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Message for the Tune group 15:52 - Apr 6 with 1786 viewspaulparker

If your reading this please sell the club and fcuk off you have ruined us through sheer incompetence, we were a premier league club when you took over and we will be league one in a few weeks time, couldn’t organise a p1ss up in a pub with a load of winos
We are a laughing stock an utter utter laughing stock , we used to be pioneers years ago kits, numbers 10s , Guinness sponsors, plastic pitch, Jim smiths sweeper system, Alex stocks 67 team, Dave sextons pass and move, Rodney, Stan , wegerle , now look we are getting d1cked by Norwich with their fans chanting easy
We are embarrassing and if anyone is naive enough to think things will change with this mob in charge your deluded , the only way is down and further down, there’s no plan for anything, there’s no startegy , no fcuk all , we survive day to day where as Brentford and Norwich have 5 year plans
I won’t spend another penny inside QPR whilst this board rule us with their sh1tty incompetence stick , il get the usual fcuk offs your not wanted from the usual suspects but I don’t care I followed us for 36 years and I’ve seen us be great and Sh1t but I can’t see us lurch from one crisis to the next whilst the fan base just shrugs it’s shoulders

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Message for the Tune group on 16:05 - Apr 6 with 1702 viewsMiss_Terraces

I don't agree with every word, helluva lot of truth.

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Message for the Tune group on 16:13 - Apr 6 with 1646 viewsLblock

Where do I sign?!?!

Here for a good time..... not a long time


Message for the Tune group on 16:16 - Apr 6 with 1617 viewsQPRSteve

I would love them to go but who in their right mind would want to take over?

I'm afraid we are stuck with them - all the way to the National League the way things are going.

Message for the Tune group on 16:19 - Apr 6 with 1598 viewsNortholt_Rs

After what Bungle did to Caterham he should’ve never have passed the FA’s fit and proper persons test.....he’s taking our club to the same disastrous conclusion....

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Message for the Tune group on 16:29 - Apr 6 with 1540 viewsflynnbo

Apparently there's no such thing as the fit and proper test according to Talkshite yesterday. I imagine Twitter will be overheating with massages to Mr Fernandes this evening.

Message for the Tune group on 17:57 - Apr 6 with 1315 viewsA40Bosh

Sorry I don’t buy this we were a Premier League club before Tune arrived
Flávio made us an embarrassment temporarily and before those two F1 pricks turned up we had been in a bad state for years anyway.

No one pays enough attention to us to worry about us being an embarrassment . We are just a club that happen to be in London unlike the vast majority of 74 football league clubs and as a result we got a moment in the sun through investment but got sun stroke.

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Message for the Tune group on 18:00 - Apr 6 with 1279 viewsMelakaRanger

I see that Tony’s Twitter bio no longer makes any mention whatsoever of his involvement with QPR. INTERESTING?

Message for the Tune group on 18:48 - Apr 6 with 1099 viewsToast_R

Generally you only mention your successes

Message for the Tune group on 18:50 - Apr 6 with 1092 viewspaulparker

You may not buy it but it’s fact we were a premier league club, we could have and should have done what Watford , Burnley or Bournemouth have in this league but we blew it not once but twice ffs , they have been a disarster for QPR and the sad thing is they continue to make the same mistakes as they did when they first walked through the door
I don’t care who pays attention to us but we are totally embarrassing as a club

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Message for the Tune group on 18:54 - Apr 6 with 1070 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

Amusingly. I just changed a habit of a lifetime and had a look at his Twitter.

All it says is "Something went wrong. Try again".

Message for the Tune group on 20:01 - Apr 6 with 854 viewssmegma

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