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Petition help 14:02 - Aug 15 with 1539 viewsJuzzie

If Clive or other admin thinks this is unacceptable then by all means delete with my apologies.

Where I live (Whitton, near Twickenham rugby ground) is a fairly quiet suburban area. There are quite a few schools nearby which is great. Traffic at morning & afternoon school runs though is about as much as the local roads can manage and then the 5-7pm rush hour adds another batch of traffic especially with people driving like idiots in the narrow back roads to use them as an opportunity to jump traffic light queues.

Richmond Council now want to build another school (1,000+ pupils) that will only have two access points, one will jam up a main road and the other is right in amongst a knit of streets that have roads wide enough for one car. Then there are parking issues as there just isn't anywhere to park as it is (not helped by one neighbour having 4 vans and three cars)

On top of this, and here's the best bit, the original proposal was that the school will NOT be for local children. Only children from nearby Teddington will be allowed.
This got updated upon appeal to around 10% of local children being allowed. Should be 90%+ local kids IMO, not that it's wanted or needed in the first place!

Even with 90% from Teddington, this will just cause more traffic chaos with many more cars and buses on roads that are already peaked out.

This is not just a NIMBY situation as Whitton residents don't want this and Teddington residents don't want this either. They would much rather have it local to them.

Land much closer to Teddington has been identified and would provide a more suitable alternative.

We need to get the signatures up to 500 (currently 135 at the time of posting).

If you can help by signing it would be much appreciated. If you don't agree or don't want to, that's fine, I really won't mind. Even if we get just a few extra that'll help.

Many thanks.


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