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Flat roofed pubs.. 13:43 - Apr 29 with 75604 viewsPommyhoop

As mentioned by Konk in the Morhinio thread. Flat roofed pubs are normally shiteholes which are suited to and are normally frequented by a good few Scum supporters. Here's my offering as one of the roughest ,worst boozers I've ever been in .
The Beaver in Beaver's Estate Hounslow .Now that was a REAL shithole!!
Looks like its closed down.Thank F@ck...

Add your own wonderful flat roofed watering holes...
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:57 - Apr 29 with 13175 viewsPhildo

Pubs with flat roofs were built for men who manufactured things like cars or space hoppers. Once manufacturing was declared illegal they were bound to end up only one way. The Sun on the askew road although two stories was in my opinion a pub that shared the essential dna of those shown above.....

Flat roofed pubs.. on 15:59 - Apr 29 with 13171 viewsheadhoops

check these babies out especially the Vine in Stoke Burslem - right near the end. Sadly I've been in at least 5 I can remember!

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:00 - Apr 29 with 13166 viewsbob566

what is speckling. Urban dictionary is blocked.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:10 - Apr 29 with 13145 viewsKonk

That site sort of misses the point - not every pub with a flat roof is a flat roof pub. You can't have a Victorian or Georgian flat roof pub - it has to look like a community centre or inner-city Catholic church to count.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:12 - Apr 29 with 13137 viewsJuzzie


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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:43 - Apr 29 with 13049 viewsDiscodroid

sorry not a flat roof pub but the archers in brick lane, london

how can i put this. a shithole . a affront.a cheeky peach schnapps with herr hitler in his damp fetid bunker in may 1945 , with the red army ready to use my testicles as stone age earings , would have been a preferable option.. and probably better company than the barmaid whose personality had long since left the building along with any east end charm or character this pub may have had. .

to achieve such foul tasting flat lager the pumps must have recently been used to irrigate satans bowels.the 'vodka and coke' came in a glass so small that it was invisible to the naked human eye akin max cliffords cock, as was the vodka content.

please can i go home.some one call for the salvation army to rescue me...

the victoria in plaistow... a place that has a licence for the comsumpition of alcohol, but seems to losing out to the roaring trade in the khazi...

paulaner , a nice pilsner hit the spot and had nuggets of vitamin p(proper pork scratchings)availble on the bar. nice!.

very small inside but room not to have to listen about "mad frankie" and eddie richardsons favourite brand of pliers disscussed in ones lug hole.
normally a 2 out of ten gaff but reduced to a 0/1o after being ignored at the bar by a ladymember of the bar staff slurping her drink and ignoring me despite no one waiting to be served before leaping into action ninja style when a local approached.

a bit "league of gentlemen"i thought.

also the man from peru seemed to be alive and thriving judging by the frequent visits to the loo's in couples!.one for the kenny noyes of the world.

dont take the inlaws for sunday lunch.
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 16:50 - Apr 29 with 13040 viewstoboboly

This. The Canbury Arms is actually quite nice.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 18:01 - Apr 29 with 12959 viewswillis1980

I can't believe the pig whistle on latimer road didn't get a mention. The artwork on its walls deserves a mention alone

The galleon on the winstanley estate and the chopper on badric court in battersea were quite special, happy hour at the galleon was limitless as were the mouth breather punters.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 18:22 - Apr 29 with 12947 viewsDevonWhite

I used to live a few doors down from this delight when at university in Hull.

On the plus side it was about 70p a pint.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 18:35 - Apr 29 with 12934 viewsDixie_CT

Crazy old pub at the other end of Waterloo down the cut. No rhyme or reason to the decor and one of the those old estate pubs shoehorned onto a block of flats.

