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Right of way after exiting a roundabout 21:17 - Jan 8 with 4472 viewsJuzzie

Done some googling but only talks about approaching or on a roundabout.

Riding my motorbike on the way home tonight i'm in the nearside lane of a two lane roundabout. All four roads that the roundabout is on are two lanes.
I approach the roundabout and a learner driver (in a driving school car) is on the roundabout so i give way as they, of course, have right of way. They are taking the same exit as me which is 12 o'clock from my perspective.
She passes by so i move off still in the nearside lane. She's going quite slow and exits in the 2nd lane and i catch up with her and we both effectively exit the roundabout at the same time, me in the nearside lane her in the second.
Then all of a sudden shes indicating left and starting to come into my lane. Shes not even a full car length ahead of me, the passenger door is to my right. I cant brake as there might be a car behind me so I refuse to yeild.
The Highway Code clearly states that when changing lane it is your responsibilty to ensure it's safe to do so.
This situation was not. I'd either have to brake or she would hit me if she didnt move back into her lane, which she did.
The passenger window wound down and the instructor shouted at me and was waving his hands "we have right of way"

IMO they did not, i was in my lane, they were moving out of theirs. We had already exited the roundabout so their right of way was over.

Am I wrong?

What made this more complexing is they then took a right at the next roundabout just a couple of hundred yards later. Surely then the teacher should be teling his pupil about preparing ahead and stay in the outside lane rather than coming inside only to go back outside literally 20-30 seconds later.

What do you think?

Edit: the only thing i can think of is maybe she was trying to exit into the nearside lane but i was " in the way" and therefore not allowing them right of way. However, she was definitely on the inside of tne roundabout and my nearside lane was clear ahead, for all i knew she was going fully around and taking the 4th exit, and she was going that slow it allowed me to catch up. IMO a teacher should not take a pupil on a busy A road in rush hour traffic if they cant keep up with the pace. I think its in the Highway Code that going too slow is just as bad as speeding.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 21:53 - Jan 8 with 4387 viewsBluce_Ree

How to exit a roundabout (from the 2014 revision).

"Upon exiting a roundabout indicate left to alert other road users of your intention to leave the roundabout and join the next carriageway. Survey your surroundings and if your way is clear, exit the roundabout. If you see a family wearing Chelsea shirts, floor the accelerator and mow down as many as you can. Points are awarded by DVLA for successful kills but life-changing injuries all score well also (consult your nearest DVLA office for latest scoring rules)."

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 23:02 - Jan 8 with 4257 viewsPablo_Hoopsta

That sounds pretty nasty mate. Here's what I reckon happened: you did the right thing, all road users should stay in the left lane in calm traffic conditions and unless overtaking. The learner probably cut across the lanes on the round about from left to right and on exiting had the instructor saying to them that they should be in the left lane. So they've panicked a little and indicated but not really looked. Thankfully they steered back into their lane and ended up going right on the next roundabout seeing you go left or straight on because you'd have been in your right mind to catch up and give them some grief!

The reaction of the instructor is madness, whether you're in the right or wrong road rage isn't a good example for them to give the learner driver - clearly a śhit instructor.

What they should have done is either slow down if safe to do so and pull in behind you, or speed up and overtake properly as they were in the right hand lane.

Stupid learner mistake and a shit instructor nearly took you off your bike, if you remember the name of the driving school you could complain about the behaviour of the instructor (hard as may be the learner making a mistake in not looking before manoeuvring was just that, a mistake, the instructor will fully acted like a tŵat and clearly is in the wrong job!).

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 23:11 - Jan 8 with 4237 viewsTW_R

Sorry to be a pedant Juzzie, but neither of you had "right of way". In fact the Highway Code specifically states: "The rules in The Highway Code do not give you the right of way in any circumstance, but they advise you when you should give way to others. Always give way if it can help to avoid an incident". The fact the driving instructor actually believed they had "right of way" is the scariest part of this story.

I suspect that they both made a mistake and didn't initially see you and tried to deflect their mistake by blaming you. Saying that, if I'd clocked that it was a learner driver there's no way I'd be going up the inside of them on a bike in those circumstances. The driver's lack of experience and the fact they would have been concentrating pretty hard on their own driving in busy traffic would have meant I would have hung back and let her complete her manoeuvre.

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 00:05 - Jan 9 with 4183 viewsJuzzie

Cheers for the replies.

I felt she should have accelerated and then pulled over or dropped back and pulled in behind if there was space. Though neither was necessary as they were doing a right a few hundred yards further.

Even being aware it was a learner driver i couldnt hang back, even in anticipation of something, as that would have meant slowing down all the traffic behind me as they were coming off the roundabout. She started to come across me just as she indicated. I think people forget that indicating doesn't give them the right, its a signal of intent and they still have to make sure its safe to do so. It would have meant braking suddenly and causing cars behind me to do the same (supposing i didn't get rear ended first), that too would be dangerous. IMO she should be keeping pace with the traffic. They were in the other lane, i had no reason to slow down.
I didnt get the details of the driving school, it was over quickly and they turned right at the next roundabout and i went straight on.

