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Is it the weight of expectation that's hindering us? 11:00 - Sep 26 with 573 viewsPlanetHonneywood

We've never got over the burden of winning the League Cup in 1967. I fear, as a club, we peaked too soon as well.

Each year on the nearest Saturday to 4 March, we trot out the glorious gladiators of that heroic win; and no one thinks how much pressure it has placed on every player that has won the B&W since then.

It's buckled many, driven some to drink and ruined the careers of others. It's like the lotto winners who go crazy after winning £100m and within a few years, wished they'd never bought the lotto ticket in the first place.

The club, who regularly stuff the club shop with memorabilia of that magnificent match, merely add to the weight of expectation on our young chaps. How the f..k can we expect a BOS or a Pav to play with the pressure of the Morgan twins breathing down their necks?

I think we all know that was the real reason we froze on a certain day back in 1986: the players struggled with the magnitude of what stood before them, the chance to be presented every year at LR for winning the League Cup.

It's time we did one of two things: either send the replica of the 1967 cup back and renounce our win or, if we're not going to take it seriously, then don't bother entering the thing.

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Is it the weight of expectation that's hindering us? on 12:15 - Sep 26 with 502 views2Thomas2Bowles

Never happened, does not exist in time or memory.

Move along.

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