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Lions 13:29 - Apr 19 with 3744 viewsPhildo

I see the squad is announced. Some lucky Welshmen out there holding a plane ticket.


Lions on 13:48 - Apr 19 with 3387 viewsSimonJames

Gatland is fecking appaling!
Despite their poor showing on the 6 Nations he managed to choose 12 players from Wales (ranked 8th in the World), but only 11 from Ireland (ranked 4th) and an absolutely disgraceful 2 from Scotland (ranked 5th).
And I bet he manages to play at least seven of those in his starting 15.
The man is a complete and utter weapon!

No Launchbury, because Alun Wyn Jones was so much more effective in the 6 Nations... NOT!
And Greg Laidlaw must be at Death's Door for Ben Youngs to be picked ahead of him.

Blatant cronyism. Sack the knut immediately.
[Post edited 20 Apr 2017 22:28]

100% of people who drink water will die.


Lions on 03:49 - Apr 20 with 3205 viewsPlanetHonneywood

I think Launchbury would have been in the squad if he'd changed his name before Gatland made his selection. No doubt, a Joe Llaunchbury would have got in.

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We are QataRs!


Lions on 06:24 - Apr 20 with 3184 viewsHitch

We are waiting, hopefully this squad will do better than the last lot. Not a fan of Gatland cant wait for his lemon face interviews. Feel for the Scots. But honestly at home the All Blacks are usually in the zone. Add a crazy itinerary and the Lions will have to be as good as the 71 team. That's a long time between drinks.

Lions on 07:37 - Apr 20 with 3156 viewsTGRRRSSS

Hitch - are you a Kiwi?

I ask because that looks like (from the small picture) like a Maori Marae (meeting House) in your picture.

a Maori hoop perhaps??

As for the squad rather pleased with it from my perspective, it's got some very very good players in their mind you, but in all honesty I think the AB's (especially at home) should have advantage.

My main concern is the Kicking aspect as it's Barretts one weakness.

Still feel if the ABs take first test they'll take the series 3-0.

However you never know......

Lions on 10:08 - Apr 20 with 3101 viewsHitch

TGRRRSSS - I most certainly are. I think the Lions will play a grunty forward game and avoid giving us the ball. We will try to create space and attack relentlessly. C

Lions on 13:10 - Apr 20 with 3036 viewsTGRRRSSS

I think Lions will broadly play "Warren Ball" and defence will be that fast of the line thing, which I think ABs will counter quite happily by playing for territory when they need to waiting for the moment to attack the space when a mistake occurs.

Lions on 14:26 - Apr 20 with 2987 viewsToast_R

8:30am kick offs I see. Even if we're in the midst of a heat wave in late June, is this too early to have a few beers?

Lions on 15:55 - Apr 20 with 2958 viewsrobith

I did a little piece on if I'd selected the squad

There was a leaked squad the night before which I think might have been to offset reaction to the actual team.

Some of the calls beggar belief. I love Henderson but even as a biased Ireland fan I could not say he should be there over Launchbury. AWJ is a busted flush too.

I didn't think he'd have the guts to make the big call on Hatley but kudos there.

There is zero variation in the centres - I am incensed that that mercenary Te'o is to be a Lion and Dunbar misses out. In facts two Scotsmen is an insult overall.

Backrow has good players but no balance. Looks like we'll need Tipuric to start and he goes missing in big games.

Biggar over Russell and Ford? Get lost.

Sounds like Murray might be proper crocked so whoever the Welsh sub scrummie will get the call.

Overall it's set up for Warrenball. Which hasn't beaten NZ anytime Gatland has faced NZ as Wales coach. 3-0 ABs available at evens. I don't have a mortgage but if I did....

Lions on 16:53 - Apr 20 with 2923 viewsPhildo

If you look on a few national rugby forums there are as many saying fk the lions as looking forward to it. It is a hard concept to keep going in this era and often crocks a number of your best players the following year.

The worst selection by far?:

W. Gatland -made a long way out. 2005 coaching manual press repeat.

Davies, Biggar?- do me a favour

Lions on 16:57 - Apr 20 with 2917 viewsTGRRRSSS

I reckon Hartley didnt go cos they'd picked so many NZ born players already.
Teo's a very odd one, and one hell of a call.

I would have taken Ringrose.

