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Tommy Langley 21:56 - Apr 23 with 3746 viewsWrightUp5hit___

v Bolton, 1980

6 seconds

That is all

Tommy Langley on 22:02 - Apr 23 with 2829 viewsflynnbo

I know I'll be in a minority here but I quite rated the guy!

Tommy Langley on 00:37 - Apr 25 with 2502 viewsbrad

i was at the game!!.....i liked tommy langley.....if i was at the loft end....3-1

Tommy Langley on 05:58 - Apr 25 with 2441 viewsHantsR

Me too. As I recall the ball was played out to Steve Burke on the left wing and I think he headed it directly to Langley. Guess this was all prompted by Shane Kong's 7.69 that has excited locals down these parts.

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Tommy Langley on 07:49 - Apr 25 with 2384 viewsWokingR

The Premier League didn't start until 1992 so the event doesn't officially exist

Tommy Langley on 08:25 - Apr 25 with 2361 viewsenfieldargh

No chance well score an early goal under 10 seconds the way we take kick offs

captains fantastic
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Tommy Langley on 09:24 - Apr 25 with 2334 viewsCroydonCaptJack

I have a memory of being in the Shed End when we played the scum one year (it was the safest thing to do back then - go in the home end and keep quiet) I am pretty sure he scored for us and celebrated in front of us. I think he had played for them and had been getting a bit of stick.

Tommy Langley on 09:37 - Apr 25 with 2309 viewsCamberleyR

This by any chance?


Tommy Langley on 09:56 - Apr 25 with 2282 viewsCroydonCaptJack

That's it
Good work.

Tommy Langley on 10:47 - Apr 25 with 2225 viewsLongsufferingR

Not wanting to be a party pooper but wasn't it 13 seconds?

Tommy Langley on 13:00 - Apr 25 with 2151 viewsTonto

Nope... definitely 6. I was also there...

Why stop now, just when I'm hating it


Tommy Langley on 13:18 - Apr 25 with 2128 viewsDannyPaddox

The Langley Bolton goal. Without googling. Who was the manager at the time?

Tommy Langley on 13:25 - Apr 25 with 2099 viewsloftus77

I'm guessing..the Doc? Or had he gone? Pre-Venables I think

Tommy Langley on 13:30 - Apr 25 with 2086 viewsMaggsinho

The Doc was my first guess too.

Tommy Langley on 13:59 - Apr 25 with 2038 viewsqprxtc

Call me a sad sad git but....

The Doc has just been sacked for the second time that year and this game was played before Venables was made manager.

So we had a caretaker in charge.

Name of whom totally escapes me.

Tommy Langley on 14:00 - Apr 25 with 2034 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

Well I did google this and found the answer on the list of qpr managers on Wikipedia.

Disturbingly the person pictured at the top of the page is of guess who, Harry fcking Redknapp.

Would somebody with a bit more time than me please edit this ASAP!

Tommy Langley on 14:04 - Apr 25 with 2028 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

Somebody please!

Tommy Langley on 14:11 - Apr 25 with 2008 viewsMick_S

Stick a jam roly poly on his head.


Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Tommy Langley on 14:18 - Apr 25 with 1991 viewsDannyPaddox

List of Queens Park Rangers F.C. managers

Harry Redknapp was appointed the Queens Park Rangers manager in November 2012. This is his
dog, confidant, and accountant, Rosie.

(My suggested edit)

Tommy Langley on 14:33 - Apr 25 with 1971 viewsMrSheen

My clearest memory of Tommy Langley was his Purdey haircut.

Tommy Langley on 15:00 - Apr 25 with 1940 viewsTonto

Was it Frank Sibley? he did a lot of care taking in the 70s and 80s....

Why stop now, just when I'm hating it


Tommy Langley on 15:06 - Apr 25 with 1930 viewsDannyPaddox

An educated shout but I'm pretty sure it was someone else.

Tommy Langley on 15:14 - Apr 25 with 1916 viewsloftboy

Fastest goal I’ve seen live was Bannister against Wimbledon which was about 15 seconds, the game ended up 1-0

favourite cheese mature Cheddar. FFS there is no such thing as the EPL
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Tommy Langley on 15:37 - Apr 25 with 1884 viewsqprxtc

It wasnae our Frank. Ken Shellito was assistant manager at the time with The Doc but I don't think it was him either. Ron Phillips perhaps?

And Loftboy, that Wombles game ended up 2-1 to Rangers......and Bannister got another 15 second goal a few weeks later against Wednesday. We blew a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2.

I need to drink more.

Tommy Langley on 17:30 - Apr 25 with 1818 viewsqprxtc

Derek Healey was the caretaker manager.

Tommy Langley on 17:59 - Apr 25 with 1787 viewsbrad

yes.....i say it was frank sibley
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