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Lets get bob
at 00:30 20 May 2017

back for sundays lap of honour..
After all..
He did his best to keep us in the prem..
He was part of the team that kept us up!
He did his bit!
He/we did it!
Just asking
at 20:25 15 May 2017

but how many of us know each other?
Being relatively new on here I sometimes wonder if the insults are real!
My guess is that they are.
how many of the posters actually know face to face who the other posters are??
at 23:20 29 Apr 2017

Anthony Joshua huw,,hes got the balls for a fight...very very up for a fight
We could actually
at 21:31 15 Apr 2017

still stay up..1 goal better off than hull tonite,just less games to catch them a feeling we,l still be in touch with them, come the man u game.Then the wba game at home will be the epitome of all epitome
A bit like beyond the thunderdome sort of apocalypse..
Prediction Logged by at 21:19:34
Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur prediction logged
What a miserable
at 12:38 20 Mar 2017

Goddamn monday morning
no points on the board over the weekend and pissing it down
swans are out of action with another 2 weeks before the step over the white line for another crucial battle against a boro side that didnt look too bad yesterday.
hope to god that olssens fit to play,whatevers going to happen to borja eh??
We need another jolt of confidence if we,r going to stay up,and a win against muddlesboro
would do it.also hope fer is back in the mid,would be nice if narsingh had a start too.
Does anyone
at 21:55 3 Mar 2017

think we,l still go down and be playing at St Andrews et al next season?
just noticed
at 22:08 21 Feb 2017

I,ve got 23 points on my chart for this forum..does this mean I,m an imbecile? I mean is 23 good or bad or what?and how did I get to the magic number of 23?
have we kicked
at 18:15 10 Feb 2017

ourselves in the balls with all this optimism? happy bunch of players,fans,clement winning his award,praise from the press, inc shearer,plaudits everywhere saying that we should be climbing up the table and will avoid relegation,,
Its really worrying me.!
has our luck
at 22:33 2 Feb 2017

changed,or are my eyes deceiving me?
watched siggys goal over and over tonight and it looks like his shot took a slight deflection off the Southampton players back! looked carefully many times...perhaps I,m wrong. not that it matters.but lady luck may well be turning for swans.
Anyone else
at 23:00 23 Jan 2017

think that llorente,s turning into a cult hero???
defies logic with his casual swagger,and hold up play.
Everytime he gets the ball he seems to be saying"hang on guys,lets chill a little"
what do you think will happen
at 19:23 20 Jan 2017

tomorrow.personaly I cant wait to watch it on the box.sit down in the comfy armchair eating rolo,s or a ruffle bar,or,s called ,living on the my would I be shouting if ever we should score a goal.i wonder who,l score first? siggy or routledge.
Our first viewing of olsen and a chance to see if carrol is going to be any use to us over the next few few months...We,l have a few answers tomorrow.,Clements organisational skills may well come in to fruition tomorrow also..? Really excited about the game,can,t wait for kick off.
Thread be relegated? or not to be relegated?
at 21:36 8 Jan 2017

I know a lot depends on the window,but with a couple of decent signings is anyone prepared to forecast on the final outcome,considering a slight lift in the ' feel good factor' now that bobby joe has gone and the man from munich has sat down in his seat?
terms have been offered
at 23:06 30 Dec 2016

Expect a yes" from paul clement after the bournemouth game,
Curt needs total control for game tomor .
No other distractions other than collecting 3 pts
Expect to hear the news officially,on mon morning
it,s him
at 11:30 30 Dec 2016

been told in good faith,paul clements our new manager
at 17:52 27 Dec 2016

nearly done
at 16:38 27 Dec 2016

been told in good faith,advised to put many dollars on bob being fired tomor.
at 16:50 24 Dec 2016

crimbo to all you stinking filthy animals,love you all for your empassioned views and quirkey little views and habits.COYS
is there any chance
at 21:19 21 Dec 2016

we could win boxing day?the hammers are not great,and we,r quite crap .it could come down to the fact that we,r home and the players will know that they,l get theyr arses ripped by the home support if they don't pull a few rabbits out of the bag..maybe we could actually avoid hitting the 1st defender with a cross and the ball will land at someones feet,who will then steer the ball just inside the post for a goal.and then maybe we,l get a bit more luck when andy carroll goes off injured after just 10 mins...who knows? we may get a penalty to make it 2-0 ?who knows ?clean sheet? doubt it..2-1 for the swans .
time to leave bob
at 16:09 18 Dec 2016

please go now bob.well done,,but go now please,
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