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Just back, off the Stream 17:20 - Oct 5 with 4302 viewsBrianMcCarthy

An odd game. Six goals, eight bookings, but strangely bloodless.

We are hugely creative. Eze, Chair, Wells and Manning destroyed Blackburn in the first half. The back four had an easy day, but we still conceded two. The first a needless penalty, the second a combination of standing off Dack, standing off Bennett and then not picking up Armstrong. I think we play too narrow at the back, personally. Combine this with our lack of height at set pieces and a goalie as short as Kenny and Roberts were when they got fivers off their parents for their Holy Communion and you begin to wonder where the elusive clean sheet will come from.

Still, 4-2 against a team that’s as welcome as a taxman with bad breath and it’s a good day.

I thought that Chair had a fine first half, as did Eze, Manning and Wells. I’m not sure anyone overly shone in a second half that seemed to feature no midfielders whatsoever. I love control. We all have our fetishes, mine is control. Today, we had none. Nor did they. Whether in a first half dominated by Eze, Manning, Wells and Chair playing on a pool table that sloped badly towards the Ellerslie or a second half where most players played as if they had flowers in their hair, there was no control whatsoever.

We scored four, they scored two, we were denied a penalty, they did an autopsy on us for a goal that was thankfully disallowed. Take that, take this, he said, she said, potayto, potato, tomayto, tomato, let’s call the whole thing off.

4-2. Lovely football. Can’t pick my man of the match.

Even for a control freak like me, this is gorgeous.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Just back, off the Stream on 17:54 - Oct 5 with 3102 viewsAgedR

It’s joyous at the moment isn’t it. Particularly given the dross of recent years.

Eze is an absolute treasure to be cherished (and still I hear people criticise him - utterly senseless). Chair was impishly wonderful too. Nice of the referee to allow him to take applause from the Ellerslie, Loft and South Africa.

With Welles and Hugill we have real potency and options too.

Yeah, we’ll concede and get beat sometimes, but, what a ride!

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Just back, off the Stream on 17:57 - Oct 5 with 3066 viewssuperhoopdownunder

It was lovely watching us go forward
We look like we can score 10 but concede 5

Eze, Chair, Wells, Manning all played well
Happy BOS scored - he has so much potential
Cracking header by Hugill too

Well done to the club, players and manager for building an attractive style of football to watch. Mark Warburton has done a wonderful job so far since he joined us.

Only 3 points off top (and no clean sheets)
Imagine what we can be like once the defence is sorted out

U R's

Just back, off the Stream on 18:12 - Oct 5 with 2954 viewsBlackCrowe

delighted to see four scored even if i thought we've played a lot better in many other games. Proper strikers, proper midfield. Lush.

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Just back, off the Stream on 18:22 - Oct 5 with 2878 viewsHunterhoop

Agree. Strange game.

In short, we’re bloody good attacking and very suspect defensively apart from Toni.

Eze is an absolute joy. Best play on the pitch again.

Just back, off the Stream on 18:41 - Oct 5 with 2732 viewsMelakaRanger

That’s how I feel too. Fix the leaky defence and we can easily be top 6. I suspect it might take a season for the defence to get tighter. Maybe incremental but slow improvement with a new player or two in the. Summer and we could be there. Then if somehow we could not be a selling team and keep Eze and a few others and still have Hughill and Wells be it on loan again or bought and we could well make a real challenge for promotion next season

Just back, off the Stream on 18:54 - Oct 5 with 2648 viewslondonscottish

LOL what a great write up.

For various reasons I couldn't be there or even hear the comms.

Brilliant :-)

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Just back, off the Stream on 19:10 - Oct 5 with 2531 viewsWren67

Really enjoyed this game. Warbs plan A is worked today, score more than we concede.
4 goals to enjoy, lovely watching Rssss move the ball around.
Couldnt get too worked up about Barbet's usual pen, I could see it coming but the french guy next to me was swearing like mad and it wasn't just "sacre bleu".

Bring on Hull

U rssssssssssss

Just back, off the Stream on 19:25 - Oct 5 with 2448 viewsE17hoop

I thought Manning was untouchable as MotM today. Almost unplayable at times.

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Just back, off the Stream on 19:40 - Oct 5 with 2349 viewsCLAREMAN1995

Great post here Brian full of valuable info for the poor fans missing all the action.Its hard to put into words the mood change around QPR since that miserable last 5 months of SMs reign .Playing with such skill ,speed and attacking intend is just what the doctor ordered for the fans who sat through that rubbish so hopefully it continues .
On a personal selfish level its infuriating that Ryan Manning is not getting called up to the ROI squad for any qualifiers .How an attack minded hard tackling with a sweet left foot is being overlooked is beyond belief .

Just back, off the Stream on 19:52 - Oct 5 with 2277 viewsridethewave

Such a wonderful experience being a Rangers fan at the moment. Wells, Manning , Chair, Eze, all just absolutely beautiful to watch. Special shoutout to Manning, who I think has been our best player this year, which is really saying something looking at some of our players at the moment!

What a bloody liability Barbet is though. The tragedy is he looks like a bloody good footballer. But he can’t keep defending like he is.

