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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK 15:57 - May 14 with 3429 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,

Osbourne is having serious trouble with an AVFTT ADMINISTRATOR.

It is personal, it is nasty!

Discuss it tonight on AVFTT. Osbourne thinks he is gone. Osbourne's posts are disappearing quicker than Pool ship goals!

Goodbye to my friends. Osbourne is being taken away - by an over efficient Administrator who has no sense of humour.

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:05 - May 14 with 2332 viewsAVFTT

Administrator Here

For reference, we fed back to Osbourne some feedback we'd had which said his posts are a bit bizarre and could we get him to write in a more intelligible way and he's thrown his smilies out of the pram! Nothing personal, nothing nasty just a bit of feedback which clearly hasn't gone down too well.

Obligatory Osbourne smilie goes here

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:07 - May 14 with 2327 viewsBigbrother

Well done AVFTT - Osbourne mate you should get the men in white coats to strap you down and take you away and return when your medication has worn off.

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:11 - May 14 with 2322 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,

Thanks for the support "Bigbrother."

It would of been good fun being in the trenches with you!

"Sadallover," your lack of support hasn't been missed either!

Cheer Os.
[Post edited 14 May 2015 16:14]

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:12 - May 14 with 2317 viewsSadallover

You are a bit weird Osbourne!!!

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:14 - May 14 with 2311 viewsbasilrobbiereborn


I've tried quite hard to engage with you as you know. Your style is a bit odd, and it is off-putting to some. If I were you I'd take the feedback in the spirit it's meant.

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:34 - May 14 with 2289 viewsPNENIL

I find him interesting but that maybe says more about me!
Wouldn't like to guess his age, he could be anything.
Think i need to get out more.

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:36 - May 14 with 2285 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,


Coming from you that is a very disappointing post indeed. Osbourne, of course, can take what you have written, as Osbourne treats all AVFTT posters, whatever style they choose to use, with respect.

Osbourne suspects that you, yourself, "basilrobbiereborn," could be the ADMINISTRATOR who has no sense of humour himself. The very person who is trying to pull in Osbourne's posting style. Sad, very sad. Osbourne might well be using his literal style else where in the future. We do not all read the Daily Telegraph you know. Some read the Guardian. Heaven forbid, some read the tabloids. Some watch Manchester United, some watch Arsenal, some heaven forbid watch Blackpool. If one watched Blackpool 2014-15 then it pays to keep it light. What a joke it was. Osbourne says that again. "What a joke it was." An embarrassment.

So, thank you for the quiet word in Osbourne's ear, "basilrobbiereborn." Osbourne has taken it in and "spat it out with contempt."

Is this AVFTT a universal board or
a MONOPOLY BOARD controlled by you?

We will see when the traffic becomes heavy tonight what posters think. We will see Mr basilrobbiereborn, we will see.

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:49 - May 14 with 2273 viewshindu_seasider

I see the admin are still being petty and pathetic as always


Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:50 - May 14 with 2270 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom


I'd like to say I enjoy your posts (They make me smile), but I think if you read BRR reply, to me it looks fairly straightforward and non confrontational to me.

If people don't like your posts, then don't read them.

Anyway I hope you keep posting, it's not like you're Paulco.

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:52 - May 14 with 2265 viewsAVFTT

Couple of quickies and then let's all move on ..

1. BRR is not a mod on this board or forum
2. Hindu - we gave feedback (privately) to a user from other users so not sure how that would be in Oyston's pocket!

Osbourne - if you choose to take other users feedback then great - if not then can we remind users they do have a 'block this poster' option when logged in.

Right, moving on .....

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 16:59 - May 14 with 2249 viewshindu_seasider

BRR is an Oyston brown noser! Deleting/editing peoples posts is rather pathetic. What monstrosities has Ozzy apparently done?

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 17:03 - May 14 with 2243 viewshindu_seasider

People on here must have no sense wonder it's dead

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 17:05 - May 14 with 2238 viewssteve_g

Osbourne .. get a grip mate .. some people find you irritating .. get over it!

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 17:17 - May 14 with 2228 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

It's the last time I try to help someone.

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 17:40 - May 14 with 2211 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,


If that is your attempt of help, then Osbourne would not like to see how you try to hinder people.

Quite unbelievable what has gone on this afternoon.

It will be with great interest that Osbourne watches the AVFTT posting board this evening. The debate will be stimulating.

