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Died for his politics? 11:35 - Jul 31 with 56 viewsspudgun

Outspoken critic of mask wearing dies of Covid 19.

Support of Trump comes at a very high personal price...

Died for his politics? on 12:13 - Jul 31 with 49 viewsspell_chekker

Oh dear.

I suppose he was unlucky. After all, I'm not sure the virus differentiates between republicans and democrats.

Why has the USA been hit so hard by the virus?

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Died for his politics? on 13:23 - Jul 31 with 38 viewsspudgun

His politics instructed that he shouldn`t wear a mask, and he attended a rally where social distancing was not observed.

Sadly for him the possible consequence of unswerving allegiance to all things Trump was death.

Good sense tells you to take every precaution to minimise the contact with others - especially indoors and to wear a mask when appropriate...

Died for his politics? on 14:27 - Jul 31 with 31 viewsBringBackTheRedRoom


Lots of different reasons, but a big one is its federal system of government. On domestic matters the individual states have a lot of power, and their health care system failed.

One example is buying PPE. States, Federal Government, Hospitals Care providers etc... were all outbidding each other trying to buy PPE. Read an article that one manufacturer received over 200 separate bids.

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