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Polter 10:50 - Jul 9 with 3254 viewsWeaverQPR

Anyone else think he will be our main striker. Jim bob has said he's still trying to figure out where Washington plays.



Polter on 11:16 - Jul 9 with 3194 viewsLblock

I just read on this inside back cover of The Harrow Times or whatever the local Willesden rag is that Jimmy is "going to change tactics to give Connor more game time" (direct quote)

4-4-1-1 maybe?

I've liked Polter since he joined, great attitude only questioned once by a Twitter outburst following dropped from squad by Benny. I'd like to see how him and Washington do up front. I have big question marks on Washington but purely as I've not seen him on a run of games

Fair play to the BFG though

Here for a good time..... not a long time


Polter on 11:33 - Jul 9 with 3171 viewsDorse

I like Polter. He is just the right sort of maniac.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Polter on 12:06 - Jul 9 with 3100 viewsWatfordR

If Polter and Washington are our only two strike options, we will be asking for trouble. Need at least another target man and another with pace. The problem with playing just one up front is keeping all the strikers you really need involved and interested. Never really understood the fascination with one upfront formations myself. You end up shoehorning players into positions very few are actually well equipped to play. Much rather two up front with two hardworking mobile central midfielders.

Polter on 12:21 - Jul 9 with 3067 viewsrsonist

I agree that "the problem" with any formation is when people implement it ineptly.

Polter on 12:28 - Jul 9 with 3056 viewsQPR_Jim

I'd be happy if they were to say that we can't have another striker unless we move jet on. We have polter, Washington, jet and grego-cox in the squad and we shouldn't be adding to that without moving on layers on as it will just mean having a massive squad and players like grego-cox never getting a chance. If we're not scoring enough goals by Xmas we can change it in January but you'd hope a formation change would solve any issues rather than having to buy more players.

Polter on 13:16 - Jul 9 with 2967 viewsMedwayR

I think it'll be one of Chery (4-4-1-1) or Washington (4-4-2) that plays, I can't see JFH fitting them both in unfortunately.

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Polter on 14:06 - Jul 9 with 2881 viewsbosh67

I think Polter will be a lot more assured this season. Only 23 appearances in his first season and 7 goals. Plenty of assists and that is after a juddering start under Ramsey. Great attitude and I think he will be a lot more confident this season. I don't think he is prolific but he will be a one in three type player. Great target man.

Never knowingly right.
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Polter on 23:11 - Jul 9 with 2640 viewsenfieldargh

There were times last season when he looked awesome and also times when he was awful.

He has blistering pace, a lot of skill for a big man and is brave. Hes also unselfish.

He gets in the faces of defenders and gets QPR and the importance of being a team player.

I recall a game early last season when Charlie was with us. We won a penalty and Seb went to grab the ball , not before Charlie made it clear who was boss and taking the pen. Charlie scored but I could see it really put Seb in his place.

Now Seb is the main man(for the moment), I for one hope he grabs his chance and terrorises the division.

Fast mobile and we know he can score.

Just need to get him to dominate in the air

captains fantastic
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Polter on 23:20 - Jul 9 with 2624 viewsBrightonhoop

Exactly, the one two between Francis and Bowles against Liverpool could never have happened playing lone striker. Dave Thomas helped too.

Polter on 01:04 - Jul 10 with 2525 viewsBrianMcCarthy

I was born in '70, Brighton, so too young to remember but didn't we play only one up front in 75-76 in Givens?

Always thought we played Stan on the right and Thomas on the left, albeit Bowles was an inside-right rather than an out-and-out winger as DT was and therefore close to being a forward.

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Polter on 07:28 - Jul 10 with 2416 viewsHantsR

Many players in that squad that could score and assist but I think the famous one two was with Givens for francis' goal of the season although Stan played his part in the build up.
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Polter on 09:19 - Jul 10 with 2307 viewssexton

We were so fluid that season but it was basically 4-3-3. Thomas on the left with Stan and Givens in the middle. Attacks down the right came from Clement and Francis, though Stan did gravitate out there as well.

Polter on 09:46 - Jul 10 with 2263 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Ok, thanks Sexton.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Polter on 12:49 - Jul 10 with 2053 viewsBrightonhoop

Stan always started in the middle but would drift right, where Francis and Givens where attacking from with Dave Thomas down the left. 4-3-3 in old money. So many options fluidity and goals from so many players in that side, sigh.

And yes my error, it was Givens that fed Francis the one two although Stan had supplied Givens, I think.

Polter on 16:26 - Jul 10 with 1946 viewsJuzzie

Why did we buy Washington if no one can seem to know how to fit him in?

Polter on 16:28 - Jul 10 with 1941 viewsTacticalR

I believe he can be conveniently carried under Polter's arm.

Air hostess clique


Polter on 18:57 - Jul 10 with 1832 viewsWeaverQPR

Exactly must be a LF signing



Polter on 09:11 - Jul 11 with 1624 viewsadhoc_qpr

I don't want to say panic buy, but there probably was an element of pressure to replace Charlie and placate the fans.

Washington was the form League One striker being touted around and linked with everyone at the time - so just seemed the obvious bet.

Hopefully we'll see a bit more from him this season, in a 4-4-2 or maybe as a wide forward off Seb either, he seems to have the attributes for that.
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