So, one posts in the fashion that one is told or the AVFTT Administrator converts the posts.

Maybe true, or maybe not but have a chew on this one :

Osbourne posts some good stuff. Sometimes Osbourne keeps it light sometimes not. Come what may, AVFTT will miss Osbourne when Osbourne is gone.

Unless I have a complete apology from the ADMINISTRATOR in question and all the removed Threads and Posts returned (and lets remember, some of the Threads that have been removed were not started by Osbourne), then Osbourne is afraid that Osbourne is GONE FROM AVFTT, never and Osbourne says again, NEVER to return.

The ADMINISTRATOR in question has made a massive mistake and owes Osbourne an apology.

Osbourne is waiting for it.

"We read to know that we are not alone." - think about that Mr ADMINISTRATOR. And yes, Osbourne is as angry about this censorship as it sounds. That is what it amounts to - CENSORSHIP.

Osbourne is

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 17:52 - May 14 with 2202 viewsHertsseasider

Please don't apologise Admin


"Schools Out London"


Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 18:20 - May 14 with 2172 viewsWronga

Bye Bye Osbourne - regards to everyone at the Schizophrenia clinic!

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 18:25 - May 14 with 2162 viewsLala

La la here

I'd rather have ten Osbourne's than one of that nasty tongued irritation that is Hindu seasider.

when the monkey is high you do not stare you do not stare 🥴
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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 18:39 - May 14 with 2138 viewsBigHandsOliverKahn

What's going through the minds of the moderators? Leave him alone. This site has functionality to block users you don't want to read so mods don't need to be so self-opinionated. It will kill the site if only one view or style is allowed... like on the old site.

It smacks of people who have never had any authority or power in their lives wanting to feel important. Bit like committee members of small local social clubs who try to ban people they don't like. Pathetic.

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:02 - May 14 with 2094 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,

This is what has been sent to Osbourne by an AVFTT Moderator :

1. Sent at 14:35 on Thursday 14.5.15

Hi mate,
Thanks for supporting the forum but have had posters saying you're putting them off with all this 'Osbourne says' stuff and unrealistic posts about Blackpool. Can you reign it in and post like a normal poster?

Osbourne says : Osbourne is not to sure that he likes being referred to as "mate."
Also, "unrealistic posts about Blackpool." Is there any harm in dreaming? Osbourne thinks not. So, the 2014-15 season at Bloomfield Road was expected then? Osbourne thinks not.

2. Sent at 16:02 on Thursday 14.5.15

..come on we just said a lot of posters found your posts weird and thought you were slightly mad! Clearly you're not and so carry on posting but maybe dropping the third person stuff might make your posts a better read?

Osbourne says : Monopoly. Osbourne thinks an apology is required. Until an apology is forthcoming and it needs to be a public apology, then there will be no more posts from Osbourne.

This is 2015 Britain. Osbourne lives in a democracy. This amounts to censorship. A public apology is required. This board to survive, needs this public apology. When it is received then Osbourne will continue to post.

"We read to know that we are not alone." - Think about that.

Cheer Os.

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:04 - May 14 with 2087 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

"Think about that".

That sounds familiar…..

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:38 - May 14 with 2055 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,

Your true colours are coming to the surface "basilrobbiereborn."

It appears to be basilrobbiereborn's way or no way.

Osbourne is afraid that that is not how it works. Not in Osbourne's book anyway. I suspect not in a lot of AVFTT posters books either.

Taking a leaf out of the same book, Blackpool FC cannot function without it's fans. AVFTT cannot function without it's posters.


Cheer Os

Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:49 - May 14 with 2041 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

You just remind me of someone. He used to post on the other side, and he used to finish his posts like that. He didn't go in for all this third person singular stuff though.

Come to think of it, if I remember correctly he had a row with the moderators ove there as well.

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:50 - May 14 with 2040 viewsbig_bloomers

Love the fact that Osbourne's threat never ever ever ever to post on here again until he got a full apology ... lasted 36 mins and then 3 posts in as many minutes 😛

You're a daft sod Ossie but you're our daft sod!

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Blimey! - READ THIS QUICK on 20:53 - May 14 with 2032 viewsOsbourne

Osbourne here,


Who is going to interact with you on AVFTT after your bigoted performance of tonight?

Osbourne wonders?
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