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Amit 02:55 - Aug 16 with 1643 viewsPlanetHonneywood

When the first rumours of TF's stepping down appeared a few days ago, and someone started a thread of who we'd like to replace him, I posted Amit Bhatia's name in hope.

To be fair, I've been posting about Amit on here and other sites as being the ideal person at the helm for years. Today, I find the Rangoon morning imbued with optimistic news from London: it's like waking up to the feel of a cool breeze through the windows on a bright sunny day...I can't help but feel happy!

In the 4YP he was the only one that seemed to come out of it with any sense of credibility and, dare I say it, common sense. Which, for four to five years after August 2011, was sorely lacking at QPR.

Never met the man, but during my last sojourn in London, one of my neighnours frequently worked with Amit to organise events etc. Though not a football fan, my neighbour was most definitely, an Amit Bhatia fan. He described him as a genuinely 100% decent guy. Who was not above himself to go down into the trenches as it were, to personally thank everyone who'd worked for him. In my book, that really does say a lot about the man compared to some rich folks, who wouldn't give you the steam off their urine.

As for skills, acumen, common sense etc., we know Amit oozes the stuff. My former neighbour - who dealt with many such uber-rich - simply spoke of Amit as having such attributes by the bucket load.

However, this is what is arguably most important to you, my fellow Rfosi. Amit felt that his departure from QPR was untimely, and by all accounts, he was really sad to leave when he did. Describing it as 'unfinished business'.

He was somewhat aghast at the goings on in football - as are we all - but a few years on, with a huge challenge in front of us and, fingers crossed, the right set-up behind us, I suspect this guy will be relishing the task. I can see him bringing not just class and the requisite skills required to the role, but Amit Bhatia can get on with pretty much everyone and be a uniting force not a disuniting one.

I never fell for the bull of 'lessons learned' by the last guy, for clearly they were not! But for the first time in a very, very long time, I actually feel a corner has been turned and notwithstanding the FFP and even our current concerns about the squad, we've got a good looking and more solid foundation to go forward from.

Been saying since January, this is the season we need to worry about and get through. If we do that, I reckon things will improve exponentially. Now is most definitely the time to draw a line in the sand, stop moaning, and get behind QPR.

I know, I know, be careful what you wish for. But what we wish for is more likely to happen with what we have in place now, then what's been in place for some time now.


'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We are QataRs!


Amit on 03:20 - Aug 16 with 1612 viewsHooparoo

Great post mate. Agree with all that.

Poll: Where will we finish up next season?


Amit on 07:49 - Aug 16 with 1460 viewsLblock

This to the square root of 1,000,000

I've met him briefly twice and he struck me as a down to earth decent fella. However, I get the feeling he can be ruthless and dogmatic when required and will stick to the plan.
He is a winner.

Hence forth he shall be known by me as "Amit"

Here for a good time..... not a long time


Amit on 08:21 - Aug 16 with 1373 viewsRs_Holy

agree mate!... Makes you wonder what might have been if they had kept Amit on as chariman after Tony and Ruben purchased the club???

Amit on 09:37 - Aug 16 with 1207 viewsEsox_Lucius

Great post John! It may smack a little of PR but this could be a good firm hand on the tiller as we turn the ship around, and knows which way to steer it, more importantly.
Whilst we are getting old favourites back from that era how about a cheeky cheap loan from Benfica?

The grass is always greener.
Poll: Could or do you go to watch QPR without having a drink or recreational drugs?


Amit on 09:49 - Aug 16 with 1162 viewscolinallcars

A few naval expressions there......just hope the EFL don't hit us amidships and scupper our chances. Splice the cabin boy !

Amit on 09:49 - Aug 16 with 1162 viewsQPR_John

Its often said of some players that you would pay just to see them Taarabt falls into that group without a doubt. I have had the pleasure of seeing Marsh, Bowles and Taarabt what a trio

Amit on 09:54 - Aug 16 with 1144 viewsMyke

Excellent post Planet. I agree with all that. Feel obliged to add the caveat that it could be a cynical exercise in quelling the negativity surrounding another popular figures (Holloway's) departure and it is a shame he didn't acknowledge the work Olli did over the previous 2 years. But sometimes even cynical moves work even if not for the reasons initially intended and there is no doubt with a solid upper-level team of Amit, Hoos and Les we should be strongly led from the top.
Now we to turn our attention to events ON the pitch. We now know exactly where we are with FFP, including the January embargo, so we need to get a couple of players in this week (the areas that need strengthening are well documented) and then we need to all fully back McClaren both on the pitch and on here. I have said many times that I expect a difficult start to the season, as much due to the fixture list as anything else and that is transpiring, but there is no reason to panic at this very early stage. We need a long period of stability if we are serious about drawing a line in the sand and above all, that means backing Steve and the team over the next difficult period. I too believe we will be stronger in 12 months time, but we have some difficult bumps to negotiate first and this is where support, patience and an absence of OTT hysteria are required.
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