I normally wouldn't post something like this otherwise i'd be doing so all the time but it was the reaction of the instructor that bemused me the most.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 00:53 - Jan 9 with 4141 viewsBoston

You are obviously a homocidal maniac and should be locked up.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 05:49 - Jan 9 with 4076 viewsBerkoRanger

When I learned to drive over 35 years ago. I was taught NEVER to make a manoeuvre if it adversely affected another driver eg. Don't pull out of a sideroad into traffic if another car has to brake. Now it seems to be whatever you can get away with. I'm so glad I've got an elderly bus pass!

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 06:17 - Jan 9 with 4069 viewsessextaxiboy

I think you are right . The instructor probably tells them to move over to the left whenever possible and they havnt looked properly .Could you have been in their blind spot ? An experienced driver would look over their left shoulder or lean forward to see properly .I would want to see where" that biker" was . To be fair they are learning and will make mistakes the instructor probably expected you to swap lanes and blast past . The next right turn was maybe a late choice to get away . I have a full bike licence and know what its like .At least you stayed upright and got home safe ....

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 07:56 - Jan 9 with 4017 viewsRangersDave

In Liverpool nowadays, it seems that a red light at traffic lights is an invitation to ignore it for 10-20 seconds and proceed. And I'm not kidding about the seconds either.

They should make all busy traffic light junctions camera junctions.

The standard of driving nowadays is crap and I think it all started because of Mark Hughes being at Rangers, the world went mad from that point on!

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 08:27 - Jan 9 with 3990 viewsozranger

Been watching this thread. I am a little confused with the OP as to exactly when the driver signalled with the left indicator. Although I am talking Australian rules, there is an assumption that upon exiting from a roundabout, especially when making a right turn, that the person should use the left indicator to show further traffic that they are exiting. This should especially be the case when doing so from the inner lane of a two-lane roundabout.

Thus, if I am correct the offending left indicator incident was the first and was in fact a, possibly delayed, exiting indicator of the roundabout. It was possible that the instructor had told the driver she forgot/should have put on the left indicator. The reason for attempting to merge into the left lane was therefore most likely a simple learner's reaction to having used the indicator, thinking they were changing lanes. To me, the learner did everything she thought was right until she forgot to use the indicator to exit the roundabout. Then all hell broke loose and Juzzie became involved.

Two-lane roundabouts are not easy to get through for learners. Knowing which lane to be in is not as simple as it may seem. My partner killed at least two roundabouts learning this! She also entered a roundabout in the left lane and crossed over in to the inner lane cutting off a motor bike rider. Fortunately, nothing bad happened except for the rider shouting at her. There is plenty of practise required and perhaps the next right turn was another go at the same problem and not avoiding you and, hopefully, she got it right.

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 09:38 - Jan 9 with 3934 viewsTheBlob

"Thou art alloweth Righte Of Waye solelye on ye Seconde Sundaye followinge Septuagesima."
Terry L'Incontinent 1408

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 12:32 - Jan 9 with 3858 viewsJuzzie

I always try and ride so that if i can see the driver in their side mirrors they can see me.... If they look. Even if i was in their blind spot thats no reason for the instructor to react the way he did.

Ozranger, she indicated left after we exited the roundabout and was on straight road.

I don't actually hold any blame to her, driving in London is incredibly hard these days but pupils need to be taught to cope.
A mate of mine works in the vehicle/road industry and he said people these days aren't taught how to drive, they're taught how to pass the test.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 13:59 - Jan 9 with 3784 viewsPommyhoop

Go for a drive in Malta..F'cking mental .I know they drive on the left..but they dont..La Bomba roundabout..Our name fro the roads around the cathedral with the bomb in it ..
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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 15:11 - Jan 9 with 3719 viewsDorse

I love that place. The Maltese driving test, back when I first visited in the late 80s, was taken in the car park of the national stadium and involved weaving in and out of some cones, before reversing back along the track.

Roundabouts - try Swindon. The Magic Roundabout is hilarious. Five minis around a central large one that goes the wrong way.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 15:17 - Jan 9 with 3710 viewsisawqpratwcity

Holy f*ck.

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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 15:22 - Jan 9 with 3693 viewsPommyhoop

''I love that place. The Maltese driving test, back when I first visited in the late 80s, was taken in the car park of the national stadium and involved weaving in and out of some cones, before reversing back along the track. ''
And knowing when to hit the beep beeep button. Beep Beeeeep Beep.
You're right about Swindon too..
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Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 19:54 - Jan 9 with 3590 viewsGloryHunter

Try Ipswich. The locals don't understand roundabouts. There's one double one that just brings everyone to a baffled standstill.

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 01:54 - Jan 10 with 3500 viewsWilly_WonkR

I worked in Swindon for a while last year and discovered the magic roundabout. Luckily I only ever had to take the first exit.
A local informed me that it was an experiment before they built Milton Keynes. The fact that MK hasn't got one says it all really.

Right of way after exiting a roundabout on 05:08 - Jan 10 with 3469 viewsisawqpratwcity

Not building a roundabout was a bit extreme, why didn't they just cancel Milton Keynes?

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