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Fans Forum 19:20 - Nov 5 with 1525 viewsNoDiddley

Got an invite to attend on Monday, due to fly to Tenerife on Saturday morning with the missus.
A) Do I cancel the holiday
B) Go & get divorced
C) ignore the email

Fans Forum on 19:31 - Nov 5 with 1501 viewsMedwayR

B & C isn’t it???

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Fans Forum on 08:21 - Nov 6 with 1315 viewsRblockPrior

Yet again, after about the 10th year of applying I haven't managed to get an invite to the fans forum. I really hope they haven't just picked the same people again. Not sure if there is any point me applying again

Poll: Of the 3 linked away, who do you think will still be a QPR player come February?


Fans Forum on 08:24 - Nov 6 with 1305 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Strange how some people get an invite or can apply late and get one without any problem yet some others apply often and never seem to get asked.

Fans Forum on 09:06 - Nov 6 with 1271 viewsfrancisbowles

Maybe it's a bit like the Wimbledon ballot or Premium bonds. Some are lucky and get something on a fairly regular basis whilst others get nowt.

Fans Forum on 09:54 - Nov 6 with 1216 viewsPikey

Do those who get standing invites ( fanzines ,supporters groups etc) get to take friends along? Or shall we say nomination rights. Overheard a conversation in the Crown last Monday that suggested that was the case.

Fans Forum on 10:48 - Nov 6 with 1144 viewsBoston

There’s one invite going on Craig’s list, 40 quid, apply No Problem or diddly or something.

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Fans Forum on 11:00 - Nov 6 with 1125 viewsNorthernr

No plus ones. Well, I don't get a plus one, can't comment for the other groups that get an invite but it's just me from here.

Surprised and disappointed to see RBlock's post above. Honestly thought they were dragging people in off the streets for these things.

Fans Forum on 13:27 - Nov 6 with 969 viewsSonofNorfolt

Just set a fan club/website and you're in.
Try 'QPR sh it but local'.

Fans Forum on 14:11 - Nov 6 with 917 viewsBenny_the_Ball

Can NoDiddley help out RBlockPrior or is that a no-no?

Fans Forum on 14:13 - Nov 6 with 914 viewsRblockPrior

I am not for one saying any fan is more important than another, I just think everyone should have a chance of going one of the years especially when the demand is not high.

Poll: Of the 3 linked away, who do you think will still be a QPR player come February?


Fans Forum on 14:15 - Nov 6 with 909 viewsNorthernr

Agree. It's not right that somebody has applied as often as you have and never had an invite. It's either a poor oversight or a bit mucky, and neither is good.

Fans Forum on 14:19 - Nov 6 with 901 viewsBenny_the_Ball

No doubt that after 10 years of trying you deserve a personal invite but in the circumstances why not PM the OP (as he/she has received an invite but can't attend)? You could then raise the point at the forum.
[Post edited 6 Nov 2019 14:22]

Fans Forum on 19:41 - Nov 6 with 754 viewsNoDiddley

Apparently it's a lucky dip, I have replied I can't make it & they spin the wheel to find another taker.
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