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Fans Parliament 17:29 - May 21 with 36375 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Are we looking at the start a Tangerine Spring ?
Or is it an attempt to curb the growing influence of fans groups ?
Applications appear on first read of the announcement to be subject to vetting by the Club
The statement seems to infer that anyone who doesn't renew their ST is unlikely to be considered so that's anyone taking a principled NAPM stance this season to the back of the queue ! That will undoubtedly influence the dynamics of representation
Who elects the Board Rep ? I suspect its within the cabal of hand-picked representatives in which case hardly democratic - more like a Fans Cabinet
Which Club officials will they meet ? It does say to be fair to include Club directors so in reality that's suggesting it will involve Karl or Owen
It will be interesting to see how this pans out
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Fans Parliament on 17:33 - May 21 with 22084 viewsbrassedoff

TAM - I come at this as someone who has never joined any fans group and so have no real opinion of any merit on any of them. I think the problem with our supporter base now is that whilst we have probably never been so united, the fact remains we're divided by all the different supporter groups which have been set up. BSA, BST, SISA, TK, BASIL - the list goes on and therefore who is speaking on behalf of the fans? It seems everyone and no one.

In many ways, this idea has been gifted to Karl because it means he now doesn't have to bother speaking to any fans groups yet can still claim he is listening to the fans. There must be a few BST members who bought two year deals and I suppose the hope is that some of those who aren't a 'bumspider' will stand up and be counted.

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Fans Parliament on 17:49 - May 21 with 22069 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Point taken
Of the 5 you mention though
SISA is defunct - it morphed into BST
BASIL is apolitical - representing London based fans in the main
TK's are a protest group with no membership

So really we have two - BST and BSA



Fans Parliament on 19:24 - May 21 with 22029 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom


Agree with your OP, also if I've read it right, there's no timeframe for applications or when the first meeting would likely to be held.

My worry is that it will be just the same as the meetings he had with BSA with a few bells and whistles thrown in.

Any idea if BSA & BST will come up with a joint position on this?

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Fans Parliament on 19:34 - May 21 with 22007 viewsterminallytangerine

I understood the offer was open to any season ticket holders - whether BSA, BST or unaligned.

Fans Parliament on 19:41 - May 21 with 21999 viewsWizaard

My personal view as always is that if an opportunity to challenge the current strategy within the club comes along, the fans should take it.

As such, I intend to apply for a place on this Forum. He needs telling just how disastrous his policies have been, and if there is a constructive opportunity to do it, then we should take it.

Fans Parliament on 19:50 - May 21 with 21995 viewsribble

Well, that’s an unexpected development. Not sure anyone would have seen that one coming.

I suppose there’s a number of ways of looking at this.

The cynical view will be that this is a Machiavellian move by the Oystons to take some wind out of the BST sails and divide what at the moment is a fairly united fan base. Many will baulk at the idea that it will be the club who will choose who will take up seats in the Parliament and that priority will go to exiting season ticket holders.

The less jaundice take is that this is a long overdue and welcome move to reconnect with a disillusioned set of supporters who’ve endured a torrid couple of seasons and that this may represent a tentative peace offering from KO.

The piece on the website talks in terms of two-way consultation, an independent chair, setting part of the agenda, challenging the club on issues, a kids version and a fans rep attending Board meetings. All good stuff, although I would prefer that rep to be on the Board rather than just tipping up for meetings.

Personally, I think we should take this at face value (at least for now) and see it as a potential step in the right direction. No doubt I will get castigated by some as naïve but, based on the unfavourable premise that the O’s are going nowhere, my view is if we don’t take up this offer to engage and challenge the way the club is run then it gives Oyston every excuse to slam the doors shut for good. It will be interesting to see what BST’s view is.

The proof, of course, will be in the pudding. Will this Parliament have any real influence on how things are run, or is it just a sop? And will KO play the role of Charles 1 and dissolve Parliament if it doesn’t say what he wants to hear? We all know where that led and there are many who would be all too willing to swing the axe.

