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Labour would rather the Conservatives win than Plaid
at 21:10 22 May 2017

It tells you all you need to know about Labour that they would rather a right wing Conservative party win than a left of centre party like Plaid Cymru win.
Anyone voting Conservative or Labour must be mad.
at 11:27 19 May 2017

Anyone voting Conservative or Labour must be mad after last nights no show by Corbyn and May at the leaders debate.

#weak and unstable.

Loving Leanne's interview
at 14:27 15 May 2017

Apparently the full version is out after 9pm and Leanne ain't going anywhere as regards being leader anytime soon as she has got a job of work to do and she is going to see it through.

Now that is one strong and stable woman, no boy and girl jobs her partner does most of the jobs, I think if Leanne is in front of the box having just come in from being interviewed on the box, lipstick, stockings, high heels etc and says 'oi get me a beer from the fridge' in that lovely valley girl accent, I think most men would get her a beer from the fridge.
Strong and stable.
Do not get carried away just yet.
at 18:02 13 May 2017

Do not get carried away just yet, not until hopefully Palace get a result against Hull.

If Hull fail to win away to Palace, Swans stay up [100% if Hull lose, 99.99% recurring if its a draw] but if Hull win Swans will be in real danger of being relegated.

Hull will have Spurs at home [Spurs lost 5-1 against a relegated team last game of the season last year when they had nothing to play for, Spurs have nothing to play for this time and might play some fringe players as well].
Palace will have Man Utd away [Man U nothing to play for and there is already talk of them playing fringe players, Palace have had some good results against the better teams]
Swans will have WBA to play a Pulis team [Pulis will not let his team rest and he is known to get his teams organised].

If Hull beat Palace I think Hull will beat a fringe Spurs team at home on the last day with nothing to play for in that circumstance, if Palace lose to Hull I think Allardyce will get Benteke, Zaha, Cabaye, Townsend etc up for it and get a draw against a fringe Man U team concentrating on trying to get in the Champions League via their upcoming Europa League Final.
Those results would mean Swans would have to beat WBA to stay up.

Lets hope that Hull don't win tomorrow, I wont be greedy I will take a draw [the goal diff and goals for will mean the chances of Hull staying up will be about 10,000 - 1 against in book]

***Leanne Wood*** Cheering thread [dance]
at 18:45 11 May 2017

This site needs a cheering thread for Leanne Wood supporters, I will start off with a song :-

We love you Leanne - we do,
We love you Leanne - we do,
Oh Leanne we love you.

Is this a call to arms [figuratively speaking] ?
at 16:54 11 May 2017

Wales is under attack
Brutal policies
Our childrens lives
Defend your people
Defend your nation
Our identity under threat
Vicious and Cruel
Defend Wales
Fight on behalf of our country.

Some have noticed the rhetoric is a lot stronger than been used in the past, is the rhetoric too strong though ?
[Post edited 11 May 17:09]
Wales best country in the World.
at 08:50 11 May 2017

I've travelled quite a bit in my time, mostly first World countries [but not always] and I think Wales is the best country in the World, those of us that have been lucky enough to have been born, brought up and live here are very lucky indeed [even if not all of us realise it as its easy to take things for granted] and in some cases we could be said to have won life's lottery.
Nasty fight in Ceredigion
at 08:51 10 May 2017

At the last General Election things got nasty in the only seat in mainland Britain where at least one of the main two parties is not Labour or Conservative.

Accusations and slurs regarding final solution crackpots escaping multiculturalism in England and Chavs infiltrating Wales being brought up in Wales but loyal to England and flying English flags with the parents and education system at fault.

The Plaid guy is not standing this time and the Labour guy is not standing this time as he is in charge of the city state that is Cardiff [leader of Cardiff council].

Labour's smears might well have cost Plaid the seat allowing the Lib-Dems to win their only seat in Wales but what will happen this time ?
First Leanne then Adam attacks Labour
at 08:25 4 May 2017

That was Leanne talking on Tuesday.

On Wednesday Labour voted against Welsh workers and the Welsh national interest in failing to ban zero hour contracts for the 7th time even though a few days earlier Labour in Westminster said they wanted to ban zero hour contracts.

Later on Wednesday Adam Price told them they ''You should be ashamed of yourselves''
Young Welsh ready for a revolt ?
at 21:41 30 Apr 2017

Just seen a survey that says 57% of young Welsh people [18-34] would join a large scale uprising against the Government.

Out of the European countries that was polled Wales was one of the more radical with Greece coming out on top as being most up for it.

Council Elections
at 16:04 28 Apr 2017

Are there any Plaid councillors in Swansea ?

I seen it somewhere there was 72 councillors in Swansea, don't know if that's right ? but only 17 Plaid standing duw duw.
Swansea seems a bit of a lost case.
Come and join us, come and join us, come and join us over here !
at 10:19 28 Apr 2017

Leanne ready to defend Wales.
UK press freedom ranking
at 17:24 27 Apr 2017

UK is apparently ranked way down in 40th place in the World for press freedom ranking, USA down in 43rd........oh dear.
Ireland were top 10 but now 14th.
Nasty kicking off
at 14:39 22 Apr 2017

The girl representing Britain composed herself well to pull off a great win after the umpire stopped the match to try and calm down the crowd and a certain official, Davis/Fed cup is one of sports great competitions.
Plaid Cymru MP's best in Parliament
at 11:05 21 Apr 2017
Would Jesus vote Plaid ?
at 12:02 20 Apr 2017

People say Jesus was a socialist therefore if Jesus was living today in Wales its likely he would vote Plaid.

Anti austerity social justice party Plaid good, Brit Nat survival of the fittest austerity parties not so good.
The election in Wales is a straight choice
at 10:39 20 Apr 2017

The election in Wales is a straight choice between Plaid in the centre/on the centre-left or the Red/Blue/Yellow or Purple Tories all out on the right.

Its as simple as that.
May running scared ?
at 08:40 19 Apr 2017

Is Theresa May running scared from a leaders debate or will she be shamed into facing the other leaders by being called out ?
A chance to have a pint with Leanne
at 13:42 18 Apr 2017

Who wouldn't want to socialise and have a pint with Leanne.
Kaardiff fan on the campaign trail
at 13:57 13 Apr 2017

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