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Man-for-man 20:12 - Nov 10 with 4515 viewsE17hoop

we had better players than them but we’re soft and naive.

According to a Brentford fan. Which of theirs would you swap for ours?

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Man-for-man on 20:22 - Nov 10 with 4442 viewsstowmarketrange

None.They can all stay with the best team in Middlesex.

Man-for-man on 21:33 - Nov 10 with 4169 viewsEsox_Lucius

Mepham & Ollie Watkins.

The grass is always greener.


Man-for-man on 23:55 - Nov 10 with 3878 viewsTrellick

Chic Brodie and John O,Mara

Man-for-man on 00:04 - Nov 11 with 3834 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

Personally I won't be thinking about Brentford players too much until we next play them.

Man-for-man on 00:05 - Nov 11 with 3825 viewsGuppy22

I thought their defence was awful today, sawyers is normally very good against us but otherwise I wouldn’t swap any.

Man-for-man on 00:19 - Nov 11 with 3765 viewsTacticalR

They don't have better players, but they played better than us in the first half.

In the first half our judgement just didn't seem quite right...too many overhit passes, too many optimistic passes, players not making themselves available the correct distance for a pass (too near or too far), players not releasing the ball at the right time. Even Eze was making bad passes.

Having said that there wasn't the gulf between the teams there has been in recent years, and Brentford appear to be lacking a lethal player who can put away chances.

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Man-for-man on 01:36 - Nov 11 with 3621 viewstimcocking

Don't know the Brentford players well enough.

Credit where it's due, though; they are a good team. They have impressed me with their slick pass and move every time we've met recently, i'd be lying if i said otherwise.

Man-for-man on 07:51 - Nov 11 with 3432 viewslondonscottish

Don't know much about them either but there are some interesting comments in the first page.

The two young CB's get a fair bit of stick for playing themselves into trouble, making basic errors and for only winning 30% of aerial challenges. Plus they've got tons of injuries. Looks like it could be a long season.

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Man-for-man on 08:16 - Nov 11 with 3359 viewsGuppy22

At least they aren’t bitter. How many more teams will we beat who continuously say we are crap.

Man-for-man on 08:46 - Nov 11 with 3248 viewsdublinr

I had a little look to see what they made of us (I only check other fans' forums when we win...). We don't really feature. It reads as if brentford narrowly lost to brentford despite being comfortably the better team for 80 minutes, playing smart football in a fixture they really should have won easily. I think some of them have been reading Clive's stuff.

Man-for-man on 08:53 - Nov 11 with 3228 viewsGroveR

Like Villa and Derby, I'm more than happy to walk up the road hearing other fans saying "we were the better team, we should have won, we should be putting teams like QPR away easily..."

But you didn't, did you?

Man-for-man on 10:29 - Nov 11 with 2922 viewskropotkin41

QPR are "basically a bit crap"? Well, maybe so, lads, but we've had more than one win in the last 10.

I very rarely see us lose and have the thought at the top of my mind that the opposition was "basically crap". It's basically the deluded fantasist school of football supporting isn't it?

He says the Championship is weak, Brentford have won one in ten, lost at QPR and we've won four out of five, and yet we're "basically crap". What a c*ck.

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Man-for-man on 12:08 - Nov 11 with 2784 viewsqueensparker

Based on that game Brentford’s era of punching way above their weight could be coming to an end IMO.

I’ve got a few Bees mates so have seen a few of their games over the years, and piss-taking aside they really did look like “ one of the best teams in the league” for a couple of seasons. The side with Pritchard, Andre Gray, Woods, Jota, Dean at the back really should have gone up - they were far better than eg Cardiff last year - but they blew it in the play-offs.

Three years of flogging their best players every six months has caught up with them and this current lot look fragile and inexperienced, playing all the tippy-tappy stuff but with no end product and a shocking defence.

I’d take Maupay, Watkins and Sawyers to answer the question - no doubt someone will do exactly that in Jan and I see them really struggling in second half of the season. A win at Griffin Park would be very nice indeed.

Man-for-man on 12:35 - Nov 11 with 2717 viewsBrianMcCarthy

I thought that they really packed it in after our third goal. No fight whatsoever, no-one talking or organising. Pretty shameful stuff. For that reason I’d be very suspect about all of their players.