But for now I think we should run with it.

So, who’s going to step forward as the Right Honourable Member for AVFTT?
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Fans Parliament on 20:15 - May 21 with 21957 viewsHarryHorse

Ok , I am going on gut feeling as I haven't had time to fully digest this :

1./ The idea appears at first glance so left field I struggle to believe it came from any of the owners' family
2./ At second glance it could be a reboot of BSA so maybe it did

I'm afraid so much has occurred I'm fairly cynical about the whole thing especially as its season ticket time but I'd be delighted to be proved wrong

Fans Parliament on 20:20 - May 21 with 21941 viewsStunty

These are my thoughts.

@Stunty365 - Cash, Gash, Pie & Mash


Fans Parliament on 20:30 - May 21 with 21925 viewsribble

I'm not convinced that the announcement will sell more season tickets. A promising manager and a raft of decent signings (we can but live in hope) might shift a few, but not this.

Fans Parliament on 21:11 - May 21 with 21909 viewsterminallytangerine

I agree Ribble. Actions not words needed to restore some faith in our club's future.

Fans Parliament on 22:31 - May 21 with 21868 viewsTwelveAngryMen

My issue at the moment having chewed the cud is BSA have played this game and elected to walk away from it in light of textgate etc
Dialogue with BST on any issue is repeatedly declined
What evidence is there that this forum would produce meaningful dialogue ?
What mandate would the representatives who put themselves forward have ?
I'm a huge advocate of fan representation in the boardroom but this isn't the way
The representatives must truly be the fans choices and for that they have to be elected by the fans not chosen by the owners
Personally I'd not feel eligible to represent fans unless I had that mandate
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Fans Parliament on 23:05 - May 21 with 21837 viewsterminallytangerine

Think there is a place for those representing organisations and those who are unaligned season-ticket holders. I would like to see BST and TK involved in dialogue (which both organisations have sought) but so should those season ticket holders who are not part of a political organisation.(As well as BSA of course!).

There is a real danger of a pre-selected group of yes men but that is not what the offer says.

If the alternative is the current status quo where mutual hatred seems to be the accepted default position then I think we would be daft not to explore the possibilities.
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Fans Parliament on 23:23 - May 21 with 21825 viewsribble

Fair points TAM, but it could also be argued that even if BST (or any other supporters group) was having dialogue with the club, it's representatives would only be carrying a mandate from its members, not the majority of fans who, for whatever reason, choose to to remain outside the organisation. So could that mandate be considered as truly valid or representative of the fan base as a whole?

The initiative from the club is far from ideal but as TT has said it has to be worth exploring. If it's a sham then it will be exposed as such very quickly but there's only one way to find out.
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Fans Parliament on 23:56 - May 21 with 21792 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Fair point but that's a mandate of 1500 plus
Individuals who put themselves forwards have no mandate other than from themselves
I'm not sure what view BST will take but personally this isn't something I'd have an faith in unless every position was a fan-elected one



Fans Parliament on 06:00 - May 22 with 21764 viewsBigHandsOliverKahn

Whatever the reasons behind this, it's the first - hopefully - of many, many, many positive steps that need to be put in place to get the football club up and running like a normal club again.... but whilst the first olive branch is offered, it needs to be followed up with a huge number of positive ACTIONS, not just talks.

We all want the same thing at the end of the day. A successful team and club.

Fans Parliament on 09:24 - May 22 with 21742 viewsstraightatthewall

I could have written something seperate here, but its as easy to copy my views from realAvftt and paste them in here:

Anyone wanting to join would be a total fool and would also be letting down the club and all well meaning fans.

We don't need talk or board 'representation'. We need them to up and leave as it's been shown and proven beyond any shadow of doubt that they do not have the FOOTBALL clubs best interests at heart.

