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The Bad, The Good and the Ugly.
Written by Curryman on Friday, 2nd Jan 2015 13:05


Life is full of mysteries and can, at times, be unjust. There are many reasons why the vast majority of people tend to keep a fairly low profile and wish for a peaceful life, as It has many unscrupulous, crooked, dishonest, unethical, wrongful, unprincipled and dishonourable individuals as well as the moral principled, upright, honourable, conscientious and forgotten heroes who go beyond the call of duty to help others in a far worse position than their own. We mustn’t forget the ones who tend to consider themselves a cut above the oiks or, dare I mention, the plebs. It reminds me somewhat of the old sketch from ‘The Frost Report’, where John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett stood in an ever decreasing line of height, that gave Corbett the pay-off line; “I know my place,” as the others describe their advantages in the form of "I get ... (e.g. a sense of superiority)", his character finally looks up at the others and says "I get a pain in the back of my neck".

The Bad:

Things at Bloomfield Road having deteriorated so much in the last three seasons have not given me a pain in the neck, but certainly a pain elsewhere on my anatomy and we certainly seem to have the same basic premise of the sketch with the latest goings on between the Chairman and the fans, one in particular who dared to contact him.

During the Chairmanship of OO and then his wife, I wrote a number of letters, texts were not really used in those days, questioning the goings on at the club and on each occasion received a reply. I must add at this point that none of the exchanges were abusive, and it is this that I find most annoying and disappointing in the response to the texts which were sent. I was taught at a very early part of my career in management to always maintain the high ground and not to be dragged into arguments or discussions which were only going to end up one way, i.e. egg on the face of the respondent. I’ll call this rule 1. So, rule 1 in the UCT book on management was broken by the man who said ‘he had never come across a consultant who isn’t a useless clueless tw3t.’ (UCT) I was a Health & Safety/Food Hygiene Consultant for the last sixteen years of my working life and had to sit and pass many examinations during my career, then keep them up to date to be able to be considered competent. I could have advised him about various things where he has fallen down and either been fined or received notice from the council, but, my offers of help was always turned down, at least I think they were as I never had the courtesy of a reply, unlike in the days when his Dad and Mum were at the helm. So BFC and KO blundered on without professional or with poor advice and ended up being fine for illegal tipping, having notices served for various faults in the ground and alarmingly having away supporters falling through the structure. It’s good to be a useless clueless tw3t and it certainly takes one to know one.

Rule 2 in the UCT book on management states that it is always good practice to request assistance in areas one is not competent in. So, rule 2 was broken by the same man who broke rule 1.

History is peppered with UCT’s who have considered themselves above the intellectual level of the masses, the mob and the oiks or, here we go again, the plebs:

Marie Antoinette is one such character, queen of France pre the revolution had little political influence but acted as though she had. Dressed, at times, like a peasant but in reality was a very wealthy woman. The term let them eat cake, attributed to her, is probably folklore at best, but she eventually met her comeuppance when she was declared guilty of treason in the early morning of 16 October 1793 and was sent to the guillotine later that day.

Tzar Nicholas, ruled Russia from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917. His reign saw Imperial Russia go from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. He deluded himself, against advice, by assuming the troops on the Eastern front would fight for him but found out they only wanted to fight for their country. He thought the Cossacks in Petrograd would put down the initial uprising of the subsequent revolution, as that was what they were there for, unfortunately for him they also joined the revolution. In the spring of 1918, Nicholas and his family were handed over to the local Ural soviet by commissar Vasili Yakovlev who was then presented with a written receipt as Nicholas was formally handed over like a parcel. It is thought the family were executed in the early hours of 17 July 1918, but events are still challenged.

There are many other such UCT’s but as this is a football forum, perhaps I should stick to our own, in house UCT.

The Good:

Before getting too depressed, it is worth mentioning that there are still many good people left in the world:

Will Pooley, the nurse who went to Sierra Leone and caught Ebola, subsequently recovered and promptly returned to the front line;

Pauline Cafferty, again a volunteer who went to Sierra Leone to help fight that dreadful disease and is currently undergoing treatment in London after also succumbing to it;

Debbie Purdy, The lady that died in Bradford on Christmas Eve after starving herself to death in the local hospice. Debbie had fought for the right to die and had gone through various court cases and as far as the Lords, I believe it is still being discussed. Suffering from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis she didn’t want to continue and as her pleas had not been heard took the only conceivable way out after years of pain and complete disability;

Alan Henning, the very brave selfless taxi driver who, knowing the risks, delivered aid to victims of the conflict in Syria, only to be captured by ISIS and beheaded for his attempt to offer some relief to those in need.

There are many others, too many to mention but each one, in my eyes stands, head and shoulders above any of the Oyston Family. Two nurses, someone with special needs and a simple taxi driver, it would be interesting to know our UCT’s views on them!

Finally the Ugly:

One only has to look at the independent statistics in the sporting intelligence lists, uncovered by Fifty Shades of Grayson, to understand where we are as a football team and club, so soon after scaling the heights of the league to the Premier, being in a fairly strong position at the half way stage and needing only a little more investment, which appears to have been denied. Those statistics do not lie. It is a testament to the complete dereliction of duty towards the club and its supporters by the family who have promised so much, given so little and continue to bleed the place dry. To coin a supposed phrase from the first world war (apologies to Ribble) Eric Von Falkenhayn, otherwise known as the Blood Miller, was said to have stated he would bleed the French dry at Verdun in 1916, but failed due to fierce resistance from the French army. That same kind of resistance is required at Bloomfield Road if we are to come out of this crisis.

Put it another way, Mighty Blackpool Football Team in Sierra Leone have an abhorrent disease to overcome, we only have an odious family to deal with.

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