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WTF 20:04 - Jul 7 with 2981 viewsNoDiddley

WTF on 20:10 - Jul 7 with 2928 viewsBoston

510 nicker...respect to the madman.

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WTF on 20:14 - Jul 7 with 2924 viewsrsonist

Once in a lifetime opportunity for collectors in fairness. A faded/worn original starts at ยฃ100 iirc.
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WTF on 22:54 - Jul 7 with 2598 viewsStanisgod

Worth every penny ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

It's being so happy that keeps me going.


WTF on 23:41 - Jul 7 with 2528 viewsNortholt_Rs

The 87 version without the red was better....

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WTF on 13:53 - Jul 8 with 2164 viewssmegma


WTF on 17:49 - Jul 8 with 1960 viewsrsonist

99.9% sure it isn't. I used to have one.

WTF on 00:08 - Jul 9 with 1698 viewsJigsore

for real I was going to make a post about this

the club are surely missing out on income by not selling replica shirts? I presume they couldn't put the adidas logo on it and I don't know what the legality is of using the sponsor but you see people in retro Arsenal shirts from the 90s and that all the time and they look great.

i'd instantly buy the Guinness shirt if it was available for a reasonable price through official channels, maybe the Classic FM jaunt from the 90s too. A German I showed it to said the same.
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โ€œThe thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football.โ€


WTF on 00:45 - Jul 9 with 1665 viewsDavieQPR

If the club sold retro shirts then you could buy one and wear it year in year out. Meaning the club would lose revenue selling new shirts each season.

WTF on 01:32 - Jul 9 with 1644 viewsBoston

Donโ€™t be ridiculous, just manufacture from appallingly shoddy material...

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WTF on 02:00 - Jul 9 with 1638 viewsJigsore

i haven't bought a shirt since the Zamoraaaa season anyway, plus one from Holloway's last season we got free at Hull away.

โ€œThe thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football.โ€


WTF on 02:11 - Jul 9 with 1633 viewsstowmarketrange

I better get all my old qpr shirts on eBay ASAP judging by the price paid for that one.

WTF on 06:50 - Jul 9 with 1551 viewsPunteR

They do sell retro shirts. I got the Guinness one.


WTF on 11:03 - Jul 9 with 1440 viewsToast_R

I got the Bluestar one for my 40th this year. Love it.
I guess there's legal implications in producing shirts unindorsed by the official manufacturer but displaying their logos. Plus you'd have to pay addidas or Brooke's their share so not really worth it if you only shifting up to 1000 units.

Couple of years ago I bought the England 82 shirt. My brother was working in a sports equipment suppliers at the time so I got him to print the Admiral logo on it and also the same number template they used on the back. Looks pretty cool.

WTF on 13:56 - Jul 9 with 1347 viewssmegma

I think its the same same seller who had about a dozen on eBay a few months ago. Do you know ANYONE who would have bought a load of shirts 30 years ago and stuck them in the cupboard.

WTF on 15:04 - Jul 9 with 1295 viewsrsonist

Oh really? Hmm. Well, for the sheer attention to detail he deserves every stolen penny.

WTF on 15:14 - Jul 9 with 1266 viewsCLAREMAN1995

There is a whole Retro section on the Website under Leisurewear and I have all the Guinness ones including the beautiful black and red Dennis the menace.I even contacted Score Draw to try and get my hands on that Ebay shirt which I believe arrived 2 years ago for 50 pounds give or take.
However I am still searching for the original hoops with the first ever Guinness sponsorship from 83 I think .It had less red that the 85 version and a kind of velvet badge just beautiful.

WTF on 16:10 - Jul 9 with 1191 viewsMrSheen

Any happy owners from the Golden Age of football?

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WTF on 16:18 - Jul 9 with 1178 viewsEsox_Lucius

Did anyone else buy the boxed 1967 commemorative shirt? I also have both versions of the Guinness shirt... along with many others from over the seasons. I usually get a replica shirt each season as they make decent leisure wear; the thin banded Air Asia one being an exception.

The grass is always greener.


WTF on 18:11 - Jul 9 with 1095 viewsloftboy

Iโ€™m sure the numbers were still sewn on in 82, I had the previous shirt ( the first admiral one) and bought a red number 7 for my mum to sew on, she refused to do any other number as 7 was the easiest.

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WTF on 22:49 - Jul 9 with 915 viewsToast_R

Definitely not mate on the 82 shirt. I researched the font so I could match it up..
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