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Official Guys We Love For 1 Day Vs Hull City Premier League Match Thread
at 05:36 29 Apr 2017

I somehow have low hopes for "us" next week, but today I think some fella who came out of nowhere named Gabbiadino or something is going to put one in for us.

So glad we picked him up, daft move there, and same goes for that Jermaine Defoe dude he'll morph into next week for "us."

Go team go.

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Manchester United v Swansea City prediction logged
Chelsea v Southampton
at 19:55 25 Apr 2017

That didn't take long - 1-0 Blues just 5' in.

Still hoping Chelsea will drop enough points to give Spurs something to play for on the final day, but this doesn't help.
So Leon last week really stepped up as a leader, not only with the team dinner
at 06:02 24 Apr 2017

...and not only with his play on the pitch on Saturday.

Leon also passed out 25 DVD's of Jack To A King, and directed his young teammates to learn their history, pronto.

Guess he didn't consult with Planet Swans about that discredited pile of lying, self-serving propaganda, eh?
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181 years ago yesterday, big underdog fought for its life, back against the wall
at 04:44 22 Apr 2017

Yes, this is a FB Only Board Thread, if you will please indulge me.

Just outside of Houston, when the Santa Anna's army took it’s afternoon siesta from their long march, the Texians (a group a bit more Hispanic and less WASPY than the movies usually indicate) attacked at 4:30 PM. They charged the Mexican army with cries of “Remember the Alamo!” & “Remember Goliad!" - 2 places where they had been massacred and shown no quarter in the only major battles in the Texas War of Independence, leading to this decisive afternoon.

Eighteen minutes later it was over. In what can be described as not only one of the shortest battles in history, but also one of the most decisive ones as well.

The Texian Army in that short time had killed six hindered fifty Mexican soldiers and captured another three hundred. Moreover, the Texian Army only lost eleven men with another thirty wounded in battle. They were out-maned 1200 to 900 as well, just for the record. Texas was free.

General Santa Anna, given quarter, went home defeated, and lived another 40 years, ruling Mexico again off and on for most of it.

Must be noted, Texas became a slave Republic for the next 10 years. Then a slave state for 15 years. Then a slave member of the traitorous rebels fighting a huge war ONLY for the right to keep their slaves for 4 years, which thankfully they lost. So there is that, too, and that sucks.

Buuut.........getting back to spirit of this rant, there are times when pride takes over, when your backs are against the wall, especially when you are HOME. This club may be too much of a basket case by now for it to matter, but I expect to see 11 guys in white playing like they think their lives depend on victory.

And knowing the pride of the Jack Army, I expect them to be worked into that frenzy by YOU.

Win or lose, I am proud to support this club, but a lot of that pride comes from a spirit that has been completely missing from the guys out there, most of the season.

But even this year, there have been brief glimpses of it, and today is the best day yet for the Jack Army to take over, yell your freaking heads off, and bring back that spirit. If the Swans lose sloppy today, I can accept that. I just don't want us to go down meekly at the end.

So please, sing and scream yall's asses off for them today, you Jack Bastards!
The real, specific formula for victory today
at 02:15 22 Apr 2017

Might need a tension-breaking laugh today, so...

***PC on Swansea Sound***
at 18:08 21 Apr 2017

Right now.
Man U advances to the next Europa round, and Zlatan hurt
at 22:36 20 Apr 2017

A double dose of positive news for the reverse fixture in early May.

Did not see it live, but the still frame of Zlatan's knee bending the wrong way was pretty gruesome.

Need all the luck we can get though.
This is not Huw Jenkins' fault
at 06:52 18 Apr 2017

The only thing that is and will remain more of a heartbreak than seeing relegation, is seeing what has become of this guy, after all he has done. From the start of this, the most important constant is him. Yeah, I get that there may be really good reasons to be upset with him over the vague activities of this nightmare. But the way he has just been fully dismissed as a complete sellout and traitor is an absurd and unfairly tragic ending for a guy who has been mixed up in the center of a whirlwind since 2002.

This situation now is the fault in the new owners, maybe 80% if we're being generous, but who gives a squirt at that point? This is only because of the Bradley hire, and the points lost against bad teams at the end of that short disaster.

Which was just simply NOT Jenkins' decision.

I think Leviathon and the other guy are well meaning. They are less in this for the money than most of douchebags who own teams. But they made one big call, they brought us Bradley, which leaves us with a "other than the point blank shot in the back of your husband's head, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" position to judge these &@+ing guys.

So, they fail. And I can't talk, because I loudly thought Brad Bobley would be a great Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach, which leaves me euphoric that I will never be in charge of these kinds of decisions.

Huw Jenkins, after defining his life over the last dozen plus years, probably made some tough calls as a tired guy in a tough political position. He doesn't deserve worship, and he is not beyond reproach, but he deseves the benefit of the doubt over his intentions, most of all from the people who have enjoyed this journey.

I would bet my life that this season is killing him, as much as ANY of you. Pick him up, don't bury him. He has done his best, I believe. I touted Atom Bombley, but I am right this time.
RIP Clifton James, 96 - Sheriff Pepper in James Bond's Live and Let Die
at 00:16 18 Apr 2017

Also the sheriff in Superman II, among his parts in a bunch of other movies mostly in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Had not known until reading his obit that he was a war hero too, earning 2 purple hearts, the Sliver Star and the Bronze Star in the South Pacific in WWII.

Mawson = CLASS
at 21:34 15 Apr 2017

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Don't blame terrorists. Blame cars.
at 23:40 10 Apr 2017

This sounds like something out of the Onion, but it's real.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has a solution to the terrorism in their country: ban cars from Stockholm.
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PC ahead of Spurs
at 21:26 3 Apr 2017

Asked the obvious question about Borja at 3:59. "We were creating enough enough opportunities" so he didn't make any changes, and "feels comfortable" with that decision. But he still has faith in Borja.

Okay, I guess. Reading between the lines, seems like he just doesn't want to admit that he has no faith in our 15 million-pound man.

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RIP Wendy from the Bony
at 17:49 31 Mar 2017

Not a Planet Swans poster as far as I know, but she was a regular on STiD, and always stole the show. Wendy passed away this week per Claire Pearson.
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