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Mark H****s 19:36 - Oct 8 with 6950 viewsdaveB

Mark Hughes is favourite for the Reading job, be nice to welcome him back to Loftus Road in a few weeks although they'll probably beat us now

Mark H****s on 19:44 - Oct 8 with 2940 viewseghamranger

Who’s been sacked from reading then?

So many managers gone and the clocks haven’t changed yet..

Mark H****s on 19:48 - Oct 8 with 2932 viewsRANGERS4EVER

Rumoured that their manager Jose Gomes has been sacked.

Think they have taken a risk like Wolves and have truly f*cked up. Spent around £15m on players, with a half empty stadium, and still looming around the relegation spot. Wouldn't be surprised to see them hit with FFP

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Mark H****s on 19:50 - Oct 8 with 2923 viewsMancR

How the mighty have fallen🤣

Mark H****s on 19:51 - Oct 8 with 2906 viewskensalriser

They need counselling for acts of self-harm.

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Mark H****s on 19:59 - Oct 8 with 2887 viewsHarbour

Sounds like a perfect fit for MH am sure it will all work out swimmingly.

Mark H****s on 20:00 - Oct 8 with 2883 viewsFredManRave

I doubt Reading will get past the first interview...
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I've got the Power.
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Mark H****s on 20:25 - Oct 8 with 2807 viewsdaveB

Mark Bowen is Director of football there

Mark H****s on 20:30 - Oct 8 with 2792 viewsCiderwithRsie

Bloody hell.

Mark H****s on 20:51 - Oct 8 with 2727 viewsBlue_Castello

Just checked Wiki it says he was appointed as a technical consultant of football in March 2019 but that he left at the end of the season.......??????
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Mark H****s on 21:01 - Oct 8 with 2694 viewsTacticalR

And Kia Joorabchian is 'advising' the board.

Air hostess clique


Mark H****s on 21:09 - Oct 8 with 2663 viewsQPR_Jim

Ouch, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

Mark H****s on 21:30 - Oct 8 with 2601 viewsEsox_Lucius

Joined them permanently in August this year.

The grass is always greener.
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Mark H****s on 21:41 - Oct 8 with 2572 viewsloftus77

That's one relegation place nailed on then - if /when it happens.

Pencilled circles around Barnsley and Luton also.

Not that we're concerned with such matters these days, of course.....

Mark H****s on 21:51 - Oct 8 with 2540 viewsbosh67

I thought he wouldn't stoop to the Championship?

Never knowingly right.
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Mark H****s on 22:38 - Oct 8 with 2435 viewsted_hendrix

Bowen's comments on the 30th September;

Bowen joined Mark Hughes' Wales coaching staff, starting a working relationship which has lasted two decades.

Bowen has served as Hughes' assistant at Blackburn, Manchester City, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke and Southampton, the club they left last December.

"I haven't seen so much of Mark lately because he is up in north Wales enjoying his down-time - I think he is playing a lot of golf," Bowen says.

"I don't know where, but I have no doubt when the time is right, Mark will get back in (to management)."

Yet the chances are that for once, Bowen will not be alongside him.

"If you had asked me in the summer, I thought I would miss the coaching and maybe if Mark had got a job and asked me to go with him, then it would have been a case of what do I do," Bowen says.

"But at the moment I am very comfortable with what I am doing at Reading. I'm enjoying it.

"It's just a general thing where we are thinking can we raise the bar everywhere - in terms of the way people behave, the infrastructure and the way things are set up."

My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.


Mark H****s on 22:58 - Oct 8 with 2402 viewsDannyPaddox

Madejski-Joorabchian. The closest football gets to Creutzfeldt–Jakob.

Mark H****s on 23:45 - Oct 8 with 2335 viewsMiss_Terraces

I would

Mark H****s on 00:06 - Oct 9 with 2300 viewsWilloW4

So would I.

Mark H****s on 00:24 - Oct 9 with 2286 viewstimcocking

It'd be very nice indeed. He deserves to have to come back to Loftus Road to give us a chance to tell him what we think of him, the absolute mutha ******.

Wouldn't fancy it much if i was him.

Mark H****s on 00:30 - Oct 9 with 2280 viewssmegma

So Reading will go full circle in copying us in everything they do if they appoint the charlatan.

Mark H****s on 04:22 - Oct 9 with 2212 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Reading could save millions by just paying Hughesless his £3m payoff now.

Of course, if they insist on hiring the man, then no doubt Kia will want a hefty transfer budget for January.

This season just keeps on giving.

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Mark H****s on 04:55 - Oct 9 with 2202 viewsbarbicanranger

"Raise the bar everywhere..."

Nearly spat my tea out reading that. Horse sh1t.

Mark H****s on 07:38 - Oct 9 with 2095 viewsjonno

Explains everything.

Mark H****s on 07:42 - Oct 9 with 2088 viewsDorse

Reading definitely staying up now. Right up until Hughes resigns in May, placed 23rd, as he doesn't do relegation.

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Mark H****s on 10:12 - Oct 9 with 1914 viewswestberksr

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