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New Deals QPR Youngsters 12:07 - May 15 with 3287 viewsWeaverQPR

I would like to see Doughty and Ehmer stick around too
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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:13 - May 15 with 3250 viewsYorkRanger

Some good news here.

Disappointed on Sendles-White. Havent seen a lot of him but he was the best player on the pitch when Mansfield played York

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:17 - May 15 with 3227 viewsActonOccident

Nice to see two locals offered deals - Sutherland and Harriman. I wonder if Harriman will stay or politely jump out of the circus tent to stay with Luton.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:20 - May 15 with 3211 viewsWeaverQPR

Surely these fringe players must fancy there chances of breaking through now, from a personal point of view this relegation and clearout is just what they need.



New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:25 - May 15 with 3178 viewsganjR

QPR defender Darnell Furlong signs a new two-year deal
Goalkeeper Joe Lumley pens two-year contract also
Under-21s youngsters James Haran, Aaron Mitchell, Jake Mulraney and Harly Wise extended deals by a year
Deals offered to Michael Harriman, Frankie Sutherland, Brandon Comley and Ben Pattie
EDS youngsters Bruno Andrade, Jordan Gibbons, Aaron Lennox and Jamie Sendles-White set to leave Loftus Road

• expected Furlong to get a new deal. Well done to him. Looks like he and Harriman will be our RB options next year then (if Harriman signs the deal).
• Lumley looked the most uncomfortable GK on the ball I've ever seen, not a bad shot stopper, but if he is deemed better than Lennox, they must both be poor IMO. Not trying to knock them, I've probably been way too harsh, but I'll be worried if he is our back up keeper next season.
• Wise hasn't looked championship quality when I've seen him. Guess we have numbers to make up? Sendles-White has always been higher rated, but maybe age is the issue? Good luck to Jamie.
• Comley looked a decent talent, but still a long way off. Doubt he'll make it at a high level, but has potential.
• have heard people who watch EDS, don't rate Pattie. Only saw him play for 5 or so mins. Big lad, scored too.
• Mitchell is highly rated by those who have seen him, I believe. Only seen him once and he was outclassed by Huddersfield.
• Sutherland getting a deal after his injury woes gives me hope that Ale can get a deal too.
• Good luck to those released.
• I reckon Doughty and Ehmer may be on way out?

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:29 - May 15 with 3145 viewsJamie

Sutherland has suffered an ACL rather than 3 and is 7/8 years younger than Ale. Not really comparable.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:34 - May 15 with 3133 viewsJigsore

I think of we're going to get used to playing our youth we'll have to expect that some of them won't be Championship quality. And to be fair a good chunk of pros in the Championship are absolutely stealing a living at this level so it's not like we're the only ones

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:39 - May 15 with 3099 viewsaston_hoop

Good luck to them all, I think a few of them will finally have a chance to push on now. Every time we play a youngster and he looks a bit naive or not quite Championship standard at that moment in time, I'm just going to remind myself that Modibo Maiga played 8 times for us in the Championship. It won't be as bad as that.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:40 - May 15 with 3097 viewsdanehoop

Hoping that Harriman signs. He is a good little player and been excellent at Luton this year.

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:43 - May 15 with 3071 viewsDiscodroids

good luck to them all. our babies.

lets take care of them.

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 12:43 - May 15 with 3073 viewsganjR

Ale is a far better player, is far more proven as a player. Is loved by the fans, loves the club and looked to have come back (after ACL 1 + 2) far better than Sutherland seems to have after his ACL, from what I have seen.
The 'comparable' bit is: we are taking a chance on a player who is coming back from a serious injury.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 13:01 - May 15 with 2967 viewsraskolnikov

Think we have to be careful to distinguish between "kids" (only ever played at youth/U21 level) and young players - the likes of Ehmer, Harriman, Doughty and Petrasso who have had some solid loan spells in lower leagues having lumps kicked out of them, and could well be featuring next year. Sutherland would have done but for his injury.

Some of the kids need to repeat what those guys have done - only now we're in the Championship it will probably be League Two loans at best.

Furlong, Grego Cox and Comley are the odd exceptions, hovering around the first team but missing their initiation. Would like to see them on loan elsewhere for a while.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 13:16 - May 15 with 2897 viewsPey

Jamie Sendles-White, we are gonna regret that one, promising young defender.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 13:17 - May 15 with 2893 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Apologies for the negative, but some of these aren't exactly young!

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 13:27 - May 15 with 2839 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Some very good news there.

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 13:42 - May 15 with 2793 viewsNov77

It's usually obvious when there is a player coming through who is good enough to make it, there is a buzz about the place all talking about this exciting prospect, we had it with Sterling and I remember it well with Gallen.
I don't get the impression that any of our youngsters are creating any buzz, in fact haven't our youth teams collectively been getting their asses kicked all season?
I hope Tony isn't going from one extreme to another, I.e. Overpaid has beens to placing to too much expectation on youngsters who may not be able to handle the step up.

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 14:28 - May 15 with 2683 views08olesen

Lumley looked very good when i have seen him. I would like to see him as the number 2 after McCarty next season. Is Murphy really better than him?

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 14:34 - May 15 with 2656 viewsBklynRanger

Northern Irish too. Why god , why? What a fcuking week.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 15:00 - May 15 with 2607 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Injury prone apparently. Otherwise praised.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 15:11 - May 15 with 2582 viewsbosh67

Doughty and Ehmer are essential to tie down. With are ready for the first team on a regular basis. Both have been, to be honest, for about 2 years now.

Time for them both to shine.

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New Deals QPR Youngsters on 16:16 - May 15 with 2501 viewsvegasranger

How old are Sutherland, Harriman and Doughty? They seem to have been around forever. Loaned out to lower league sides with little progress. Now we are going to regret letting Sendles - White leave. I doubt it very much, can't think of one youth player who has come back to haunt us in the last few years. The whole youth set up wouldn't be much use to a Div 1 side. Close the whole thing down and spend the money on a series scouting system to find quality in non league and abroad.

New Deals QPR Youngsters on 10:08 - May 16 with 2190 viewsbarabajagal

Let's hope some actually get a game next season
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