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FIFA 15:51 - May 27 with 2942 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

Anyone watching the US Attorney-General's press conference at the moment? She's alleging that apart from the investigations into the 2018 and 2022 WCs, the 2010 tournament was fraudulently awarded, and FIFA's Presidential elections in 2011 were rigged as well. Big stuff.
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FIFA on 16:12 - May 27 with 2924 viewsCurryman

It just shows that Football is rotten from the top down. Money grabbers at all levels it would seem. Sorry, allegedly.

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FIFA on 17:13 - May 27 with 2891 viewsgiro

The corruption in FIFA has been an open secret, for years.
At last some hard evidence seems available. I just hope the Ringmaster gets dragged in, as well.

FIFA on 18:52 - May 29 with 2851 viewstangerinedom

Out of the 260 votes cast in the Presidents vote - 79 went to Prince Ali and 26,547 went to Blatter!!

FIFA on 20:06 - May 29 with 2828 viewsbasilrobbiereborn

It was a farce. Around two hours to arrange and count just over 200 votes. And three delegates somehow managed not to submit a valid vote.

Icon? It's all Rio Ferdinand's fault.
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FIFA on 20:36 - May 29 with 2817 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom

I don't know why, but while watching it, I couldn't stop thinking "Fans Parliament"

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FIFA on 22:13 - May 29 with 2790 viewsAllezBlackpool

Makes think that everything is out of your hands and to just you get on with watching your team....unless you're a student or wannabee militant

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FIFA on 17:35 - May 31 with 2741 viewsAVFTTConvert

Brilliant Jimmy Carr tweet on the subject!

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FIFA on 16:41 - Jun 1 with 2709 viewsseasider13

Very dodgy dealings going on as per norm but the ones that have been arrested made the huge error of using US banks to launder their ill gotten gains giving the Feds jurisdiction to arrest them in Switzerland,

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