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Livermore coke head 15:11 - May 15 with 5406 viewsWeaverQPR



Livermore coke head on 15:16 - May 15 with 3396 viewsNorthernr

Ooooh we haven't tried that one yet. Fielding illegal immigrants, but not a coke head.

Livermore coke head on 15:17 - May 15 with 3376 viewsjonno

Well only ones that haven't been found out.....

Livermore coke head on 15:19 - May 15 with 3348 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Wern't we in for him once?

Rare bullet dodging from us!

Livermore coke head on 15:20 - May 15 with 3337 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

I went to this Irish international's party once.....

Livermore coke head on 15:21 - May 15 with 3332 viewsfakekerby

Adrian Mutu must be available?

What could go wrong?

Once a superstar, wrong side of 30, loves a bit of nose powder, massive wages, former Chelsea... he's basically Tony's dream player.

Livermore coke head on 15:22 - May 15 with 3321 viewsganjR

Sorry mate, but I know for a fact we have!
Amazingly, for once, we didn't get caught out.
I know 2 players who enjoyed a bit of my namesake too.

Livermore must have a real problem though, doesn't it only take 24 hours to come out of your system?

Livermore coke head on 15:24 - May 15 with 3302 viewsWeaverQPR

Exactly he's obviously had a sniff on the friday night before a game, thursday at a push



Livermore coke head on 15:25 - May 15 with 3299 viewsaston_hoop

Perfect. Plus he has a blossoming acting career to take up the time that he should be training. Absolutely ideal.

Also, didn't Leon Jeanne get in to a bit of trouble for that while he was with us or was that later in his career?

Livermore coke head on 15:28 - May 15 with 3278 viewseastside_r

The Secret Footballer has said that substance abuse (particularly cocaine) is rife in the game. If clubs find out outside of FA testing, it is often covered up for mutual benefit. Clubs will often help with expensive re-hab and the player is listed as having some unspecified knee (or perhaps back) problem.

When I read this I thought of a player of recent time, not now at the club, who probably would have been first choice in his position but spent most of his time at QPR mysteriously injured / side-lined.

Obviously not going to name names!

Livermore coke head on 15:28 - May 15 with 3272 viewsthemodfather

are we going to pay £20m and sign him then???

Livermore coke head on 15:31 - May 15 with 3250 viewsganjR

I know of at least 3 players who like a bit of barley whilst being England internationals.

Livermore coke head on 15:33 - May 15 with 3241 viewsNorthernr

Bet you we were the ones who sold it to him.

Livermore coke head on 15:34 - May 15 with 3225 viewsWeaverQPR

Probably for cheaper than what we paid for it!



Livermore coke head on 15:35 - May 15 with 3217 viewsNorthernr


Livermore coke head on 15:45 - May 15 with 3144 viewsdaveB

Back in the 90's I used to see two club legends doing lines every week in Ealing, one of them tried to sell me some as well

Actually when I say club legends I may be exaggerating a tad.
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Livermore coke head on 15:53 - May 15 with 3091 viewsWrightUp5hit___

Did he say "Coz I Luv You"?

Livermore coke head on 16:03 - May 15 with 3042 viewsBrightonhoop

If you had to live in Hull you might be a coke head too.

Livermore coke head on 16:08 - May 15 with 3011 viewsWeaverQPR

Livermore could be available in the summer!



Livermore coke head on 16:18 - May 15 with 2972 viewsLimerickR

When asked to choose between cocaine and alcohol he said: "I respect my brain but I value my livermore"

Livermore coke head on 16:39 - May 15 with 2892 viewsLblock

A carefully worded and contrite statement to follow bleating about being an example, let people and myself down blah, blah, blah

9 month ban is mandatory I believe..... Not to be sniffed at!

As for QPR and naughty boys on substances there's been many rumours some of which I'd guarantee are true
I personally know of one former player who actually nicked a line off of us in the Players Lounge when we did a bit of recreational years and years ago. Quite a funny story!!!

I'd not be surprised if one of our current defenders didn't lash it up and have the Bob Hope judging by this seasons exploits. If I was told he was a pot head it wouldn't surprise me!!!

Here for a good time..... not a long time


Livermore coke head on 16:41 - May 15 with 2879 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Not the right snort, er sort I mean.

Livermore coke head on 17:47 - May 15 with 2687 viewsQPR1882

It all becomes very clear now, Barton was conducting a body search on the Hull players when he got sent off.

Poll: Will Man U sack David Moyes at the end of the season


Livermore coke head on 18:05 - May 15 with 2633 viewsDiscodroids

piss test is around 7 days for kibble to pass through your system. puff stays in for up to 28 days.

all the myths about flushing your system out with gallons of water,high doses of vitamins, aloe vera juice and these anti drug testing kits you get in shops and on the internet are a confidence trip by retailers.

nothing beats the science of a drug test these days, unless its an incompetent laboratory. and i should imagine the premier league employ the very best.

hair test is impossible to avoid detection .

the hair folicle captures a metabolite thats produced when ingesting the chang. it also produces other various other chemical metabolites which are trapped in the hair shaft when taken in conjunction with alcohol and Resin .

im guessing it was a piss test, so he had taken it up to 7 days before max.

finger print testing for the kibble( cocaine) is due to be launched across the UK in the near future.
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'Dance At My Party'.


Livermore coke head on 18:23 - May 15 with 2579 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

You're not a librarian by trade are you?
[Post edited 15 May 2015 18:47]

Livermore coke head on 18:32 - May 15 with 2554 viewsDiscodroids

hahaha, nope. unfortunately i just know a lot about the science and laws of drug testing in employment, law courts and rehab. both socially in the wilderness years in the square mile, and in comparative recent years ,professionally as a probation officer.
[Post edited 15 May 2015 18:33]

'Dance At My Party'.

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