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Cobblers 23:22 - Oct 11 with 6811 viewsqprxtc

No one says that anymore

Get knotted you toerag.

Nor that

Or “That’ll be less than 6 quid for that pint mate”


Cobblers on 00:24 - Oct 12 with 2761 viewssmegma

You'd get a shoeing for saying cobblers these days.

Cobblers on 00:28 - Oct 12 with 2754 viewsBoston

Don't like Northampton then, Smeggs?

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Cobblers on 06:03 - Oct 12 with 2697 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Jimmy Hill.

As in the 1970s reaction to a highly implausible proposition. Itself reduced to a rubbing of the chin.

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on We are QataRs!


Cobblers on 08:05 - Oct 12 with 2625 viewscolinallcars

“You berk” is rarely heard these days. Crutch Piece was an often used phrase as well.

Cobblers on 09:47 - Oct 12 with 2549 viewsPommyhoop

You Lying Arab.
Pronounced 'Ayrab'
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Cobblers on 09:57 - Oct 12 with 2536 viewsLongsufferingR


Last heard around 1981

Cobblers on 10:07 - Oct 12 with 2530 viewsqpr1976

Always called that ‘chinney reckon’, but based on the same action & originator.....

Cobblers on 10:09 - Oct 12 with 2528 viewsqpr1976

‘Berk’ is cockney rhyming slang for Berkeley Hunt..... I’ll leave it there but possibly why it’s fallen from fashion ? Or replaced by ‘Two Bob.....’
[Post edited 12 Oct 2019 10:09]

Cobblers on 10:22 - Oct 12 with 2506 viewsEsox_Lucius

£6 for a pint

The grass is always greener.


Cobblers on 10:38 - Oct 12 with 2491 viewsShotKneesHoop

Still £3 a pint for a lovely drop of Fat Cat Best Bitter in the Fat Cat, Nelson Street, Naaaaarch.

Wonderful pub, shame about the local football club.

Why does it feel like R'SWiPe is still on the books? Yer Couldn't Make It Up.Well Done Me!


Cobblers on 10:42 - Oct 12 with 2478 viewsClive_Anderson

No one says dick head or makes the dick head sign with their hands anymore.
Not seen the wnker gesture for ages either.

A sad loss to our culture.

Cobblers on 11:11 - Oct 12 with 2444 viewsFredManRave

Smeg head.

I've got the Power.
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Cobblers on 11:49 - Oct 12 with 2414 views2Thomas2Bowles


When willl this CV nightmare end
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Cobblers on 11:53 - Oct 12 with 2411 viewsenfieldargh

No that is often the cry at Craven Cottage.

you may also get called a cad.

They dont like us ruffians and scoundrels in SW6

captains fantastic
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Cobblers on 11:53 - Oct 12 with 2411 viewsqprxtc

In some pubs in Farringdon where I work.

Cobblers on 11:55 - Oct 12 with 2408 viewsHayesender

You'll get a knuckle sandwich with talk like that young fella me lad

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Cobblers on 13:23 - Oct 12 with 2347 viewsPommyhoop

Aint heard;; Bummed in the gob:: for a while.
Where is Bluce Lee BTW...
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Cobblers on 13:35 - Oct 12 with 2339 viewsstowmarketrange

It’s still only £3.75 in the white ‘orse.Or at least it was the other week when I went in there.Plastic glass though.

Cobblers on 13:43 - Oct 12 with 2325 viewsBoston

Absolute Bounder.

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Cobblers on 14:06 - Oct 12 with 2314 viewsngbqpr

Saw a wnker gesture in crowd at the England game only last night as it goes.

Cobblers on 14:26 - Oct 12 with 2291 viewsBoston

Early to mid seventies - spasmo.

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Cobblers on 15:18 - Oct 12 with 2246 viewsJAPRANGERS

In Blighty do people still call each other Guttersnipes??

Cobblers on 15:30 - Oct 12 with 2232 viewsDorse

Dick splash
Arse bandit (or the more exotic Anus Bandito)

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'


Cobblers on 15:48 - Oct 12 with 2211 viewsMrSheen


Cobblers on 15:56 - Oct 12 with 2206 viewscolinallcars

There was a time when, if a bloke had a certain surname, he would be known by a generic first name. Smudger Smith, Chalky White, Nobby Clarke, Dusty Miller, Spud Murphy etc. Do people still do that ?
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