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Vydra available for loan 14:17 - Aug 20 with 3059 viewsWeaverQPR

Very good at champ level and scores plenty. Could be an option?



Vydra available for loan on 14:26 - Aug 20 with 3031 viewsadhoc_qpr

I'd jump at the chance to get Vydra!

Great in the championship, doesn't seem to cut it in the prem but that doesn't concern us.
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Vydra available for loan on 14:29 - Aug 20 with 2989 viewsSilverfoxqpr

Forest wanted him on loan but the offer was declined.

Vydra available for loan on 14:40 - Aug 20 with 2925 viewsHunterhoop

He would be great. He is a very very good player.

Vydra available for loan on 15:07 - Aug 20 with 2817 viewsjohncharles

Yes please.

Strong and stable my arse.


Vydra available for loan on 16:24 - Aug 20 with 2595 viewsfrancisbowles

Sorry guys, some of us may not be familiar with Vydra. Is he a forward at Celtic? Or if not where and what position does he play.

Vydra available for loan on 16:29 - Aug 20 with 2564 viewssimmo

Don't think this will happen, but he will be a great signing for somebody in this league, part of the best strike force in the league last season with Deeney. One of those that's too good for the Championship but just doesn't seem to cut it in the premiership.

ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead


Vydra available for loan on 16:33 - Aug 20 with 2536 viewsfrancisbowles

Ah a forward at Watford.

Vydra available for loan on 16:36 - Aug 20 with 2505 viewsstevec

Very good player. This type rather than Leon Best I hope. Surprised if Watford willing to let him go.

Vydra available for loan on 16:52 - Aug 20 with 2449 viewsTacticalR

I think I understand it. Vydra was a Udinese player who was lent out to other clubs, including Watford (twice). Watford have now bought Vydra permanently so they can loan him out to other clubs. I believe he's tax-deductible.

Air hostess clique


Vydra available for loan on 17:07 - Aug 20 with 2384 viewsTheBlob

Would prefer Forestieri.

Fat chance.

Poll: So how was the season for you?


Vydra available for loan on 17:46 - Aug 20 with 2279 viewsDorse

I thought Vydra was a super villain.

'You may have won this round, Mosquito Girl, but you haven't heard the last of Vydra! Mwah-hahahahaaa!'

Or... It sounds like a 1980s Christian rock band who regularly rhyme 'calvary' with 'you and me'.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Vydra available for loan on 23:32 - Aug 20 with 2071 viewsHunterhoop

I wouldn't!

Not from what I've seen, but, more importantly not from what my Watford supporting mate says. One of those players other fans rate because they just see the odd highlights with a few long range crackers thrown in. Apparently, his all round game isn't all that and he drifts out of games a bit. Vydra on song is class and gets heavily involved in the build up.
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