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Flat roofed pubs.. 13:43 - Apr 29 with 78395 viewsPommyhoop

As mentioned by Konk in the Morhinio thread. Flat roofed pubs are normally shiteholes which are suited to and are normally frequented by a good few Scum supporters. Here's my offering as one of the roughest ,worst boozers I've ever been in .
The Beaver in Beaver's Estate Hounslow .Now that was a REAL shithole!!
Looks like its closed down.Thank F@ck...

Add your own wonderful flat roofed watering holes...

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 23:33 - Apr 29 with 9127 viewsFDC

If that even is actually a pub that's going to be so hard to beat.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 23:37 - Apr 29 with 9123 viewsWeaverQPR

Arctic Ranger, Orchard Park Estate, Hull.



Flat roofed pubs.. on 23:43 - Apr 29 with 9115 viewsbrewers_hoop

The Whittington Stone in Archway is none too clever - popped in there a couple of times after leaving the nearby Whittington Hospital and quickly wished I was back having my nether regions probed by a mediaeval instrument of torture. This is the sole review on Fancy A pint: 'Dodgy council estate pub, full of lowlifes, miserable bar staff- stay away.'


Flat roofed pubs.. on 01:08 - Apr 30 with 9069 viewsWanderR

Not the worst pub in Sheffield but nothing particularly to recommend it. Clive used to be seen drinking in far more classy establishments.

Current location: London SE10


Flat roofed pubs.. on 03:21 - Apr 30 with 9045 viewsNorthLondonR

Thank you so much Clive for picking this gem out. However they have now "continentalised" (made up word) it by placing a couple of tables and chairs outside, a new frontage and have even marketed it as "the gateway to the new Corby town centre"!!

This is a statement which puts into context how much of a miserable existence the old Corby town centre must have been, when you can overtly espouse the virtues of a town centre that has added a primark, greggs, McDonald's and theMoneyshop and effectively rebranded itself as "new"..

This is by far the worst pub I have ever been to, one at which I was greeted with the words (in a peculiar North Northamptonshire/ Glaswegian hybrid accent avec saliva splattered fleece top) "who the fck are you?" Followed by "Charlie this cnts wearing a fckin suit"!!!

I was drawn in by the fact that you could purchase a 'pie' and pint from 07.30 in the morning initially however they have now instigated a two for one offer which includes a Cesar salad!!!!!!!!!!

Interestingly my colleagues do not even consider this to be the roughest pub in Corby and the flat-roofed Everington Arms (the 'evs) is considered to be a bit of a swanky joint!

Flat roofed pubs.. on 03:27 - Apr 30 with 9045 viewsNorthLondonR

This actually wasn't a bad pub and had bags of character. No seats as there was no room, it must have been on record as the narrowest pub in the world, with some real characters as regulars.

Unfortunately it shut about a year ago and is destined to be one the Cally's 400th Tesco express or perhaps may even tip the scales as a full blow Metro now that the HSS hire shop has been procured!!!

I believe it used to be a bit of a favourite amongst the old market traders along Cally Road in the 40s and boasted Bout having the best pint of Guinness in north London..

Flat roofed pubs.. on 08:32 - Apr 30 with 8952 viewsPommyhoop

Another squalid memory from my youth.I give you the Earl Haig, Hounslow West.
Used to be a big squaddie pub when I first started drinking so that wasnt much fun.
( It was great fun for a few of the local pchyco's).Then around the mid 80's it went all funky,clubby ,discoie
banned all the squaddies ( Military Police used to come in looking for them).And changed its name to Blitz.
All the loons from Hounslow ,Cranford ,Feltham and other surrounding suberbs finally had their own 'posh clubby pub'
Glassings and stabbings galore:;Hurrah...
Once an unsatisfied customer mounted the pavement in his car and ploughed into 'revellers ' outside the pub.
Cant remember whether it was Blitz then or back to The Earl Haig.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 09:45 - Apr 30 with 8906 viewsCiderwithRsie

Some outstanding examples here. They ought to make the Royal Institute of British Architects hold their annual dinner dance and whist drive in one of these places and the Christmas do of Interbrew in another.

Of course you can make a hell hole out of a pub that actually looks like a pub. St Helier Tavern south of Morden used to look pretty much like a standard big old 30s road house but had to be pulled down after a bloke had an argument with the bar staff and was later spotted being deposited in a reservoir. In four separate pieces.

Never went in, myself.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 09:58 - Apr 30 with 8889 viewsjohann28

it basically involves a piece of semi-human scum removing his trousers and doing a 'wet fart' on the victim's face...thus leaving little pieces of shit all over him

you did ask.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:07 - Apr 30 with 8862 viewsMytch_QPR

Says it all really. Apparently, there used to be topless barmaids on a Friday night and Saturdays - very 70's Sweeney style.
That's what we need - a roofless pub with a topless tart at the bar (preferably without 'freckles') - anyone got any suggestions?