However plenty of rugby to be played before they even jet off to NZ so plenty of time, statistically of the 41 I'd say it's highly likely maybe as many as 5 won't even get to NZ due to injuries suffered beforehand.

Lions on 17:00 - Apr 20 with 2914 viewsNoelmc

Very enjoyable blog once again Rob. I assume Gatland shocked you by not selecting Hartley.

Are you planning to blog as the Tour progresses?

Lions on 09:30 - Apr 21 with 2791 viewsrobith

Yeah, I didn't think he'd have the guts to do it, but in fairness to him that's one call he got bang on.

Yeah, I'll probably do one a week covering the Wednesday and Saturday games and each of the tests

Lions on 09:33 - Apr 21 with 2786 viewsrobith

A sign of the decline of the age of the pub - my rugby pals and I booked a space for the 2013 tests which got out amongst our wider club, so loads of people turned up. The younger 23/24 year olds were absolutely aghast that we were drinking and all had orange juices before going to the gym.

Lions on 09:43 - Apr 21 with 2779 viewsrobith

I can not stand Te'o - was trying to get to play for Ireland, then jumped ship to play for England when it was quicker to qualify/less competition. Proper abuser of the residency rules


Lions on 00:07 - Apr 22 with 2693 viewsNorthLondonR

Posh sport, played by posh people who get threatened by "foreigners" who invade the very ideal of patriotism, even when suddenly supporting four countries is fine, followed by outrage over someone who "dares" to play for "them" even though we don't mind "them" for this experiment...

Just ask one of the "proper" players to ragout the rules during a game and I'm sure it'll be fine..

Queue mass outrage, which I'm angry about even though I'm not sure why...

Lions on 00:09 - Apr 22 with 2691 viewsNorthLondonR


Lions on 12:40 - May 8 with 2454 viewsrobith

Incredibly sad news that Ben Youngs isn't going to go as his brother former Lion Tom's wife Tiffany's fight with cancer is sadly going to be a losing one :(

All the thoughts with the Youngs'

Lions on 20:02 - May 8 with 2410 viewsMrSheen

Te'o didn't abuse residency rules to play for England. His mother is English.

Lions on 21:15 - May 8 with 2367 viewsrobith

I know - so why did he spend two years trying to qualify for Ireland then before jumping to Worcester the second England showed an interest? Pretty shameless

Lions on 21:18 - May 8 with 2366 viewsMrSheen

Because Ireland go out of their way to convert players with no other connection to the country and England don't? No different in conception to Payne and Stander, only he didn't show the loyalty of a bonded servant, and didn't allow his new owner to abuse the rules properly.
[Post edited 8 May 2017 21:19]

Lions on 21:31 - May 8 with 2354 viewsBlackCrowe

I've got bad juju about this tour.

Poll: Kitchen threads or polls?


Lions on 21:39 - May 8 with 2341 viewseasthertsr

Me too, feel that Gatland is like Wenger. A once great coach whose time has come and gone. A three nil whitewash is the cards if he selects who I think he will in the starting XV!

Lions on 09:31 - May 9 with 2288 viewsPhildo

All the home nations have been abusing it - there are some moves to change the rules on it this week I believe.

In other news Mike Brown has been having a cry that he did not get taken despite his pishpoor outings for England this 6N. 24 carrot bell-end.

Lions on 09:32 - May 9 with 2287 viewsrobith

The residency rule should be 5 years full stop

Stander and Payne are very different cases (to each other) - one took the opportunity to make a new life for himself, moved his whole family, the other had ended up an Ireland international pretty much by accident - I really like Payne but it doesn't sit well with me that he's a Lion. But LOL @ the thought that England don't try to convert players - they just do it at younger age levels (also Hughes in the current side).

If he was so keen to play for England and qualified for them, you don't see the issue of trying for another country first ?

Also, I'm keeping a lid on my temper here, but I'm am very very unhappy of you using the language of slavery to insinuate some racial bias on my part, so we'll just end this here, ta.

Lions on 11:22 - May 9 with 2251 viewsSimonJames

Why Alex Goode doesn't get selected for England instead of Brown continues to baffle me.

Glad Laidlaw is finally going.. should have been picked ahead of Youngs & Webb in the first place.

100% of people who drink water will die.

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