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Man-for-man on 13:05 - Nov 11 with 2647 viewsNortholt_Rs

Tbh they were all over us in the first half. Played really nice give-and-go football, they were finding gaping spaces everywhere to run into - we were lucky to be only 0-1 down at HT. immense turnaround in the second half....fair play to the manager and players. Three quick goals and they did indeed look totally deflated. But, you could see their second goal coming and then we managed to see the last ten minutes out to get a great, great win. LR was packed and buzzing. Fab day.

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Man-for-man on 13:10 - Nov 11 with 2638 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Hugely enjoyable trip to HQ yesterday. Much love to the Crown crew.

My Man-for-Man ratings:-
Lumley - 4. Very impressed with his all-round game and loved the way he put the two goals behind him. The two goals were down to him, though, Superb prospect, and will have better days.
Rangel - 7. Fine player. He has it.
Leistner - 7 My MOTM. Used him too much as the creator in the first half and he loves those diagonals. Very good defensively and certainly a good captain.
Lynch - 6. Solid enough. Got turned a couple of times but generally impressive.
Bidwell -5. Might have been team instructions but played too narrow and Brentford had the out ball to the right wing all game.
Cameron - 7. Yep. The anchor role is simple when you're as good as Cameron. Whereas Scowen the week before rushed left and right to put out fires, Cameron had the experience and wisdom to tell others to do it. As a consequence we were tighter but also a bit too deep.
Luongo - 7. Roared into it in the second half. Back on form.
Freeman - 5 Touch a bit off today and was also heavily marked. Never stopped trying, though. Set pieces sharp.
Wszolek - 6 Great work rate. Has had more creative days, though. Huge fan.
Eze -6. Like Freeman, his touch was off for a good while but through work-rate he played himself into the game. credit to McClaren for leaving him on long enough. Needs to play further up and needs to play a bit quicker, but that's he first time I've seen him live and, yes, he has it.
Wells -6. Not sure him and Eze offered us enough in terms of out balls and hold-up play, but glad he scored.

McClaren - 7. Too slow with the subs, I thought, and bringing on Cousins for Wells only invited the oppo on to us. But the team bounced back from a quiet first half and from falling behind, and are very well coached and full of belief. Good job all around.

Crowd - 7. Good atmosphere. Not riotous but good and loud.
Ref - no idea. Which is probably a good thing.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Man-for-man on 13:13 - Nov 11 with 2628 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Ya, I completely agree about their pass-and-move. Nice to watch. I thought, though, that both teams were quiet in the first half and that we kept them outside us comfortably. I never thought they threatened us and that both goals came from nowhere and were down to Lumley. For all their possession they lacked a cutting edge.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Man-for-man on 14:51 - Nov 11 with 2475 viewsGroveR

Exactly this. I remember when they beat us 4-1 in the cup last year and yes Holloway took the pìss with the tombola, yes Caulker was probably pìssed but 1 booking in a London derby tells you everything you need to know about the lack of fight from us that day. We were so submissive a gimp mask and ball-gag wouldn't have looked out of place.

Man-for-man on 17:50 - Nov 11 with 2275 viewsTopCat34

I used to quite rate their keeper but they've clearly shot his confidence with that mental playing out for the back.

They were still doing it at 3-1 down. Hilarious.
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Man-for-man on 18:39 - Nov 11 with 2154 viewsPinnerPaul

Ref was very good.

Our two yellows were idiotic - Freeman's lunge on the touchline on the halfway line. Ref, right in front of me said 'Luke,what was that?!'

Wells yellow was even more non sensical - he hacked their player down, should have been a yellow but got away with it, before throwing the ball away - mad!

I thought ref was very consistent - and allowed and didn't allow same sort of challenges.

Didn't buy the Brentford dive for our 2nd goal and booked their player for moaning about it - I see its that player's 5th caution - so seems he might try that quite often!

A good and lucky ref for us - we should get him every week!

Man-for-man on 19:52 - Nov 11 with 2023 viewsdaveB

I'd agree player for player they are better than us but so were Villa, doesn't meant they automatically win, thought as a team they were nowhere near as good as they looked last season and i thought at half time we'd come back and win it.

The playing out from the back at 3-1 down was comical, was like watching QPR in August.
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