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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton 17:01 - Jun 17 with 3182 viewsHayesender

I'd be gutted if I was a Charlton fan

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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:03 - Jun 17 with 2617 viewsNorthernr

One of the more mental official statements you'll read...

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:06 - Jun 17 with 2594 viewsrunningman75

You need to put that underneath every post slagging off Tony Fernandes next season.
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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:09 - Jun 17 with 2573 viewsCammington

What did it say? They've taken their website down! Always a good sign.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:16 - Jun 17 with 2547 viewsNorthernr

It rambled on for quite some time about how they didn't want to give him a long contract because a new owner would only want to sack him anyway, and that they've offered him LOADSA MONEY but he's a bit greedy, and that he wanted his agent to do the negotiations which they didn't like because they thought he'd then only sign players from that agent and it was a conflict of interest. Babbled on for a bit about how they won't be having a permanent manager, just a caretaker, for the new season, and that if Bowyer wants to change his mind he can.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:32 - Jun 17 with 2474 viewssmegma

What a bizarre story. And the link worked for me 5 minutes ago.........

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:36 - Jun 17 with 2455 viewsrsonist

Unless he fancies the Hull job he'll probably end up back there when the takeover goes through, if it goes through.

Still found the money to snap up Macauley Bonne from Orient today though I see. Perhaps we might want to get a wriggle on ourselves if we fancy any lower league signings this summer....

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:39 - Jun 17 with 2448 viewsNorthernr

As it stands though, they're pitching strongly for lead role in the Three Teams Worse Than QPR quest.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:54 - Jun 17 with 2386 viewsderbyhoop

Jonny Williams is being let go.
Various clubs have looked at Bauer.
They only need to lose Lyle Taylor and they could end up making last year's Bolton look like a model club.

Tend to agree with Clive that they are already looking a good relegation bet. Even more than us.

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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 17:54 - Jun 17 with 2384 viewsNorthLondonR

Love the following. Almost as if they haven't bothered to correct the actual owners exact words....

"The owner understands Lee’s point of view, because many Championship clubs pay huge amounts (some pay millions of £ per year) to their manager. It is fair that Lee feels he should be paid like many other Championship managers. That the average Championship club makes a loss of around £15 million per year is not something players should care about. The owners are crazy."
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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 18:21 - Jun 17 with 2288 viewsGloucs_R

Lamps to Chelsea. Bowyer to Derby?

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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 19:42 - Jun 17 with 2041 viewsrsonist


Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 19:44 - Jun 17 with 2034 viewsDejR_vu

That’s putting it kindly. Bizarre.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 20:30 - Jun 17 with 1894 viewsrsonist

I was wondering about that...


Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 21:28 - Jun 17 with 1765 viewsDannyPaddox

That's one game of c-unts chess.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 21:47 - Jun 17 with 1720 viewsMrSheen

Getting the band back together with Jonathan Woodgate?

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 00:44 - Jun 18 with 1475 viewstimcocking

An astonishing official statement.

In some ways, i liked it. It appeared to be a person telling the truth instead of the usual diplomatic bollox we endure, that says as little as possible and leaves us to read between the lines. They simply told the truth, good for them.

Even if it seems extremely unprofessional and i'd no way have released that myself.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 00:48 - Jun 18 with 1471 viewstimcocking

It's funny, isn't it? Frank Lampard has enough experience to manage Chelsea after one season whereas Chris Ramsey was seriously deemed too inexperienced to manage QPR by some of our support after about 20 years.

And these kind of people are always so certain they are right about everything.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 07:27 - Jun 18 with 1329 viewskingo

Personally I don’t think Fat Frank is a good manager. I think that Derby underachieved for a team with the players (loans) that they had. I hope he goes down to SW6 and they drop like a lead weight, and hopefully he takes the racist with him as assistant.

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Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 08:37 - Jun 18 with 1216 viewsNorthernr

Apparently Bowyer has signed the deal now! Wtf is going on down there?

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 08:38 - Jun 18 with 1214 viewsMaggsinho

And now he's signed a new one year extension.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 09:16 - Jun 18 with 1146 viewsloftus77

Exactly- this is all that matters. Feel sorry for their predicament, but needs must. I also have our friends in Bermondsey, and Wigan (if Paul Cook was to leave) pencilled in (faintly).

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 09:21 - Jun 18 with 1128 viewsNorthernr

If Monk does indeed walk out on Birmingham they're a contender, been flirting with the drop for ages. Luton will be working on a tiny budget but have been used to winning over a long period of time. Barnsley, again, tiny budget.

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 10:12 - Jun 18 with 1044 viewssmegma

After 20 years ????

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 10:39 - Jun 18 with 981 viewsLunarJetman

Tim's been on the sauce already today!

Lee Bowyer quits Charlton on 10:40 - Jun 18 with 980 viewsrsonist

Times claiming they doubled the contract offer (to £400k).
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