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Which poster is this?
at 22:48 27 May 2017

Dar and Perch earlier down Langland
at 22:42 27 May 2017

YouTube comments
at 22:10 27 May 2017

Lovely song, great comments!!!

As the dust settles on one season.......
at 09:58 23 May 2017

......we look forward to the next.

Players in that white shirt really put it in for us when it was backs to the wall.
HOWEVER , let's be under no illusions that they are a loyal bunch and havent any loftier matter how deluded or superior to our club they think they are.

There has been so much toxicity towards the board BUT many of us aren't in the loop and only really care about a team called SWANSEA representing SWANSEA.

Under Paul Clement I think we have a guy who will put his own stmp on the side and if certain players can only think about going to "bigger" clubs for "bigger" salaries, then in my opinion LET THEM FECKING GO!!!!

We will only want players that want to bust a gut for us for the 38 games the PL throws up.

All primmadonnas and sulkmeisters need not hang round.

An uncontrollable bunch with more money than sense. Delighted they stumped up for fans to go to Sunderland, but to go to Ibiza before the last game just shows the excess of money they have.

As a Swansea fan I'm delighted to finish 15 th but for some of these players to think they are " God's gift to football" is laughable.

Just look at the PL table there is much mediocrity, if we'd beaten Boro in April and Hullx2 we'd be top half!!!!!
TOP HALF!!!!! We had players like Taylor and Barrow who couldnt even cross the ball to LLorente in first part of season!!!

Anyway, just a reality check fro me.

I doubt any players read this but thank you for your efforts, but there is much to improve on.
Mike and Jules Peters doc on BBC 1
at 21:02 22 May 2017

Always seemed a nice bloke. Didnt realise his wife was ill as well!
Any link to today's goals?
at 20:17 21 May 2017

How is swanjack10 these days?
at 19:25 20 May 2017

I miss his contributions on here. Loves his football and banter.
New Carmarthen band, feedback appreciated
at 18:38 19 May 2017

The double bass player is a massive Swans fan. His old man in the crowd with the shades on was a season ticket holder for over 45 years

This circuit of Wales.....
at 13:11 17 May 2017

......time to feck it off once and for all?

Seems to be rising in estimated costs, totally disorganised and lots of procrastinating over it.

Peter Jackson programme on Radio Wales
at 20:39 15 May 2017

Featured Jim Mills. A very good interview. Knew he was a rugby league "hard man". Neighbour of Perchrock's now....

Didn't realise he did this at St.Helens.

Be honest, how many on here thought our goose was cooked at Xmas?
at 09:51 15 May 2017

Just goes to show you have to fight things out, and not make snap calls way before the season ends.
Tony Bird arrested for murder
at 09:47 15 May 2017
Right then! Next season....
at 13:55 14 May 2017

.........I can't wait!!!!

I really think lessons will hopefully be learnt and under Clement he will really grab us by the scruff of the neck and we can push on.

I'd like to see some of the youngsters involved.

Plus will we make an enquiry for Bony?

He knows he's loved here and would fit the "plans"
Live stream Castle gardens next Sunday
at 17:45 13 May 2017

Make it happen Swansea Council!!!!!!
Take a bow Jack army!!!!
at 17:43 13 May 2017

I salute every man/woman jack of you!!! I know a father and son of only 7 years old who left Llanelli at 5am this morning.
That's a trip that will never be forgotten and a bond that many of us on here have forged through this team in white with our "old man"
To hear the "take me to the vetch field..... " on sky sports news this pm whist matt Le tissier was summarising our game was superb.
Anything can happen, but we've played our part and put up a fight.
Who owns the Swans?
at 09:40 8 May 2017

Just heard some American called Bobby about 70 years of age owns us.

Who is fecking who????

And will they lay on free coaches for Sunderland?
Anyone driving up to Sunderland?
at 22:42 6 May 2017

Any plans?
I'm thinking of driving to Newark on Fri.evening
Penlan karate club mini bus
at 22:39 6 May 2017

Is it still in good nick?
Free travel to Sunderland
at 22:35 6 May 2017

Make it happen Huw and co.
Trip down memory lane
at 10:03 5 May 2017

All this talk of Kodi, android, lazer beam implants......

Anyway remember the simpler times when you had records, tapes and videos?

Here goes.

My first record was "Pipes of Peace" by Paul McCartney

Firrst tape was "Kick" by INXS

Video tape "Queen Live - We will rock you"

And for you modern types , first CD was "War" by U2
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