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Do you know anyone out of work? 11:19 - Nov 12 with 1020 viewsbrassedoff

Just made me think with the unemployment figures out, I don't think I know anyone who is out of work. Don't know if this is because of the social circles I move in but interesting I don't know anyone claiming dole?

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Do you know anyone out of work? on 11:49 - Nov 12 with 1004 viewsHannibal_de_Seaside

I know a few people who are scratching around doing any kind of general work they can, often on a casual or part-time basis, and thus not claiming benefits. I think this work model - people with more than one job, usually on minimum wage or just above - is becoming more and more prevalent in the UK. The economic gap between those in secure, full-time employment and those who aren't seems to be growing all the time as well as that between those in certain industries and others.

Apparently we have been out of recession for some time, but for a number of people I know things are certainly getting no better, quite the reverse.

Do you know anyone out of work? on 12:00 - Nov 12 with 994 viewstde74

Jose Riga.

Do you know anyone out of work? on 12:13 - Nov 12 with 979 viewspooljimbo

Yep, me!

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Do you know anyone out of work? on 13:45 - Nov 12 with 959 viewsOsbourne

Hannibal de Seaside,

Discretely worded!

Government figures cannot be believed. I wonder why?

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Do you know anyone out of work? on 14:43 - Nov 12 with 940 viewsDavid53

I have 1 or 2 neighbours who are out of work.
Please don't ruin their day by offering them one !

Do you know anyone out of work? on 15:55 - Nov 12 with 919 viewsOdinsRaven

ALL of my family and friends are working.

Where I live I'm surrounded by dole scrounging layabouts though :-(

Do you know anyone out of work? on 16:15 - Nov 12 with 906 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

It does seem to depend upon where you are. The economy seems to be in rude health down here.

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Do you know anyone out of work? on 16:37 - Nov 12 with 891 viewsbillybigbananas

What HdS said. Bro-in-law given redundancy on minimum terms and now a part time postie and part time bookie's clerk after several failed attempts to find permanent work.

Do you know anyone out of work? on 16:38 - Nov 12 with 890 viewsPoolseasider

My son but it's only because the season has ended and not that much of a problem he's at Uni gets a grant and lives at home and gives me sod all.
He's looking for local bar work if anybody knows of any?

Do you know anyone out of work? on 08:34 - Nov 13 with 825 viewswe_are_Superior

I was out of work for 6 months last year - admittedly voluntary redundancy but it's pretty grim. Had this expectation I could take the redundancy money and then walk straight in to another job. There may be lots of jobs getting people off the dole but the decent well paid jobs are pretty stagnant.

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Do you know anyone out of work? on 09:48 - Nov 13 with 816 viewsHarryHorse

I know of a couple , one has just landed something . I do however know a lot of people who are unhappy in their job but haven't been able to move as there was nothing to move to .In London things have been improving slowly in my sector for about a year but every so often one of the bigger players drops a lot of people into the job market . In short there are jobs but a lot of people going for them and that is keeping wage growth down.
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