Couldn’t pick a man of the match, but any of the four I mentioned I wouldn’t argue with!

Just back, off the Stream on 20:11 - Oct 5 with 2183 viewsMistication92

Whisper it quietly but that could be the start of a good run.

Hull A
Reading H
Brentford H

7 from 9 before a game against Leeds would be nice.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:18 - Oct 5 with 2138 viewsbosh67

First game my dad and I have managed to get to this season. Very enjoyable, especially the 2nd half. First half the defence really concentrated and Blackburn created nothing and got nowhere. Second hand, as Brian said we had a tendency to get too narrow and also switch off for 4-5 minutes at a time. They need desperately to keep their shape and knock that out.

That said, we were very good with the ball for most of the game and we are unrecognisable from last season or anything we have seen for many years here.

For me the real hero today was Scowen. Back to his very best today. Like a demented terrier on speed. Broke up everything, was first to almost everything and carried the ball really well going forward. MOTM for me even though Manning, Chair and Eze had excellent games.

Good to see 4 names on the score sheet and in many ways although I thought Blackburn woke up second half and did well, we may well have got more. Best goal was Hugill. Wonderful build up and cross but Hugill absolutely buried that. Glad for him after getting some unjustified flack over the last few weeks.

The backline players are all good but Warburton and team needs to work on this tendency to switch off and get too narrow. However, in quite long patches today we were just lovely to watch.

Almost half way to safety after 11 games and playing, in extended patches, the best football we have seen in years.

Never knowingly right.
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Just back, off the Stream on 20:19 - Oct 5 with 2129 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Hi Bannerman,

I see now that Greg Cunningham’s injury has forced him out of the Ireland squad. Quick as a flash Mick McCarthy has called up Cunningham’s Blackburn team-mate, Derrick Williams to replace Cunningham.

Williams was absolutely roasted today, at centre-back. He showed average pace, positioning, athleticism, hunger and decision-making.

Manning showed far more promise and vigour in Cunningham’s position, and is known to be a good professional.

A bizzare decision on first evidence. Maybe I’m missing something in Williams.

Or maybe McCarthy - on a short-term contract - has no care for the future of Irish football.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Just back, off the Stream on 20:20 - Oct 5 with 2114 viewsHunterhoop

Interesting, Bosh. Always rate your view, but mine was that Scowen and Cameron were our weak links today.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:21 - Oct 5 with 2115 viewsNed_Kennedys

I thought Barbet played well today, hardly a liability.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:37 - Oct 5 with 2023 viewsridethewave

Yeah I actually like him, I agree he played well, very well in fact, right up until conceding yet another needless penalty. I hope he can cut these brain farts out because I really like him as a player, and think he’s looked good defensively the last few games as well.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:42 - Oct 5 with 1972 viewsMrSheen

Based on our record so far against M4 teams (played 3, lost 3), I’d be worried about the last two!

Just back, off the Stream on 20:42 - Oct 5 with 1967 viewsnix

I thought exactly that. One of his best games for us so far until the penalty. He looked more alert and up for it. Felt a bit sorry for him as he looked distraught.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:44 - Oct 5 with 1960 viewsterryb

Ryan Manning playing under McCarty?

No thank you. But then, I'm not Irish!

Ryan has far too muck skill for Mike. What a surprise that Ipswich fans are so much happier since his departure.

Just back, off the Stream on 20:47 - Oct 5 with 1945 viewsBoston

Yes...but what was the creative artist imbibing?

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Just back, off the Stream on 21:02 - Oct 5 with 1856 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Agree with you, Terry - McCarthy doesn't trust skill.

In many ways, though, Manning is a McCarthy kind of player - good pro, modest, unlikely to overshadow his mediocre manager.

But McCarthy likes bollock and bite, heft and height.

McCarthy is, after all, the manager who once dropped Denis Irwin (revered in Ireland as our best ever full-back) for an Ireland game behind Jeff Kenna, Kevin Kilbane, Gary Kelly and Ian Harte. And when Jeff Kenna got injured he brought on Jason McAteer at right-back.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Just back, off the Stream on 21:04 - Oct 5 with 1849 viewsloftus77

Great win today lads - well done.

The victory blows the WBA and Cardiff defeats out of the water (I would happily have taken a point from all 3 games - effectively what we've achieved) and sends us into the international break in fine fettle.

My only moan is that, like some on here, I don't get to many games these days and, for the first time in many many years, I really feel I'm missing out on something special. Great and well deserved for our loyal fans and new ones.

Just back, off the Stream on 21:10 - Oct 5 with 1813 viewsGroveR

They didn't call him Zinedine Killbane for nothing.

Just back, off the Stream on 23:28 - Oct 5 with 1562 viewsqpr1976

From Upper Loft after 30 mins it felt a pretty drab affair to me (especially after the 1st 30 v Luton), certainly didn’t feel like a 6 goal game at that point.
Then we scored somewhat out of the blue and.....Wish we were playing Hull next weekend.....

Just back, off the Stream on 23:59 - Oct 5 with 1498 viewsBoston

Agree, although reasonably competitive it certainly didn't set the world on fire, which surprised me somewhat as I was sure they'd be friggin mad about the last two results.

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