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Mark H****s 19:36 - Oct 8 with 7206 viewsdaveB

Mark Hughes is favourite for the Reading job, be nice to welcome him back to Loftus Road in a few weeks although they'll probably beat us now

Mark H****s on 10:16 - Oct 9 with 2006 viewsAntti_Heinola

Oh please, please let this happen.

Bare bones.


Mark H****s on 10:41 - Oct 9 with 1937 viewsMick_S

Sorry, bit slow with this one.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Mark H****s on 10:44 - Oct 9 with 1923 viewsPhildo

Just read this beauty of a post on the reading forum:

Hughes would be a very decent appointment in my opinion. Certainly he knows what he is doing. Certainly he knows how to play football.

He does have a very drab and dour demeanour. That is the reason why people don't like him. But he has taken Blackburn to the top 6. He has achieved all of Stokes best Premier League finishes. He did well enough at Fulham. His teams always seem to place around the top ten in the Premier League. Something we could only dream of at Reading. We'd be delighted with that sort of consistent league finish.

Another positive is that it seems that he has managed these impressive league positions with clubs of a similar stature as us without leading to massive financial problems at Stoke, Blackburn or Fulham when they eventually dropped out the top division post Hughes like we have seen at other clubs like Pompey and Bolton.

Therefore he can do very well whilst being sensible at the same time. Not necessarily the case with Harry Redknapp who has left Pompey and QPR in big difficulties following his managerial stewardship.

I would be all for Hughes. As has been mentioned before. He has never managed at Championship level. But there is plenty of evidence that he can put a side together. So if he can put a good side together then I'm sure we can win promotion from the Championship with Hughes in charge.

Usually despairing


Mark H****s on 10:47 - Oct 9 with 1916 viewsCamberleyR

Deluded fúckwits.

Mark H****s on 10:48 - Oct 9 with 1910 viewsPhildo

I assume it was written by Mr M. B. Owen

Usually despairing


Mark H****s on 10:50 - Oct 9 with 1898 viewsMick_S

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Mark H****s on 11:20 - Oct 9 with 1832 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Ok, now I want this to happen.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Mark H****s on 11:22 - Oct 9 with 1827 viewsCiderwithRsie

Bloody hell again. That bloke is seriously opting for Hughes because he's better than Redknapp, like they're the only managers in existence? While Bowen gets to call himself Director of Football and Kia whatisface is still able to get inside a football club front door without anyone saying "Release the hounds"?

Just how often do crooks and incompetents have to screw clubs up in full view of a media that reports every time a Premier League footballer farts before anybody notices they are crooks and incompetents?

Mark H****s on 11:30 - Oct 9 with 1802 viewsEastR

Clint Hill on this week's podcast
I see he (Hughes) is being linked with Reading - good luck to them!'

Mark H****s on 11:32 - Oct 9 with 1797 viewsMick_S

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
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Mark H****s on 11:51 - Oct 9 with 1754 viewsDavieQPR

You can almost see their forum in 6 months time when he resigns just before relegation and a FFP points deduction is looming. 'We should have listened to QPR, Fulham and Stoke fans'.

Mark H****s on 11:52 - Oct 9 with 1751 viewsMick_S

No - don't tell them.

Did I ever mention that I was in Minder?
Poll: Should Seann and Katya stay on Strictly Come Dancing?


Mark H****s on 11:54 - Oct 9 with 1743 viewsMetallica_Hoop

They'll be funked

Beer and Beef has made us what we are - The Prince Regent


Mark H****s on 12:07 - Oct 9 with 1701 viewsactonman

He would keep them up by virtue of there being 3 worse teams come may , be hailed as the messiah and given free reign of the chequebook , then sacked or be close to it this time next year !

Negatives - Nice pay off , still no relegation on cv

Positives - reading in financial meltdown

Mark H****s on 12:10 - Oct 9 with 1690 viewsenfieldargh

Anybody got a copy of Bowen's interview on the podcast to hand? Second thoughts bury it.

captains fantastic
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Mark H****s on 13:04 - Oct 9 with 1584 viewsTGRRRSSS

Oh yes you would really hope this happens, they were so holyier than though about the Reading wqay and not behiving like "vile QPR" back in the SWP, JO Sung Park era.

Hey at least we got PL footie they could get this with :eague 1.

Please please please.

Mark H****s on 14:15 - Oct 9 with 1465 viewsEastR

here's a video of it


Mark H****s on 17:44 - Oct 9 with 1288 viewsBlue_Castello

Well the sacking is official as Clive pointed out on the Ross thread and all Rs fans get out their prayer mats in the hope that Bowen just can't resist giving the job to his mate

It couldn't happen to a nicer club, it really smacks of all the Southampton fans telling us Harry was a complete shyster and for some reason we struggled to believe them .
[Post edited 9 Oct 2019 17:46]

Mark H****s on 18:06 - Oct 9 with 1240 viewsqueensparker

Hahahaha, this would be amazing.

Please let it happen. Hughes relegating that bunch of plagiarist provincial nerds to division three while handing millions of pounds to his mate Jia and then f-cking off with a seven figure sum for his “efforts” would be too good.

Karma for stealing “Come On You Rs” as a song. That was unforgivable.

Mark H****s on 18:32 - Oct 9 with 1199 viewsEsox_Lucius

Not everyone struggled; I never wanted the melt faced spunkwaffle anywhere near QPR.

The grass is always greener.
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Mark H****s on 19:54 - Oct 9 with 1098 viewsJuzzie

This completely ignores Hughes’ tenure at QPR.

Mark H****s on 20:32 - Oct 9 with 1056 viewsGroveR

Mark Hughes does not:

- Get relegated
- Be less than meticulous
- Be outfoxed by formations
- Expect the last footballing lesson
- Take training
- Develop players
- Win away games
- Interview clubs
- Have any preferred agreement with an agent
- Beat Alan McDonald
- Answer to Leslie

Mark H****s on 21:22 - Oct 9 with 984 viewsMiss_Terraces

I wish I could

Mark H****s on 21:51 - Oct 9 with 945 viewsNortholt_Rs

It has to be a send up....or it’s actually written by Hughesless. Please, please, please let this happen. Can’t wait to see the gormless dour t wat back at LR.

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Mark H****s on 22:12 - Oct 9 with 902 viewsQPR_John

Not all Reading fans are happy with this. Local radio phone in is full of it.

"I'll burn my season ticket" is one the milder comment.
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