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Lets lighten the mood up 16:48 - Mar 20 with 1442 viewsPigbag

What was your best drink up after a match? funny stories or just certain matches you look back at that and make you think of the good time that day.


Lets lighten the mood up on 16:51 - Mar 20 with 1429 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Southampton would have seven or eight entries in my Top Ten Sessions, maybe nine or ten.

Pre-season trip to Sweden in the early nineties had one great session too. The only pub we could get into was an LGBT Rockabilly affair in Stockholm. We got chased out of it.

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Lets lighten the mood up on 16:52 - Mar 20 with 1428 viewsNorthernr

Southampton away last year got a little out of hand.

Lets lighten the mood up on 16:52 - Mar 20 with 1426 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Y'see! The place is legendary!

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Lets lighten the mood up on 16:56 - Mar 20 with 1417 viewswombat

night of the leeds game at LR somehow spent 200 quid and didn't get an STIi to show for it ,

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Lets lighten the mood up on 17:10 - Mar 20 with 1401 viewssimmo

For sentimental reasons, WBA last season was great fun.

The best away day I have ever had though was Southampton, 2-1 with the winner from a Park Ji Sung made Bothroyd winner. Great pub, photo in the local paper next to a man in a bath of beans, home fan coach travel to the ground, beaming sunshine, winning goal, overweight policemen on the chase, 1st class carriage party, french girls, shaking Elvis by the cock, hospital and alcohol counselling.

Yes please.
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ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead


Lets lighten the mood up on 17:16 - Mar 20 with 1394 viewsRangersAreBack

After returning from Hillsborough, popped into Tommy Flynn's to celebrate promotion. Full of merry QPR fans dancing around tables, stopping only to laugh at Danny Wilson every time Sky Sports News looped his interview.

Lets lighten the mood up on 17:16 - Mar 20 with 1394 viewspaulparker

the Beer up in Watford when we went up was something else
remember waking up in Northampton with sick all down myself at around 11.30 that night , the UUURRRRRRSSSSS before we left the Weatherspoons still sends a shiver down the spine

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Lets lighten the mood up on 17:37 - Mar 20 with 1365 viewsAntti_Heinola

after Oldham, outside the BR before it turned sh!t.

Bare bones.


Lets lighten the mood up on 18:01 - Mar 20 with 1348 viewsTHEBUSH

Under the school end terraces, before the stand was built, there was the original Blue and White club.
A reserve match was being played with Mike Kelly in goal, I'm afraid he got lots of stick from a few drunks who were drinking in the bar.
I'm afraid he did the worst thing possible and actually started shouting abuse back at the drunk fans, well everyone started laughing and that made it worse, ah, the good old days.

Lets lighten the mood up on 20:09 - Mar 20 with 1274 viewssmegma

When we beat Palace 6-0 last game of the season, I ended up in the Packhorse & Talbot in Chiswick where i invented naked pool.

Lets lighten the mood up on 20:28 - Mar 20 with 1249 viewsBrightonhoop

I vaguely remember a massive food fight in a curry house on the Uxbridge Road after we put Wet Spam out of the Cup circa '95 I think, that left pilau rice on the picture frames, broken crockery everywhere and someone kicked in the bogs flooding the place. As it got outta hand we headed through the market and hid upstairs at the BR until midnight (the unreasonable gits declined our demand for a lock in). The Met turned up and we obviously denied any knowledge of a trashed curry house....claiming not to have had a curry for at least two weeks, despite pilau rice and lamb bhuna being clearly present on the bearded.
Last thing I remember is purchasing a bottle of scotch and dragging a mate off the steps at Shep Bush Police steps having decided that was the best place to evacuate his bowels. I shit you not.

Lets lighten the mood up on 20:51 - Mar 20 with 1229 viewsPeterHucker

That 6 0 v Palace. What a day.
2 of us did a bottle of JD before the match. Plus countless cans of Stella.
One of my mates performed some bizarre ritual in my flat calling on the gods of house music to save the Rs in their hour of need. (It worked though)
Got 2 pints in at half time in the Blue & White & another mate put his fist through the roof when we scored just before h.t.
After the match we went on a crawl along Uxbridge, Askew & Goldhawk Rd.
Photo of us taken outside British Queen was in all the local papers.
Ended up in Swakeleys / O'Donohues. At the end of the night I was so slaughtered I was put me in a cab even though I lived just about 200 metres away.
One of the greatest days and one of the greatest piss-ups of my entire life!

Lets lighten the mood up on 21:01 - Mar 20 with 1209 viewsSudbury_Hill_R

Slight digression, but it must be something about that boozer. A mate (not me obviously) was stripped naked in that place and we hid his clothes. He was thrown out and sought refuge in the curry house along the road.

Luckily a mate of his was in there, so he nicked his Naan bread, made a hole in it and pulled his knob through the hole and sat down thinking it would hide his privates.

We threw his underpants onto a small roof above the Nat West bank further along the high road and they remained there for several years as you could clearly see them from the top deck of a bus.

Lets lighten the mood up on 02:02 - Mar 21 with 1124 viewsSonofNorfolt

Just over 30 years ago, I was standing by the entrance to the P & T, describing to some of my mates Ian Stewart's goal at Highbury that day.It was our first ever win over Arsenal there.
In what is probably the most perfect timing of my life, mid description, Ian walked in, and nodded to me as he then lived in Greenford, and I said, 'Actually, why don't I let him tell you himself?'

