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Lionel Messi 21:47 - May 1 with 1500 viewsNoDiddley

Wouldn’t have had any legs v Chopper Harris & Harry Cripps, how the game has changed 👎

Lionel Messi on 22:03 - May 1 with 1459 viewsozexile

Well thank god he wasn't if you ask me. The greatest of all time. An absolute joy to watch.

Lionel Messi on 22:23 - May 1 with 1372 viewsstowmarketrange

What a free kick for the 3rd goal.And his 600th goal for Barcelona too.

Lionel Messi on 22:44 - May 1 with 1317 viewszicoshoops

At One Nil down, the Red Dippers should have shut up shop and taken them back to Anfield.
Instead they played like it was a 90 minute game.

Any football fan...............
Anywhere in the world............
Should count themselves blessed that they've seen Messi play.
I'm extra blessed.....
I was lucky enough to see Pele and Maradona play as well.

Whoa.......don't shoot me down for being smug.......
I've seen more than my fair share of shite as well.......

What's going on?

We should be told

Sort it out.

Lionel Messi on 23:16 - May 1 with 1272 viewsbob566

Didnt like messi waving the card at the ref when milner ran into him. Great player though

Lionel Messi on 00:05 - May 2 with 1214 viewstraininvain

Spot on. If you don’t enjoy watching Messi play football then you might as well find another sport as I doubt we’ll ever see a player on his level again. Genius.

Lionel Messi on 01:42 - May 2 with 1166 viewsBoston

Pele, Maradona, Messi...who? Stanley Bowles.

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Lionel Messi on 13:21 - May 2 with 881 viewsPhildo

Liverpool fans melting down that Lineker (ex Barca and Everton) and Ferdinand (ex Manu) celebrated the free kick. They should of course had a reverential period of mourning at scouse misfortune.

Usually despairing


Lionel Messi on 13:29 - May 2 with 851 viewsBillericayR

And we nearly got him !!!!

Lionel Messi on 13:40 - May 2 with 823 viewsBrianMcCarthy

It was an extraordinary free kick and deserved to be celebrated.

I let out a huge "FUGG" and threw my two hands up in the air and looked vague and non-plussed for a while. My brother reckoned it's as good a free kick as he's ever seen.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Lionel Messi on 13:52 - May 2 with 783 viewsqprxtc

As we know, we always do it first and better:


Lionel Messi on 14:05 - May 2 with 748 viewsDannyPaddox

Warnock: I'll be straight with you Leo you will get games but you'll be behind Rob Hulse and big Pat Agyemang in the pecking order.
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