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What a surprise!!! 15:28 - Sep 20 with 1978 viewsHayesender

Derby county the latest club to get away with bending/breaking the rules. We'll probably get another fine just to make up for it.

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What a surprise!!! on 15:41 - Sep 20 with 1925 viewsdaveB

Lets see how they get on next year after failing to go up again and Wayne Rooneys salary on the books

What a surprise!!! on 15:46 - Sep 20 with 1913 viewsEsox_Lucius

What Steve Gibson does now will make it interesting... hopefully. Between putting one club out of the league, along with jeopardising three others through their mismanagement of the fit and proper persons test for owners, and now this acceptance of a very sketchy stadium valuation the EFL could find themselves very uncomfortable under the spotlight of publicity.

The grass is always greener.
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What a surprise!!! on 16:35 - Sep 20 with 1764 viewsqprxtc

All those Derby fans that were pissed off with our spending in the play off final season, I wonder if they still feel the same way about their mob.

Or it’s all ok because we were stupid in our spending and they were more creative.

They were still sh1t against ten men and have been f ucking it up one way or other ever since.

Bollocks to the sheep.

What a surprise!!! on 16:43 - Sep 20 with 1723 viewsMiss_Terraces

This is not breaking news, this happened nearly 18months ago. This is derby just putting their defence forward. No statement from the football league.
Interesting to see how the football league responds. They didn't like it when we went public with our defence.

What a surprise!!! on 16:53 - Sep 20 with 1687 viewsHarbour

The stadium not owned by the club sounds dangerous to me. Down the line they have no collateral if they get into financial troubles....The EFL are a joke allowing this.

What a surprise!!! on 21:26 - Sep 20 with 1330 viewsDWQPR

And yet we got a huge fine with the owners converting the debt they built up from their own misjudgements into equity. So the FL fines a club where funding is put into the club and thinks it is ok when I club is effectively stripped of its most valuable asset for accounting purposes.

What a surprise!!! on 21:39 - Sep 20 with 1311 viewsFredManRave

Fookin Wánkers

I've got the Power.
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What a surprise!!! on 21:55 - Sep 20 with 1282 viewsloftboy

They say that the ground has been valued at market value so will be interesting to see the price they buy it back for.

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What a surprise!!! on 22:28 - Sep 20 with 1223 viewsqueensparker

Let’s face it it’s a miracle that we as QPR FC still own our own ground and valuable West London land after decades of ownership under the likes of Paladini, Flávio, Eccelstone, Tune Group etc.

It’s the one thing I’ll always hold in favour of our current owners. They’ve f—ked up in all sorts of ways, they’re no doubt here in the long-term on some property deal, but they’ve never shafted us on the only real asset the club owns.

What a surprise!!! on 01:00 - Sep 21 with 1086 viewsMiss_Terraces

This trend of selling grounds to their owners, really scares me. The land is worth more financially than our club.
Our owners are property developers.
They haven't brought our ground yet...........

What a surprise!!! on 01:08 - Sep 21 with 1080 viewstimcocking

Always seemed probable that we would be the only team that ever gets found guilty and fcuked over.

What a surprise!!! on 08:06 - Sep 21 with 951 viewsdistortR

or the annual rent they have to stump up if the owner falls into ill health/loses interest/loses his money investing in tulips.

I would be very interested to know who actually owns the stadium now (Individual? Company?), and what deeds/covenants etc are in place.

Chris Wright told fans that if he built on our old training ground, the club would see some of the money. Did he? Did we?

What a surprise!!! on 10:53 - Sep 21 with 780 viewsDannyPaddox

Sheep’s bollocks. XTC goes gastro. You’d make a great TV chef mate. The Galloping Grumpy Git!

What a surprise!!! on 12:24 - Sep 21 with 676 viewsdavman

Meant to be an up not down arrow from me, Fred - fat fingers!

Money, money, money - we're not really like Chelscum, are we?
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What a surprise!!! on 13:46 - Sep 21 with 576 viewsozexile

They may be able to circumnavigate it. But they can't put 2 passes together here.

What a surprise!!! on 13:52 - Sep 21 with 565 viewsjonno

Exactly. Also the Derby owner paid them £80 million for an asset that was listed on Derby's books at a value of £41 million so something stinks.
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