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Would you sell Manning 07:34 - Apr 30 with 7766 viewsDixie_CT

Would look to make a profit on the boy from Galway who we signed for £50k and must have cost us less than £100k in wages and bonuses? How much would he be worth?

Or do you see him as an integral part of a promotion chasing team that could return millions??

For me, I'd cash in at £4/5m and invest in a war horse of a centre back that could be captain or a time machine to go and get a 27 year old version of Clint Hill

Would you sell Manning on 08:06 - Apr 30 with 4453 viewsWatford_Ranger

He'd get nowhere near those first teams and would get lost in the system or loaned out at best. Can't see it happening.

No, I wouldn't sell him. If we are skint I'd sell Smithies and promote Lumley or Ingram.

Would you sell Manning on 08:52 - Apr 30 with 4329 viewsDixie_CT

I agree that Manning wouldn't get in the starting 11's of either Palace or Bournemouth but he would have a chance of making it in the match day squad.

Training with and competing against better players with better coaching could improve him but he would get much more game time here which might be more beneficial although it's completely dependent on what suits an individual player best.

For the record, I don't think we would get a bid over £2m but with Hoos constantly looking at the bottom line, even that amount could tempt us to cash in.

Would you sell Manning on 09:07 - Apr 30 with 4252 viewsDorse

I wouldn't sell Manning for two reasons: firstly, the money we're likely to get for him now is nowhere near what we'd get for him if he'd played say 30 first team games; secondly, I don't want to.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Would you sell Manning on 09:27 - Apr 30 with 4183 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Same as Dorse.

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Would you sell Manning on 09:35 - Apr 30 with 4140 viewsHarbour

Keep manning unless very big bid 4m plus. Watching Ingram in the warm up looks a decent keeper. 10m for smithies or he stays. Best keeper in the league couple of great saves yesterday.

Would you sell Manning on 09:37 - Apr 30 with 4133 viewsfrancisbowles

We would be MAD !

Would you sell Manning on 09:38 - Apr 30 with 4118 viewsLongsufferingR

I think if any Prem clubs come in for him, we should make Dorse DOF temporarily so he could sit in front of them and say in his best childish voice "I don't want to, ner ner ner ner ner"

I'd pay to watch that.

Would you sell Manning on 10:08 - Apr 30 with 4028 viewsdanehoop

Offer of £8m plus add ons and sell on fee would be fair.

Genuinely a very good talent who will only get better the more games and experience that he gets under his belt. Any move would have to be right for him though, neither of those two clubs would be bad fit, but think he may get better offers in a years time if he keeps progressing.

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Would you sell Manning on 10:36 - Apr 30 with 3954 viewsDejR_vu

'£8m plus add ons'

I know the market has gone mad but seriously, he's not the next Messi.

Would you sell Manning on 10:37 - Apr 30 with 3947 viewsAntti_Heinola

Stupid Hoos, worrying about finances and the club's future.

Bare bones.


Would you sell Manning on 10:46 - Apr 30 with 3903 viewsQPR_Jim

Maybe we could sell him to them and then loan him back, you could then use the money to strengthen the squad whilst not loosing the player immediately.

Would you sell Manning on 10:46 - Apr 30 with 3903 viewsPunteR

No we shouldn't sell.
We need to build on this season. Manning is an integral part to this team.
We can't keep chopping and changing management same as we can't keep chopping and changing the squad.


Would you sell Manning on 11:47 - Apr 30 with 3767 viewsrsonist

That's about what Bournemouth gave Leeds for Lewis Cook last summer.

Would you sell Manning on 12:04 - Apr 30 with 3700 viewsTacticalR

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but we are having a big problem winning football matches.

Therefore I wouldn't get rid of what little quality we have in the team.

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Would you sell Manning on 12:17 - Apr 30 with 3656 viewsoddball

good god we've seen ten minutes of the lad and already people looking to move him on. for those who say move on.pop down to your car drop the engine out and then see how far you get.

Would you sell Manning on 12:20 - Apr 30 with 3642 viewsdavman

Never to either of those clubs. PalARSE and Bornmuff a step up even if they are in the Prem; do me a favour!

He has recently signed a new contract, so if he doesn't want to go and we don't need to sell, no way.

He's had half a bloody season (and started no more than 15 games), so any fee offered will be small. Let him have next season and see where he and the club are then...

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Would you sell Manning on 12:22 - Apr 30 with 3633 viewsjohnhoop

Just say no.

Would you sell Manning on 12:24 - Apr 30 with 3624 viewsdanehoop

I don't think that anyone wants to sell him. The reality is that we will need to balance the books and that means doing what we used to do. Buy cheap, develop and sell on for a profit. If a big offer comes up we will sell. FFP basically dictates we will. The only question will be when and how much? I trust hoos to get that part right.

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Would you sell Manning on 12:42 - Apr 30 with 3558 viewsoddball

ok i get ffp and balancing the books so what you do is look at the team and see if we're strong in a certain position which is in goal smithes. clubs rumoured to be watching him. we have decent back up, then he in my opinion he is the sacrifice as our midfield is pretty average at best.

Would you sell Manning on 12:48 - Apr 30 with 3537 viewssexton

In Manning we have found our Ale replacement. Not quick, but a hugely intelligent footballer who can spot a pass and put in a mean tackle. Keep.

Would you sell Manning on 12:50 - Apr 30 with 3521 viewsToast_R

Its good that QPR are a selling club again but equally depressing.

Manning should stay where he'll be first choice and that's at QPR (when Holloway stops f*cking around with tbe Tombola).

Would you sell Manning on 12:51 - Apr 30 with 3522 viewsMatch82

We have more people than places in centre mid at the moment, so it would be tempting. Think I'd rather keep Freeman and Hall but would have Manning above any of the others

Would you sell Manning on 13:41 - Apr 30 with 3416 viewsenfieldargh

The guy has started less than 20 games and already is head and shoulders better than half the squad(understatement) .

Please dont sell him I want to see this lad progress in our shirt!

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Would you sell Manning on 15:25 - Apr 30 with 3285 viewsPunteR

It will be even harder to balance the books if we get relegated next season. Theres no logic to selling your best players if we havnt got adequate cover on the same sort of contract and wages.


Would you sell Manning on 16:03 - Apr 30 with 3210 viewsNeil_SI


Manning still has plenty of 'on the job' learning to do and he's best placed to do that here with us, at least for another season or two.

At the same time, while he does that, he has the potential to become a crowd favourite because he's just a kid, and that can help with the 'brand' and may well be more important than cashing in for short-term monetary gain.

We need players with the bite, tenacity and intensity that a guy like Manning plays with. Adding more players in this mould, rather than ridding of them, is what we all want and need and helps with identity and gets people on board and behind the team.

I think we could probably solve the centre-back issue in other ways over selling Manning.
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