Waterloo never gets many mentions for a drink but is one of my fave places in London, from the 'Hole in the Wall' to the 'Camel & Artichoke' via Marie's Thai Cafe, a memorable time is ensured

Flat roofed pubs.. on 18:37 - Apr 29 with 12918 viewsDiscodroid

that looks a cracker!!

a northern pub great for celebs such as duncan'chase me' norvell, paul'celebrity squares' squires, kelly'canadian' montieth, norman'one trick pony' collier and rubber faced irritant phil cool doing the rounds.
good clean family fun.

especially the bit where you could have a line up with 5o year old blokes in pringles and fu ck the old boiler/stripper form merthyr tydfil on the stage.

good clean honest family fun.with spunk.

a pint of 'skol', 'double diamond', 'harp' or a long life and ken goodwin telling us all 'to settle down now'..a great british night out
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" I guess in four or five years, the new generation's music will be .. electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision .. maybe one person .. with a lot of machines, tapes, and electronics setups, singin or speaking .. and using machines " James Douglas Morrison | 1969


Flat roofed pubs.. on 19:06 - Apr 29 with 12908 viewshopphoops

fine thread. my fave shìt pubs always seem to call themselves hotels in desperate bids for a bit of je ne sais quoi.

how about the famous flying shuttle in bolton, not the posh cousin
in bury

but the glorious
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 19:27 - Apr 29 with 12881 viewswillis1980

Kensington park hotel?

Flat roofed pubs.. on 19:33 - Apr 29 with 12870 viewsE17hoop

I've been in there - you're right.

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 20:25 - Apr 29 with 12827 viewsA40Bosh

All you need to know
Cowley/West Drayton

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:05 - Apr 29 with 12535 viewsCowleyR

Ah! My old local. It's now called The Three Steps. The new owner redecorated the whole place and it looks even worse. The new-look pub looks like a Belfast loyalist pub or a British pub in a Turkish holiday resort. Used to drink there until the chavs took over.

The Grand Union looks good but it got the air of a Chelsea place.

My parents live nearby. I've moved out of Cowley few months ago. Whenever I'm back in the area, it's always the Crown for me cos of their generous opening hours.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:18 - Apr 29 with 12523 viewschris1969

The Victory on Albany Street NW1 is a fine example. Must be an award for worst pub in most expensive location.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:22 - Apr 29 with 12511 viewsloftus_upper

Ahh The Nelson, round the corner from my work, looks awful, but had many a good night in there.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:26 - Apr 29 with 12497 viewskingshill

It'll echo that. Had to work at my old companies head office in Southwark St from time to time and had some good night's in there. Not nearly as bad as it looks

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:28 - Apr 29 with 12492 viewsLblock

Do you mean The Players Lounge on North fields Avenue? Been shut for years but strangely someone started doing it up and the thought better of it a few months back and stopped.

Worst flat roofed pub I've ever been in (or one of) was some gaff in Luton years and years ago. We headed there pre game to meet a few mates and I was shocked to find this place was no more than four portacabins lashed together. The funniest thing was they had a pool table and the locals were getting the hump as we weren't following the rules. The rules were that nobody was to walk around the "pub" when people were taking a shot because the flimsy nature of the floor meant the table moved up and down as you moved!!!!
Never since have i seen anything like it

Here for a good time..... not a long time


Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:29 - Apr 29 with 12490 viewsCiderwithRsie

That whole estate should have got some sort of architectural anti-award too, considering the surroundings.

Used to work in the slightly more sedate Head and Choke round the corner. Always remember the conversation among the regulars debating just how long a prison sentence you needed to serve to be eligible to join the local Conservative Club. [Not connected to the political party as far as I'm aware.]

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:36 - Apr 29 with 12480 viewslondonscottish

I was going to nominate the Pig and Whistle until I goggled it earlier to find it seems to have been turned into some sort of gastro thing. Struggling to believe that tbh. It was my local for several years when I first moved to London and I never went in as I knew I'd get stabbed.

A few years later I moved to Kensal Rise and stumbled across the Bucaneer which perfectly fitted Konk's definition.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:45 - Apr 29 with 12458 viewsMrSheen

I thought of the Buccaneer too, but how times have changed in the 20 years I last dared go near it.

There have to be exceptions to any rule.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 22:57 - Apr 29 with 12438 viewstommburns

How about the Old Bill in Copley. Closed in 2006 after police raid.


Flat roofed pubs.. on 23:25 - Apr 29 with 12406 viewsFDC

This is a brilliant thread.

One for Clive possibly. I present Sheffield's South Sea;

Actually no where near as bad as it looks and home to the infamous Dub Central night in the early Naughties
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