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kin ell 15:24 - Nov 13 with 4109 viewsPhildo

or you know you could give it to grass roots etc.....

kin ell on 01:12 - Nov 14 with 717 viewsDavieQPR

With bonuses he only earns £2.5m a year. Will now get a big job, doing nothing, sitting on a Board as a Director. Nice to see his replacement has all the right qualifications for the job after running the Animal Channel. Man U more than likely get more viewers. But I suppose it's very P.C. though and that's what counts.

kin ell on 07:04 - Nov 16 with 558 viewsKonk

Having got the hump with Bruce Buck, I've just been reminded that the biggest pi ss taker in football is undoubtedly Gordon fu cking Taylor. It's really quite amazing that he can pocket a £2m+ salary every year, whilst his union pays out only 1/4 of that in benevolent grants. Other than Darren Bent, surely the most shameless man in football.

Fulham FC: It's the taking part that counts


kin ell on 09:05 - Nov 16 with 522 viewsCamberleyR

I absolutely hate him as well. I posted that link on the recent thread we had as a sticky for Don Shanks' marathon run for Stan to show just how little of the PFA's money is spent on caring for past players now in hard times or suffering dementia, players like Stan he would have played against and how much is spent paying the colossal salary of this fúcking waste of space.

37 years he's had his snout in the tough (the highest paid union official in the world), now nearly ten years past retirement age. He's like a tinpot dictator desperately clinging on to power.
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