As for stories, I could have a weekly column for years just relating tales from some of the regulars on here.

Lets lighten the mood up on 11:35 - Mar 21 with 1037 viewsToast_R

I remember going to the Walkabout in the Bush after the 3-2 comeback v Leicester City in 2004. I was buzzing that evening having downed a few in celebration, I nearly clouted some South African who was being a bit OTT and spilt his Snake Bite over me whilst pretend fighting and pratting around with his mates. I was wearing a white shirt at the time and was covered in the sh*t and very unlike me, something just snapped at that moment.… ridiculous. He apologised though.

Later that evening I was drunkenly trying to strike up a conversation with one hell of a stunning looking kiwi lady and not really getting anywhere (must have been my now covered in pink sh*t white shirt) and then clocking some huge Jonah Lomu lookalike Marui guys giving me the “Once Were Warrors” look. I’d not long been back from 9 months in Aus and NZ at the time and thought I could still handle the back packing scene. Turns out they were only happy to mix their own.

Sharp exit required.

Munich pre season two summers ago was a stand out.
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Lets lighten the mood up on 12:07 - Mar 21 with 989 viewsHunterhoop

I would agree with this. I was staying the night with mates. All day drinking from 11am finishing at 3am. There's a video of me somewhere wandering around some residential street waving my coat around my head singing Rangers' songs at 2am, almost getting hit by a car. One bar served this ridiculous "cocktail" called a Death Star. It was basically a small amount of coke and lots of pernod and sambuca as far as I remember.

Sheff Wed years back was bad. I ended up soaking wet having gone in fully clothed into a Sheffield fountain after a 16 pint session, missing my train back, ending up in Doncaster, before ending up topless (clothes were wet) in an open house for heroin addicts with 10 youths threatening to beat me up sa they thought I'd nicked their clothes. That was an experience.

Lets lighten the mood up on 12:20 - Mar 21 with 975 viewsMoonshineSteve

Not a p-up story, but I enjoyed it

Back in 90-91 was trying to do the whole season, home & away, which I hadn't done before. Went to most aways with a few mates, a couple with just Marky67, but none alone. Then in March we had Liverpool. We had thus far played 14 times at Anfield, and drawn once. That was it, our best result.

So the week before we're in the pub & I ask "Who's coming to Liverpool then?".

"Oh, nah". "No, we always lose there." "No, sod that" etc. Right, well cobblers to you lot, I'll go on my own

Anyway, if you know your history then you know all about the 1-3 so I don't need to go into that. On the coach home dear old Neil Roberts asks "Who wants to stop for a pint then?" "Yeah!" shouts the whole coach. "No" shouts me.

Get back to LR, I'm straight in a cab: "Get me to the pub, quick". I walk into the pub still in hoops & carrying a programme. My mates see me, one of them walks up to me, stares at me, & just says:

"You c**t".

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I am still Steve but no longer in Dagenham.


Lets lighten the mood up on 12:44 - Mar 21 with 943 viewsGeorge2Santos

Not so much a drinking story but ten years ago last September I was a fresher at Manchester uni. I was wearing hoops, a random guy stopped me and said, do you want to go to Stockport away? Which we duly did.

Ten years and a lot of football later, that guy is going to be best man at my wedding this August.

Nice init.

Lets lighten the mood up on 14:08 - Mar 21 with 881 viewsKonk

Semi-final in Hamburg, we were on the pop from about 10:30 in the morning and things were going quite wrong by about mid-afternoon. By the time of the game, I was absolutely battered and in a bit of a pickle. The only thing I can remember is that I spent the whole game stood up swaying about, but leaning my shins against the seat in front of me for balance, but being German rail seats, the back of the seat folded forward, so more or less every time I did this, the seat collapsed and I went falling forward and ended-up on the floor or on the poor ba stard in front of me.

At half-time, I thought it was full-time, so went to leave the ground, with my mates wondering where I was going, I then got the hump cos no-one wanted to go back into town for a beer, but went back to my seat, where I couldn’t understand why 50,000 people were hanging about in the stadium. When the players came out for the second half, I thought it was extra-time and was loudly demanding to know what was going on as we hadn’t played the second leg yet. I was also a bit pi ssed off that nobody else seemed fussed that we'd been diddled out of the home leg. I spent most of the second half collapsing over the seat in front of me. One day I would like to find the man I was falling on, apologise and thank him for his good humoured response to having his game ruined by a complete and utter twa t falling on him every five minutes.

Game ended 0-0, got a bus back into Schanzenviertel for more beers, where we met my mate’s German colleagues (who were all sober) and I think I might have scared them a bit by being the most drunk man in the world. Finished up there and headed over to the Reeperbahn, where the only bar we could find open that wasn’t an Irish bar, happened to be a bar where a lot of their hooligans drank. Barmaid served us but said the guvnor would throw us out if he found out we were English, so when he came over and wanted a chat to tell us to get out, I told him we were tourists from Copenhagen who’d come over on a ferry…which he seemed alright with, even though the whole time we were in there we were speaking English. My flight back was at 08:00 the following morning, so I hadn’t bothered with a hotel, stayed in the bar until about 04:00 when they threw us out, got on the wrong train to the airport, fell asleep, woke up had a panic, got on the right train, can’t remember anything about the airport or flight, but woke up at LHR with some German businessman trying to get pass me to get off the flight. The entire top left quarter of my top was saturated in dribble. Good times. What a div.
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