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kin ell 15:24 - Nov 13 with 4106 viewsPhildo

or you know you could give it to grass roots etc.....

kin ell on 15:27 - Nov 13 with 3368 viewsMick_S

'Kin ell x 2.

I just read that. If it wasn't so pathetic I think I'd wet myself.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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kin ell on 15:35 - Nov 13 with 3321 viewsSonofNorfolt

They should kick him in the c unt instead.

kin ell on 15:41 - Nov 13 with 3293 viewsMick_S

Good title for a book, that.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
Poll: Should Seann and Katya stay on Strictly Come Dancing?


kin ell on 15:59 - Nov 13 with 3245 viewsSonofNorfolt

Never did me any harm.

kin ell on 15:59 - Nov 13 with 3242 viewsstowmarketrange

Would that payment be taken into consideration under ffp when 3 of their donaters will be joining the championship next season?

kin ell on 16:16 - Nov 13 with 3177 viewsstevec

So if all the clubs give him £250,000 each its a gift. Yet if one club gave him £250,000 the local constabulary would be all over it.

What a cesspit.

kin ell on 16:31 - Nov 13 with 3123 viewsWrightUp5hit___

Does it completely pass them by that a £250k contribution from each Prem club TO A CHARITABLE TRUST in his name for "grassroots" football would actually be a good thing.

What Bruce "fookin" Buck proposes is just the catalyst for a shitstorm, but what do they care they've well and truly shafted football at all levels

kin ell on 16:48 - Nov 13 with 3081 viewspaesanu

This is the weirdest JustGiving cause I've ever seen.

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kin ell on 18:01 - Nov 13 with 2942 viewsKonk

What’s wrong with a carriage clock, decanter and £50 of John Lewis vouchers?

I tell you what, Bruce Buck, you cun t, if you love him so much, let
everyone else chip in what they want and you make up the difference, you horrible Chelsea t wat.

Fulham FC: It's the taking part that counts


kin ell on 18:09 - Nov 13 with 2914 viewsSuperhoop83


How out of touch are these people? That is a life changing sum for practically everyone - and their families - and yet this pr*ck has the gall to suggest it is given as a send off to man earning half that amount every single year for his cushy job.

Christ on a bendy bus.
[Post edited 13 Nov 2018 18:13]

Suffering since 1978.


kin ell on 18:57 - Nov 13 with 2809 viewsHadders


kin ell on 18:57 - Nov 13 with 2803 viewsNoDiddley

I suggest we all read Broken Dreams by Tom Bower then we'd all know how fcuking crooked this game is when it comes to the bigwigs.

kin ell on 19:13 - Nov 13 with 2775 viewsSnipper

There’s teams in leagues one and two who are surviving by cost cutting everywhere and anywhere. Including us and some championship clubs no doubt.

Just one of those donations would keep all these clubs afloat.

Also, there’s premiership teams who already ‘employ’ some staff as volunteers. They’ve even made people redundant.

Today’s football is not the same game that I fell in love with.

I wish Bruce Buck all the misery in the world. The cúnt.

kin ell on 19:36 - Nov 13 with 2718 viewslondonscottish

Total LOL.

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kin ell on 19:41 - Nov 13 with 2705 viewssuperstan

He can get a job at FIFA now.

kin ell on 20:10 - Nov 13 with 2658 viewskensalriser

Blimey. This sort of stuff is routine for top execs. He's made hundreds of millions for PL clubs.

Heartwarming to see such a visceral outbreak of left-wingery though.

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kin ell on 20:18 - Nov 13 with 2635 viewsLongsufferingR

Nothing to do with politics. Just greed and another kick in the teeth for us fans.

kin ell on 20:36 - Nov 13 with 2591 viewsLblock

I had chicken and mushrom pie for dinner

Most of it is now back in my mouth after reading that

Fcuk football, and fcuk the Premiership right in the mouth

Here for a good time..... not a long time


kin ell on 21:05 - Nov 13 with 2524 viewsKonk

My main concern is that money that could have been directed to wealthy owners, wealthy agents, wealthy players and massively overpaid directors, will instead be diverted to Richard Scudamore. This can't be right. Yes, he deserves an appropriate leaving gift, but not at the expense of the people who make football the magical game we all fell in love with as kids.

