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The Trust's Shares and Other Thoughts
at 20:59 26 May 2017

Firstly, am I right in assuming the Trust still holds 21% of the clubs shares ?
This would mean the Americans and others own 79% between them, yes ?
My main question is does anyone have an idea how much it would cost the trust to buy a contolling interest in the club ( presumably 30%) ?
Is it at all possible that if the funds could be raised by reinvigorating the Trust that the club could be taken back under supporters' control ?
Hope It Was Worth It for A Hug From Lukaku
at 09:08 24 May 2017
What a clown
Come on Ajax
at 10:01 22 May 2017

Hope they stuff Munure
That's all
A Few Thoughts From Yesterday
at 09:27 22 May 2017

1 - Nice to see the Swans fans applaud Robson-Kanu in recognition of his contribution to the Wales Euro effort
2 - Nice to see WBA fans sportingly applaud the under 23's as they went past them
3- Their drummer and that "Indian" type chant thunderclap that was raised on their corners and freekick sent a shiver down the spine and silenced the home crowd.
4-Their overall support was brilliant yesterday, especially considering it was a "dead rubber"
5- Mike Dean was awful (again)
If Leon Retired In the Last Game With Nothing On It
at 09:08 22 May 2017

Would you be happy to see him play seven minutes then go off.
Personally, I'd rather see him play as long as he could, or alternatively come on for a few minutes near the end.
However if he wanted to go off at the seventh minute I couldn't see the problem either.
All that fuss about Terry going off in the 26th minute is nonsense IMHO
Incredible How Close The Table Is
at 20:34 21 May 2017

Two more wins, which would have been easily achievable during our bad patch under Clement, and we'd have finished in 8th place.
Three more defeats would have seen us relegated.
All in all a brilliant turnaround by all involved, since the Crystal Palace away game
I hope Huddersfield Win The Play Offs
at 09:25 17 May 2017

It's nice to see new clubs coming into the PL, instead of the "boing- boing" clubs like Newcastle & Reading
Vive la différence !!!
[Post edited 17 May 9:25]
Last Day Fixtures
at 09:21 17 May 2017

Watford to lose to Man City and West Ham to wake from their slumber and win at Burnley, whilst we beat WBA.
Those three results would earn the club another £5 million - enough for a HJ transfer special
Hull Fans Seem To think They're Doomed
at 18:29 13 May 2017
Oh dear !!!
Well done lads - now come on Palace !
at 17:09 13 May 2017

Brilliant win and performance today.
Also a special word for the Jack Army - simply awsome !
Now we just need Palace to finish the job tomorrow, so we can enjoy the party next Sunday without sweating on our or other results.
If Clement Had Started In the Summer 2016
at 16:55 12 May 2017

If he had been in charge from the first game of the season and replicated his record so far, we'd have had 49 points.
IMHO he probably would have had a lot more as he would have got the side settled and more solid
As long as we stay up, I can't wait to see what he can do next season
Big Difference in Goals Conceded
at 09:08 12 May 2017

After the Bournemouth match in December, we'd conceded 44 goals.
Since then (to date) we've conceded 25 goals.
Apart from Ollson (who hasn't played every match) it's basically the same defence, just much better drilled and organised.
Nothing achieved yet, but well done so far to Paul Clement and his coaches.
Two more clean sheets and a few goals in the plus column and it will be a truly remarkable turnaround
Also - considering we were heading for some sort of record, Hull are now on the same goals conceded
[Post edited 12 May 9:09]
Best Wishes
at 07:57 11 May 2017

All the best to the Swansea management and team for Saturday, and a safe journey home with the three points.
Also all the best to the fantastic Jack Army, enjoy yourselves sing the boys to victory and have a safe journey !
Email Sunderland
at 07:19 9 May 2017

I suggest that all our fans email Sunderland just to let them know how mad it's gone down here for tickets
Can't wait for kick off
at 23:01 8 May 2017

87 hours exactly !
In 89 hours we could be safe !
Come on you Swans !
Sunderland Tickets Available To Home Fans
at 17:33 8 May 2017

I signed up on the official Sunderland site and this allowed me to buy (had I wished to) up to 10 tickets in various parts of the ground.
I don't know what would happen if I'd bought them - would they send them to me or cancel the sale ?
Also ATM it suggests there will be lots of gaps in the ground - surely in everyone's interst to fill them ?
This Season's Signings
at 07:50 8 May 2017

For all our transfer policy has been maligned, the signing of Mawson, LLorente, Ollson, Carroll and Ayew have been excellent.
Providing we stay up, then PC has the basis of a decent squad to go forward and build a more settled team for next season.
The biggest mistake we made after securing safety last season IMHO wasn't selling Ayew and Williams, but not getting PC in as manager then.
at 07:45 8 May 2017

Starting to show his class.
I honestly believe he'll play a pivotal part over the next few seasons.
It would be great to see him score a couple next Saturday.
Assuming more make the trek ...
at 09:39 7 May 2017

I'm guessing more than the 3,000 will want to go next week.
Reckon they'll open up more seats to the Swans fans to pay on the day.
After all it's money in their coffers towards rebuilding in what will otherwise be a half empty stadium (can't see us being the most attractive fixture for a relegated club TBH - even if it is their last game in the PL for at least a season)
Att Res / DYSS - "You're Not Posting Any More"
at 08:27 7 May 2017

Well looks like the two most negative posters The Res and DYSS, are firmly hiding away as there is nothing negative to say and they can't bring themselves to post anything positive
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