"Thank you for supporting Queens Park Rangers Steep Staircase"... and I thought I'd signed up for a rollercoaster.
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:08 - Apr 30 with 8861 viewsbrewers_hoop

I've had the misfortune of going in here when I worked as a local reporter and my boss kindly ordered me to get some reaction to an arson attack that had killed someone in the town. I knocked on every door in the street and was told by each woman who answered that their husband was in the Candle - it was 11.30 in the morning. Was lucky to get out alive.

Wised-up locals abided by the 'three-second rule' in Corby pubs. If you looked at anyone you didn't know for more than three seconds you were likely to get carved up. One unfortunate who popped for a pint in another rat-hole, wasn't aware of this and caught the eye of a bloke and his missus. The bloke calmly got off his stool, went home to fetch an axe and nearly separated the other fella's head from his shoulders.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:11 - Apr 30 with 8856 viewswillis1980

I was in there last weekend its still the way it was, ropey karaoke, locals thieves selling meat, bikes and razors etc

nothing gastro about it apart from a macedonian that sells pizza out the back, but is never open when im there.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:33 - Apr 30 with 8825 viewsKonk

As you say, ideally someone needs to come up to you, open a sports holdall and try and sell you meat, bottles of Pantene, razor blades and some leisure wear that’s been stolen from Sports Direct. To be the model flat roof boozer, that person needs to be John Terry’s Mum.

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:38 - Apr 30 with 8819 viewsPommyhoop

Yep and all the locals have to be sporting the same style and maybe even colour of kickers.Even if they are 10 year old kids playing pool with Dad or pensioners enjoying an evening sherry.

circa .The infamous Kickers lorry 'tie up' Heathrow Airport 1992..
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:41 - Apr 30 with 8814 viewsqueensparker

Another nomination for "ropiest flat-roofed pub in most glamorous location": the Tower Tavern underneath the BT Tower.

Looks like it might have been done up recently, it used to be well grotty. Haven't been there for years after a member of my party ended up getting lucky with the landlord's daughter one night. He had understandable second thoughts when he'd sobered up the next day...


Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:47 - Apr 30 with 8797 viewsqueensparker

The Island's quite flash these days - never would have thought it possible

Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:48 - Apr 30 with 8795 viewsPommyhoop

Does anyone remember the name of that boozer at the bottom of the tower block thingy in Sunbury.Not the posh part of Sunbury near the river, the bit near Feltham

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 10:58 - Apr 30 with 8770 viewswillis1980

ever been to the airman in feltham??? Not got a flat roof but might as well, ive been to boozers full of idiots quite a lot but this gaff took the p1ss. It was as if the young offenders were all on day release and brought theyre own stereo with them. i found myself saying: "wheres darwin when you need him!" to my mate. Biggest collection of mouth breathers ive encountered all in own place at the same time for a while

Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:15 - Apr 30 with 8738 viewsCowleyR

That's a good shout. Haven't been there but it looks so grim whenever I travel past the sh1thole. Almost every pub in Hounslow is the same. The Jolly Wagoner in Cranford is now an Indian-themed restaurant/pub.

The Red Cow in West Drayton is a good candidate but it's been closed for a while. It just screams 'CHELSEA'.

Not exactly a flat-roofed pub but the Nag's Head in West Drayton is another good example of a sinkhole estate pub in an area full of Chelsea 'bankers'. I think it's also closed for business. Thankfully.
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Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:23 - Apr 30 with 8723 viewspaulparker

Once s hagged a bird from West Drayton who had
Born in West Drayton
Live in West Drayon
Die in West Drayton, all tattooed down her Arm, Needless to say I didn't bring her home to meet the parents

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:27 - Apr 30 with 8717 viewsCowleyR


Just realised both pubs are in Yiewsley. West Drayton and Yiewsley all look the same to me. The border is a railway line.

Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:30 - Apr 30 with 8708 viewspaulparker

West Drayton is a place no normal like minded soul should be, especially at chucking out time, it makes Hayes seem like Beverley Hills
BTW what was the place called that used to be open in the early nineties which was like a bar/ nightclub on West Drayton High Street ?

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:33 - Apr 30 with 8704 viewsCowleyR

UB7? Bentley's? The club changed their names all the time, just like the QPR teamsheet in the past few seasons. However, the club is now bulldozed to make way for a new block of flats. I find it a bit amusing that some people actually want to live there.
[Post edited 30 Apr 2014 11:34]

Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:37 - Apr 30 with 8694 viewsPommyhoop

Back home there was this fella I worked with who hailed from Sipson. I think Ive mentioned him on here before ..the fella who supported West Ham but round the pool on his lads holiday he wore Chelsea shorts cos'They're a nicer colour' Dickead.
Anyway he told me that on said Lads Holiday whenever anyone asked him or his mob where they were from They'd say West Drayton cos it sounded better.KNOB !!!!

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Flat roofed pubs.. on 11:38 - Apr 30 with 8691 viewsPommyhoop

Naughty's !!!! also called Bentlys..
Remember the Cherry Tree?

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