The BSA stepped away last season and they in particular MUST hold firm and not fall for what will be a nothing role in a dying club. Anyone seriously thinking this could work if they 'did this' or 'change that' only need ask themselves one very simple question: have we been here before with the oyston family?

The answer to that question is unequivocally 'YES'. And they chose to respond on all other occasions by doing nothing and even deciding that the best way to respond to genuine and fair criticism was to take legal action against loyal customers.

They are in no position to offer discussion to season ticket holders - and the timing of this shows you that it is season ticket sales they are really after - they have only one course of action that is relevant to true supporters. And that is to act as true custodians of this club in terms of proper and meaningful investment that works in line with a proper vision of how the club can develop and attempt to prosper.

There's no hope of them doing that. So instead of offering up lightweight ideas and PR exercises that actually show their total lack of respect for our intelligence, they should just clear off and let us pick up the pieces of the broken club they leave behind; working with people in charge who actually care about working for the club rather than caring about getting the club working for them.

We've had close to 30 years of talk rather than action from the Oyston family. Does anyone seriously believe that now is the time for them to change their ways? If you do, then I genuinely pity you.

Oyston out. Blackpool football club in. Don't be fooled by this. Stand firm and truly support the club by either making them act properly or leaving.

We got Bogdanovic, Oyston got very rich


Fans Parliament on 09:53 - May 22 with 21727 viewsPlumbs

I think you've nailed it satw. Best of luck everyone.

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Fans Parliament on 12:29 - May 22 with 21708 viewswespens

This news has been met with incredulity by some!!

Blackpool Football Club is pleased with the initial response to the new Fans' Parliament, which will be put in place for the 2015/16 season.

Already the club has received a high number of strong applicants from various groups of supporters.

Once all the applications are received an independent selection panel will ensure all views are represented, in order to provide the club with the best spread of opinion to help the decision making process.

To register an interest in joining the Fans’ Parliament, please email the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer Mark Ridgway –

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Fans Parliament on 15:35 - May 22 with 21681 viewsBedfordseasider

It is stated that an "Independent Panel" will select the 12 for the Fans Parliament. I have asked for Clarity on who this panel consists of & on what criteria the selections will be made.

I would prefer "Election" rather than "Selection" maybe that could be on the agenda .

First & foremost though is exactly WHO is the SELECTION PANEL made up of . ? I think we need to know exactly how independent they are

Fans Parliament on 16:26 - May 22 with 21656 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom


Was about to post the same. Also I'd like to know the criteria for rejecting applications as well.

‘Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair’


Fans Parliament on 19:15 - May 22 with 21630 viewsribble

For this to have an credence whatsoever there has to be absolute transparency from the club on how this is going to work and that starts with naming the selection panel, revealing the terms of reference the panel will be working to and the selection methodology/criteria.

As Beds has said, fans need assurance that the panel is truly independent. And as the panel members (and the Chair) will be presumably appointed by the club, I'm struggling somewhat to see how that might be achieved satisfactorily.
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Fans Parliament on 19:37 - May 22 with 21610 viewsHertsseasider

A "Parliament" is made up of members elected (ie voted for) by the public based on their policies, viewpoint and political background. From what I can gather, this "Parliament" will be selected by The Company based on whether you have a ST or not and whether you have said all the right things on your application.

Hardly representative IMHO


"Schools Out London"


Fans Parliament on 19:47 - May 22 with 21606 viewsribble

House of Lords?

Fans Parliament on 19:51 - May 22 with 21603 viewsHertsseasider

Good point

Still think its a con though.

"Schools Out London"


Fans Parliament on 23:11 - May 22 with 21553 viewsPlumbs

The fing is Herts is they could all meet upstairs at Ron and Reggies and have a nice cappa' Rosie Lee, made by Auntie Vi and Madge from next door.

All sorted wivin and 'aar then over the sarf end of the river to sort them Richardsons 'art

Knarr watta mean treacle?

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly

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