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Time to hold your nose 19:44 - May 12 with 1404 viewsAVFTT

New article from BRR

Time to hold your nose on 20:17 - May 12 with 1375 viewsLythamBFC

That's a good read, even if it is a bit off-message for some. I must say I do worry where we will be if the Os stay and we are still in this position in 12 months time.

Time to hold your nose on 21:02 - May 12 with 1352 viewsHarryHorse

That at first glance appears one of your better pronouncements Robbie and long overdue-I just have to digest it now
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Time to hold your nose on 21:13 - May 12 with 1335 viewsribble

Excellent piece that, Robbie. Agree with pretty much all of it.

Time to hold your nose on 21:16 - May 12 with 1326 viewsjanegallagher


Wish a few more would raise their head above the parapet

We’ve got Simon Sadler


Time to hold your nose on 21:19 - May 12 with 1317 viewsWizaard

Well said. Someone will take the job. If it is Holloway as rumoured, then surely he would have done due diligence over the current and short term future and maybe knows a lot more than we do.

Bearing in mind the history of those most vociferously opposed to the appointment and I for one welcome it all the more

Time to hold your nose on 21:35 - May 12 with 1305 viewsPlumbs

I don't see the justification for having a pop at the TK given that fellow fans have had their lives ruined and the whole of football has been critical of how the company have gone about it-including the guy who runs BASIL.
Robbie has been critical of the fans following the relegation in '78, but chooses to chastise those who have tried to do something about it this time around.

Some fans get the club they deserve.

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Time to hold your nose on 21:43 - May 12 with 1302 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

"the guy who runs BASIL" has been accused of far worse over the piece - by you, in the main Plumbs.

I do wish you'd take your obsessions elsewhere - they appear more than a bit odd a the best of times, which I'm sure is an impression you don't want to give. You're a Leeds fan at the end of the day, none of this is any of your business.

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
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Time to hold your nose on 21:49 - May 12 with 1296 viewsPlumbs

I dont think so and he's a mate of yours ffs.

No obsession here although being a local lad and with friends affected its very much my business,and as a FSF member its also of interest where clubs are at loggerheads with their owners-it was me who persuaded BST (as is) to attend the first national conference a couple of years ago.

I see tonight that another Blackpool fan is being sued which reinforces the view that what the TKs are doing is wholly correct,and where you now seem out on a limb with everyone including regular BASIL match attendees.

Well those within the M25 corridor all the way to Reading (smiley)

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Time to hold your nose on 07:10 - May 13 with 1219 viewstangerinedom

Great piece BRR - great to read another perspective.

Time to hold your nose on 07:53 - May 13 with 1210 viewsCurryman

Some very decent points in there Robbie, and i particulalrly agree that all fans should maintain the high moral ground.

I must admit that had I been able to, I would have been on the pitch with the young ones and feel it was a necessary evil and a peaceful way to end the season.

Plumbs, I was around the table in a pub in Watford with Robbie and a few other 'Uber Supporters' when it was announced that the O's were after teh BSA Chairman and can remember his words, which are for him to say and not me, but they were anything but supportive of the regime.

I know Robbie is often castigated as being out of touch and aloof, but he tends to keep his own council, is a genuine wholehearted supporter of all things BFC and deserves his say as does anyone else.

Love Blackpool, not the O's
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Time to hold your nose on 10:25 - May 13 with 1182 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom

Good article, don't agree with everything, but if people read it carefully, there's more to agree with than disagree with.

If you tried to go into detail on every sorry issue at the club (Libel action against fans, Morty's statue to name but two), you'd be looking at a post that dwarfs war and peace.

The tricky one for me is the TK comments, for me the idea that Ollie is going to even think about returning is a red herring.

I support everything that the TK have done so far, and applaud their efforts to explain to anyone thinking of applying for the managers job what a total basket case we've become.

However, someone will take the job, and some sort of "team" will take to the ploughed field in August and people will still go to watch, which is their right.

Need to keep the fan base united, so maybe, the TK could work with those still going to matches to ensure protests continue inside the ground?

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Time to hold your nose on 12:03 - May 13 with 1156 viewsPlumbs

Yup I've always sort of realised that his private views are probably more in keeping with what folk think elsewhere,but when someone goes posting on a public forum in the same vein then thats what folk will comment on.

The issue with brr is compounded by the fact that he decided to become a moderator and let personal feelings take over,which has left a nasty taste with one or two.

Mind you-if he hadnt banned me from the real avftt then I'd have probably ended up getting sued too,so I guess I owe him a pie and Guinness as that stands

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Time to hold your nose on 12:08 - May 13 with 1147 viewsMr_Brightside

Hit a lot of nails on the head there Robbie - great piece.

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Time to hold your nose on 15:47 - May 13 with 1121 viewsWindyMiller

Just looking at the reaction on the other board and you could say you'd nail Karl to a cross and bury Owen up to his neck in sand and let the seagulls have him and some still wouldn't be happy! Our professional moaners are making hay whilst the sun shines!

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Time to hold your nose on 15:51 - May 13 with 1119 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

I thought my criticism of the Os was pretty strongly worded, but some people only see what they want to see, I'm afraid.

It's entirely possible that they will stay for a good while yet. I'm suggesting - amongst other things - that people can campaign against them if they wish, but not supporting the team hurts the fans more than the owners.
[Post edited 13 May 2015 16:02]

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
Blog: pause for breath


Time to hold your nose on 16:20 - May 13 with 1089 views1953Original

I think an important milestone has been reached for a lot of fans which is

a) Walk away from the club completely
b) follow the club, don't spend anything at BR and campaign against the Oyston's
c) Carry on following the team and campaign against the Oyston's
d) Continue to be a Blackpool fan no matter who owns the club

Personally I don't feel that option e) ..

e) Disrupt everyone else who wants to watch games and have paid money to do so

.. will be a tolerated option next season.

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Time to hold your nose on 16:27 - May 13 with 1081 viewsPlumbs

To be fair Robbie that final sentence is fair comment but it all depends on where the individual fan is at.At FC United many reached their tipping point with the Glazers and similarly many Blackpool fans have done the same with the Os.

The values that have served football for generations have become eroded,so folk could at least be aware of that and perhaps less critical of those trying to force improvements?

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Time to hold your nose on 16:35 - May 13 with 1077 viewsPNENIL

Every manager does due diligence but the trouble is once in place everything changes. Thats why Riga was appointed and didn't sign a player for nearly a month despite us having no players. Thats why Lee clark has to shuffle away with relegation on his cv with no chance of redemption because the plans (if you can call them that) and budget was so unpalatable.
As for Holloway knowing more than us about the future? Like what? The owners are going to spend money and run a proper football club? You must believe in fairy's if you think that.

Time to hold your nose on 06:35 - May 14 with 1004 viewsTwoPhillips

I find it reassuring that others share my views on what is happening - for me it's like a much loved car has been bought by a ruthless owner and to get the owner to sell you kick and scratch the car - so you're left with a battered loved possession when the owner eventually goes.

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