So, starting from whatever PL game next takes place at 20:00 on a Friday, I am going to make my way along each row of seats in each PL stadium, asking fans to sign a "Sorry to see you go" card from Clintons, and to pop some money into the accompanying A3 envelope. Hopefully we should have the full £5m by the time Scudamore leaves his post, if not, we will reluctantly seek assistance from Lower division and non-league clubs.

I know that at this time of year, hard-stretched families have one eye on Christmas expenditure and the other on season-ticket renewals for the following season, but I hope that fans will remember the man who gave us Sunday morning football, Saturday and Sunday lunchtime football, Friday evening football and Monday evening football; all played out in overwhelmingly sterile stadiums devoid of atmosphere. And all this delivered whilst pricing the game either beyond its traditional following or to a point that left most fans deeply resentful of the prices they were forced to pay to watch their team. Our debt of gratitude is beyond dispute.

Thank you for everything, Richard. We wish you all the best in the future and good luck with your next project, you game 39 twa t.
[Post edited 13 Nov 2018 21:09]

Fulham FC: It's the taking part that counts


kin ell on 21:14 - Nov 13 with 2489 viewscolinallcars

I wish him a short and unhappy retirement.

kin ell on 21:31 - Nov 13 with 2450 viewsKonk

Bit harsh! This is the man who made it possible for a club the size of Fulham to pay £50k pw to a player the size of Darren Bent. Paying silly money to watch him waddle about getting paid that sort of wage, it certainly felt like a great time to be an English football fan.

Fulham FC: It's the taking part that counts


kin ell on 22:34 - Nov 13 with 2304 viewshamptonhillhoop

As an aside, bloke in my office went to watch Fulham at Anfield on Sunday. couldn't believe the sterile atmosphere. Reckons he he heard a Liverpool fan cough in the kop from the away end! His quote: "Even we were singing 'Where's your famous atmosphere?'

kin ell on 22:34 - Nov 13 with 2303 viewsqprd

I think we're all missing the point. Bruce Buck was a very successful lawyer who made a lot of money at one of the worlds biggest law firms- but this 250k is not coming out of his pocket. Its coming out of Chelsea's pocket and likely at the behest of the owner

There's a reason Abramovich wants to pay 250k to the departign chief. its basically a legal bribe. if you're the next chief, are you going to be harsh on chelsea when their captain racially abuses a black player or their manager cries conspiracy or they want to expand their stadium or pass rules which suppress the poorer clubs or figure out a new way to f**k fans for money? You could. But you're jeopardizing a potential payout that you may get when you leave

this sends a major signal to the next chief- be good to us, and we'll take care of you. for chelsea, they only put down 250k but gain most of the goodwill

it really is pathetic, though. i dont begrudge scudamore for making a lot of money- by all accounts, he probably deserved his exorbitant salary for how much he grew the game . but the notion that he needs a gift of 5m when there are literally thousands of more worthy causes- its laughable. how about they just donate that to a charity of scudamores choice? pathetic

kin ell on 22:46 - Nov 13 with 2272 viewsqprd

By the way, this isnt really accurate

You are right in that executives do often get big payouts when they leave their companies. But that is baked into their employment contracts, which either reward them with incentives if the business does well or provide them a payout if they get the sack (golden parachutes).

A company cant just give away millions of dollars to a departing employee as a gift if there is no contractual obligation to do so. companies cant justify giving away millions without any gain to me- it would be a breach of directors' legal duties.

kin ell on 23:41 - Nov 13 with 2183 viewsbob566

Time to pay the ferryman
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