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Fans Parliament 17:29 - May 21 with 35487 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Are we looking at the start a Tangerine Spring ?
Or is it an attempt to curb the growing influence of fans groups ?
Applications appear on first read of the announcement to be subject to vetting by the Club
The statement seems to infer that anyone who doesn't renew their ST is unlikely to be considered so that's anyone taking a principled NAPM stance this season to the back of the queue ! That will undoubtedly influence the dynamics of representation
Who elects the Board Rep ? I suspect its within the cabal of hand-picked representatives in which case hardly democratic - more like a Fans Cabinet
Which Club officials will they meet ? It does say to be fair to include Club directors so in reality that's suggesting it will involve Karl or Owen
It will be interesting to see how this pans out
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Fans Parliament on 06:51 - May 27 with 1465 viewsBigHandsOliverKahn

SATW - if you were the (unpopular) owner, and it was your club, your money, and you had other business interests, would you see it as an ideal time to spend money on it or wait a while for the toxic times to subside before re-investing (granted, not massive amounts at the best of times)? The protests started about 18 months ago and all the short term deals for dross players since support my view that they have adjusted the budget in line with the current business conditions.

Fans Parliament on 08:00 - May 27 with 1443 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Utter rubbish BHOK
The 1+1 policy started well before the protests as the contracts of the Class of 2010 wound down
Do you not remember the issues Ince was complaining about pre-season 2013/14 ?
A good ( lucky ) start masked that although it had started to unravel by November
Before that you had the debacle over Appletion and even the issues that precipitated Ollie's exit
The first protest I recall was Feb 14 - the £90m note
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Fans Parliament on 08:38 - May 27 with 1436 viewsBigHandsOliverKahn

I am not talking about 1+1. We've seen 3 month contracts appearing since then.

Fans Parliament on 08:47 - May 27 with 1428 viewsRusty2Stands

BHOK, you just never learn do you?
I've seen some rubbish spouted by you before, but your last few posts on this thread are astonishing.
You really couldn't make it up.

Fans Parliament on 08:59 - May 27 with 1415 viewsHertsseasider

BHOK- Can you give any examples of real Oyston (ie Non Latvian) investment in the last 10 years that encourages you they would actually invest again ?


"Schools Out London"


Fans Parliament on 09:00 - May 27 with 1456 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Unbelievable indeed
Congratualtions BHOK you've taken revisionism to new levels of idiocy



Fans Parliament on 09:42 - May 27 with 1436 viewsstraightatthewall

To quote BasilRobbie (in totally different circumstances) 'some fans get the club they deserve.'

Let's bust some myths. There is not a single supporter who given the choice would not want to simply enjoy the football on offer at Blackpool FC and just get on with the 'business' of supporting the men in tangerine. We ALL want that. It's just that some of us seem to be slightly more aware of what persons and what issues drive a happy club and what persons and issues are holding the club back.

This is the last thing Is re-entering into dialogue a 'new way'? Or have we been here before?

We got Bogdanovic, Oyston got very rich


Fans Parliament on 09:56 - May 27 with 1425 viewsRusty2Stands

I really don't like this supporter v supporter thing at all.
However in BHOK's case I'll make a reluctant exception.
In my opinion people like BHOK shoulder a percentage of the blame for why our once great club is in such a mess.
For too long people like him have been prepared to give the Oystons another chance, then another chance, then another chance.......
It's now staring them straight in front of their faces what is happening.
And still they can't see it. Still they are prepared to give them another chance.
Idiots doesn't even begin to describe them.

Fans Parliament on 10:46 - May 27 with 1413 viewsMephistopheles

Speechless, absolutely f***ing speechless!

- They know our stance
- They know exactly what needs doing to turn things round
- They have had ample opportunity to put things right

…none of the above has happened…

Any chance, any ‘olive branch’ offering from us to them or vice versa is gone. THEY need to be gone. Also why are some ‘supporters’ so prepared to blame fellow fans for the state of this utter shambles of a ‘football club’?

And may I remind you all it is SEASON TICKET RENEWAL TIME. It comes around every year at the same time and every year we go round in these same f***ing circles.

Ps. Phil007, SATW and a few others played a blinder on this thread. Conversely some of the replies I have seen from others are utterly reprehensible.

Fans Parliament on 13:08 - May 27 with 1378 viewsthebigone

For me, the problem is that you may as well complain about who runs Tescos. They have made a mess of their business, ignored their customers and now have paid the price. However if you asked them to sell up and go they'd say why should they? The only way to protest is to go and shop at Aldi until such time they can no longer operate and have to sell up.

Poll: After the articles - Who do you blame?


Fans Parliament on 14:05 - May 27 with 1366 viewsTwelveAngryMen

You can hardly compare food shopping to football though as most fans won't transfer allegiances and those that do are arguably ' fair weather ' fans in the first place

I have no interest in F/wood AFC Fylde and most certainly could never support any of our Lancs rivals

I could just about stomach Premiership football but watching a game as an impassioned neutral is hardly inspiring

The only practical option for many is away only



Fans Parliament on 19:06 - May 27 with 1332 viewsBiggieSeasider


"And may I remind you all it is SEASON TICKET RENEWAL TIME. It comes around every year at the same time and every year we go round in these same f***ing circles."

Lets just, for once, not buy into the manure we've been fed for years. You can't take anything coming out of the club seriously, especially at this time of year. Riga Revolution, anyone?

Lets just go with the flow and keep the momentum up. Let's not allow ourselves to be duped into assisting a cost free (surprise) publicity stunt, and keep pushing to get them out. They have a breaking point. Let's find it. However long it takes.

Yay, I can post again!


