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Conor Washington 22:38 - May 8 with 2117 viewsHayesender

Bollox to this spurs love in, Conor Washington has just been released by Sheffield United.

Should we?

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Conor Washington on 22:49 - May 8 with 2042 viewsflynnbo


Conor Washington on 23:23 - May 8 with 1926 viewsbosh67

I think we should photoshop his contract with us and have a bit at the end that says if he ever goes for a free from Sheffield Utd that Peterborough are obliged to pay QPR £5 million to take him back.

Never knowingly right.
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Conor Washington on 08:19 - May 9 with 1613 viewsRs_Holy

Conor is not a Championship player.... I do think he'd do an a brilliant job for any League One team tho!

Conor Washington on 08:53 - May 9 with 1529 viewscyprusmel

It's a shame he just cannot score goals on a regular basis, he works so hard and in my opinion never stops trying but it just does not happen for him.

Conor Washington on 09:00 - May 9 with 1505 viewsDejR_vu

Also had a lovely touch bringing long balls over his head down. But he is an anti-striker, he has the opposite of being in the right place at the right time.

I'm not even sure he's that great in League 1, he just had a purple patch of 15 games or so and we signed him before it was clear if he could maintain it.

Wish him all the best though. He's made his way up the hard way and always gives it everything.

Conor Washington on 09:22 - May 9 with 1455 viewsTonto

I am glad to see others are seeing him for what I saw he was... he took so much stick. he did try, wasn't the most natural goal scorer, and didn't get much luck... the mis-hit that wobbles in, or the one of his arse. A someone lese said, just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plenty of other strikers have come in and not tried and got less stick.

League 1 is his level, hope he goes there and does well.

Why stop now, just when I'm hating it


Conor Washington on 09:25 - May 9 with 1443 viewsrobith

Hmm, if I was a player thinking of signing for Posh, I'd think again lest I end up being mugged off by the owner on twitter.

Incredibly unprofessional

Conor Washington on 10:11 - May 9 with 1350 viewsTacticalR

He didn't get that much stick during games. I think people bought into that whole postman/son of toil story.

Air hostess clique


Conor Washington on 10:41 - May 9 with 1256 viewsSpaghetti_Hoops

One of the least effective strikers I have ever seen play a lot of games for QPR.
Ran around like a headless chicken with no football intelligence. Hated watching him.

Needs to go down to League One/Two where his bit of speed will get him goals.

Conor Washington on 13:08 - May 9 with 1044 viewsDavieQPR

We could pair him up front with Will Keane who has also just been released. Dream team as in nightmare.
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