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Fulham away 14:00 - Nov 5 with 2524 viewsE17hoop

Managed to get my tickets today. It'd be a shame of we didn't sell out.

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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Fulham away on 14:02 - Nov 5 with 2514 viewsCroydonCaptJack

What makes you think we won't sell out?

Fulham away on 14:11 - Nov 5 with 2486 viewshubble

Because Im going with my brother (West Ham) and his son (Fulham), and because they've stopped doing the neutral stand, I've agreed to go into one of the home stands..... and already starting to regret it! I think I may have to get an away ticket and meet back up with them afterwards.....

Fulham away on 14:14 - Nov 5 with 2478 viewsRANGERS4EVER

I know hundreds of people waiting for the tickets to go on sale for those with less then 800 loyalty points. We will sell out easily, although I am surprised it even got down to 800 in the first place

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Fulham away on 15:06 - Nov 5 with 2409 viewsthame_hoops

It's not fun to sit in the home end for a rangers away game, Id rather a miss it than do that. Having to bite your lip and sit on your hands lol Nah..

Fulham away on 15:34 - Nov 5 with 2354 viewslosethedrum

There are less than 50 tickets remaining in case you are wanting to buy one

Fulham away on 16:19 - Nov 5 with 2266 viewshubble

Ah crap - I haven't got enough loyalty points... looks like it's the home stand for me then and biting my lip... :(

Fulham away on 16:31 - Nov 5 with 2236 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

It’s Fulham. I shouldn’t worry too much

Fulham away on 16:54 - Nov 5 with 2188 viewshubble

Haha, that's what i was thinking.... but you never know with some of their top Ruperts around....


Fulham away on 17:05 - Nov 5 with 2170 viewsJAPRANGERS

The danger comes from flying top hats??

Fulham away on 17:48 - Nov 5 with 2107 viewsE17hoop

I didn't realise there was still a loyalty boundary - mine must be above the current limit.

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
Poll: Which position should be our priority to bring in at the end of the season?


Fulham away on 18:50 - Nov 5 with 2023 viewsWren67

Mine is 550+. Not allowed to buy yet.
Been to Fulham twice in recent years b4 they were promoted.
Dont want to be in the home end.

Fulham away on 21:44 - Nov 5 with 1860 viewsJuzzie

Done it twice at West Ham (first time the famous Clive Allen brace including the famous drag back and turn)

Once at Chelsea, Charlton, Leeds, Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd. Maybe a couple of others.

Hated all of them, didn't win any of them either.

Fulham away on 21:49 - Nov 5 with 1852 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Used to do it all the time in the 70s and 80s. It was often the safest place to go back then.

I remember being in the Shed when Tommy Langley scored for us and celebrated in front of his old fans.That was funny.

Fulham away on 23:51 - Nov 5 with 1750 viewsstowmarketrange

I only ever stood on the shed end twice.Once when Speedie went in goal after their keeper got sent off in a 1-1 draw.And I was there for the milk cup replay when McDonald and Robinson scored in a famous 2-0 win.Me and my Chelshite mate had to leave on 90 to get to work and the guy didn’t have a radio in his car so we didn’t even know the score until we got to Waterloo station and civilisation.It would’ve been tricky to keep quiet when those goals were scored,especially Robinson’s from the halfway line.

Fulham away on 03:16 - Nov 6 with 1681 viewsSydneyRs

Went in there once after being thrown out of the away end. We were 3-0 down so it was fairly easy to stay quiet.
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Fulham away on 10:53 - Nov 6 with 1460 viewsWokingR

Restricted view tickets only available now.

Fulham away on 15:10 - Nov 6 with 1283 viewskingsburyR

This thread got me thinking how many loyalty point do I have.

It turns out to be 1180!

God knows how I got to that many!

Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!


Fulham away on 16:01 - Nov 6 with 1239 viewsqpr_1968

about 20 of us stood behind the goal, right at the front in the shed at that Chelsea 2-0 game.
celebrated both goals, qpr dotted all over the place, no trouble.

Fulham away on 21:49 - Nov 6 with 1022 viewshubble

Thanks to Esox, I've got a ticket in our end - limited view, but so what, I won't have to stand with the Foolham Rattlers, hoorah!

Fulham away on 21:59 - Nov 6 with 1015 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Nice one Hud.
I did see you needed one but I'd used up all my contacts to get the four I needed already mate.

Fulham away on 22:25 - Nov 6 with 974 viewsDorse

At least you won't have to invest in a pair of red trousers.
[Post edited 6 Nov 2019 22:26]

'What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!'

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