with the other baffling squad and tactical selections he's made, the football world is seriously going to look back on his time here as one of the worst and most illtimed managerial appointments ever.

Forget the summer. If I was Borja I'd be making arrangements to get the hell out of this mess in January. It beggars belief.
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Apparently the players are questioning Bradley's training methods
at 08:07 24 Dec 2016

"Bob Bradley is fighting to convince his players he is the man to keep Swansea in the Premier League amid concerns over his training methods. The American’s training regime is privately being called into question by a clutch of the club’s playing staff. There is a feeling amongst a contingent in the squad that Bradley’s methods are archaic and repetitive."

The same source is also saying that there's a lot of disagreement and tension in terms of what to do in January. Apparently the new owners recently brought in some performance analysts, and these analysts have already rejected "up to five potential new players identified by the club’s existing recruitment staff."

It just keeps getting worse and worse for us doesn't it.
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Sam Allardyce's representatives have met w/ Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish
at 15:54 22 Dec 2016

No more Fat Sam for us : (

Our situation just keeps getting worse and worse.
These were the managers available after Guidolin was sacked
at 14:17 18 Dec 2016

I made this list myself. All of the following were out of a job and available when Guidolin was sacked and Bradley was appointed on October 3.

1. Laurent Blanc

2. Rudi Garcia

3. Guus Hiddink

4. Roberto Mancini

5. Marcelino

6. Harry Redknapp

7. Frank Rijkaard

8. Alejandro Sabella

9. Bernd Schuster

10. Andre Villas-Boas

11. Louis van Gaal

12. Vítor Pereira

13. Marco Silva

14. Stefano Pioli

(AVB, Pioli, Pereira, and Rudi Garcia have all since found jobs.)

As you can see, there was no less than 14--yes, 14--top class managers available. How we fvcking ended up appointing Bob Bradley of all people is an absolute travesty and it seriously boggles the mind beyond words.

How, from the entire pool of managerial free agents, we ended up interviewing only Paul Clement, Ryan fvcking Giggs, Marcelino, and Bradley is almost as appalling. Just like in the transfer market, the people in charge of us have absolutely no idea of who's available and what the current landscape is.

Our leadership have made some monumental fvck ups over the years (huge understatement), but this was just downright disgusting.

NOTE: Before someone says something like "a guy like Blanc would have never wanted to manage us" please know that Louis van Gaal went from managing Ajax, Barcelona, and the Dutch NT to AZ Alkmaar (and for 4 years no less), Arrigo Sacchi, went from AC Milan, the Italian IT, and Atletico Madrid to Parma, and Rafa Benitez went from managing Liverpool, Inter, Chelsea, and Real Madrid to a Newcastle side that was sitting in 19th in March and all but destined for relegation. It's absolutely possible for smaller clubs and clubs embroiled in relegation battles to get world class managers.
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