Fans Parliament on 19:15 - May 27 with 1327 viewsLala

I think the point is being missed here,and that is that the O's don't care what BST,TK or any other current supporters groups feel,they are not asking for their backing or endorsement with this. So why are individuals and groups attaching their own conditions to this? Wrongly or rightly they aren't being invited into the process.

If 12 individuals are vetted and posted within this parliament then I would trust them to speak for me as much as I would anyone else or any other group if I'm honest. The difference with this though is that they have a lot more chance of being listened to and making an actual difference.

No matter how well BST et al have done,the owners of the company do not recognise them as an official voice of the fans so where do we go with that.

I notice Wiz states he would sign up for this. With 12 of his ilk on board I think we would be well served as fans.

when the monkey is high you do not stare you do not stare 🥴
Poll: Blackpool v Arsenal scoreline , just wanted to try out a poll 😏


Fans Parliament on 21:47 - May 27 with 1290 viewsPlumbs


You've missed the point by a rather large margin.If I won the lottery on Saturday I'd be a millionaire.

Real fans go to pubs like the HITW or the Welly


Fans Parliament on 22:43 - May 27 with 1276 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Anyone who goes into the Fans Parliament set against the current background is braver than me
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Fans Parliament on 22:46 - May 27 with 1275 viewsterminallytangerine

That does sound like a threat though Tam which I'm sure wasn't your intention.

Fans Parliament on 22:51 - May 27 with 1271 viewsTwelveAngryMen

Of course it's not - in case you perceive if that way I've amended
The whole situation is toxic
I'm my view it's a poisoned chalice
I'd not touch it with a barge pole
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Fans Parliament on 22:58 - May 27 with 1257 viewsBFCx3

In fairness, I think TAM is likely just being realistic...I doubt further rifts between fans is something anyone wants to see, but partaking in this as it stands would be shortsighted and in fairness pretty provocative, arrogant or just downright stupid. There will be an inevitable reaction towards people who do opt to sign up....That is the reality I'm afraid (Oh and that is me being realistic too and most certainly not a threat either)

Fans Parliament on 22:59 - May 27 with 1255 viewsterminallytangerine

Glad to hear the first bit though would be happier if someone with your clout would.

It's like the attempts to enforce NAPM more on those who diagree with it. It has no place in a democratic society.

There has to be scope for diversity even in such a toxic atmosphere as different people seek different ways to effect change.

Perhaps easier for me to say given the treatment you and your organisation received which I (obviously) in no way condone.

Fans Parliament on 23:05 - May 27 with 1245 viewsTwelveAngryMen

If the BST conditions were met I'd think about standing
Can't see it can you ?
As for enforcing NAPM is there any evidence of that ?
[Post edited 27 May 2015 23:10]



Fans Parliament on 05:49 - May 28 with 1212 viewsWindyMiller

Seems to me some are now starting to get quite offensive to those who are prepared to pay money to go in to Bloomfield Road. No names mentioned but scan some of the 'higher profile' Blackpool fans on Twitter and actually some of their language towards those who do want to still pay to go and watch their team is quite offensive and patronising.

Clearly this has not, as TAM said, come from BST but I do feel this divide is playing right in to the O's hands and alienating our fan base from one another even more.

Poll: Should Karl Oyston resign or be sacked?


Fans Parliament on 07:37 - May 28 with 1206 viewswizard_wes

Seems to me that KO has just thwarted any bid BST may have been planning to buy the club but his comment about the FP joining in board meetings makes it intriguing as to who the fans representative will be.

Poll: Best Player from last 10 years


Fans Parliament on 09:46 - May 28 with 1192 viewsterminallytangerine

Just my final one on this Tam.

I think some of the BST conditions are unrealistic and possibly designed to make any 'collaboration' impossible for their leadership. This is hardly a fatwah on anyone who is a BST member though and if you did stand and the Os had the good sense to allow you to contribute you could well be that seat on the board that BST has always asked for. Unlikely I know but there is no reason why a group of 12 couldn't make strong representation for someone of your calibre to be a voice of the fans. Ifs, buts and maybes - and possibly pipe dreams but it would be a step in the right direction from the point of view of many if not all supporters methinks.

As for some NAPM advocates attempting to intimidate others, there is plenty of evidence.

Fans Parliament on 09:58 - May 28 with 1187 viewsBFCx3

I'm struggling to see how KOKO has thwarted anything to be honest. All he has done is made himself and his family look very silly.

More pressure is required from our fans to bring the circumstances where a sale will be considered about and NAPM will go a long way to achieving that objective. If people are wondering why others might be getting a little hot under the collar about them continuing to spend money with "The Company" then this statement may give them more of a clue.

The long term interest of the Oystons would appear (from this statement) to be tied up with the property and land associated with the Club. As we have seen the priority is certainly not about the football side of the business, but rather (it would seem) in increasing the asset value of the property side.

We know that arrangements that have involved a split on ownership of Club and Land where the Club has been tied to long term rental arrangements for the ground, have been fraught with difficulties,....yet it seems our current custodians would rather retain their property profits as opposed to selling the club lock stock and barrel to an owner willing to invest where they will not??

According to the PR statements we have read from Club Owner and apparent Blackpool FC supporter from Infancy, Owen Oyston...He wanted to establish and secure the long term revenue and future of the Football Club. Why if he cares SO much about the Football Club has he then...

1. Allowed it to go to complete rack and ruin, whilst we have such substantial sums of cash available if they were required?

2. Suggested that he is unwilling to sell to an alternative investor, who is willing to invest in the Football Team?

Something doesn't add up...

Fans Parliament on 10:01 - May 28 with 1186 viewsterminallytangerine

So intimidation is justified?
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