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Danny Cowley 13:06 - Sep 9 with 1306 viewsHayesender

Off to Huddersfield. Good to see clubs taking a chance on young English managers.

They could be strong promotion rivals

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Danny Cowley on 19:27 - Sep 9 with 1054 viewsRANGERS4EVER

Absolutely mental decision by him and I reckon a big dent in his career. He is now in a position where he is manager of a relatively big club (now) who are expected to stay up, and will be under pressure if he doesn't start well. Whereas he was with Lincoln who probably had a free hit this season, and would be seen as a legend of he got them up again. It has to be for the money, I see no reason as to why Huddersfield is a more attractive job than Lincoln right now

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Danny Cowley on 22:01 - Sep 9 with 938 viewswombat

I’d say a big fat pay cheque prob seal the deal for him

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Danny Cowley on 00:37 - Sep 10 with 839 viewsDavieQPR

Big question is do the players he has inherited suit his style of tactics.

Danny Cowley on 08:41 - Sep 10 with 698 viewsCamberleyR

Supposedly Lincoln are a bit 80s Wimbledon/Watfordesque aren't they? If so remains to be seen whether he was just utilising the players he had at Lincoln as a means to an end or whether he can refine his style of play.

Danny Cowley on 11:27 - Sep 10 with 589 viewsAntti_Heinola

absolutely mental to go from Lincoln - LINCOLN - to Huddersfield? Huddersfield, ok, a bad start, but well-run, not mental, not broke. All he has to do after that start is keep them up. tons of reasons to go and even if one was money, good on him. Being a manager is an incredibly tough life to succeed in. Make it while you can.

Bare bones.


Danny Cowley on 11:46 - Sep 10 with 565 viewsPBLOCK

Know a little bit about Cowley. He managed Concord Rangers who I played for before his time. Got a break at Lincoln and has done a top job there

I think Huddersfield could be a good fit. Not in massive financial difficulty as far as I know. Owner is a life long fan, will probably be given some money but not huge amounts and more importantly might be given a bit of time. Nobody expected Huddersfield to go up when they did and if they have banked a fe bob and he can get them playing they should be fairly competitive.

Good to see someone who has earned their stripes get a decent gig and if he got a decent pay rise then fair play to him

Danny Cowley on 12:10 - Sep 10 with 532 viewsRs_Holy

Agree with this! Chris Coleman to sunderland was mental, cowley to Huddersfield seems a bit more of a good decision all round.

Danny Cowley on 13:17 - Sep 10 with 447 viewsAntti_Heinola

Yeah the Coleman one was unusual in that he was obviously a terrible appointment at that time in their situation *and*it was also a batsh!t crazy decision that he made too, because it was obvious they were fked.

Bare bones.


Danny Cowley on 13:31 - Sep 10 with 408 viewstoboboly

Just finished Sunderland 'til I die season 1. He comes across quite well but you do wonder why he went there.

McGeady has a go about his training, saying he doesn't like to tell players off, probably works better at international level. Then he has a go about letting Lewis Grabban go and in actual fact Grabban used a clause to leave Sunderland so I'm not sure I trust McGeady.

Sexy Asian dwarves wanted.

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