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Cooky 13:45 - Jul 20 with 3942 viewsPigbag

Bumped into him in this pub in Wimbledon village during the tennis. Thanked him for everything he did for our club of which he was very humble! Sad to see him go! real legend of which i hope to see a few of our current crop follow suit.

Cooky on 14:11 - Jul 20 with 3018 viewsWestbourneR

would anybody join me in getting a campaign going to get Lee Cook permamently recognised by the club? He certainly deserves an ambassadorial role a la King at Spurs.

The guy sacrificed his knee and his career to keep us up. His left boot and Dexter's head we're the only things going for that team.

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Cooky on 14:14 - Jul 20 with 2968 viewsGloucs_R

Here we go again.....legend? Ambassador? FFS.

Cookie - good player first time round, QPR fan, nice lad (yes, I have met him and he is friends with some of my friends) and I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career.

BUT FKING LEGEND? Do me a favour.

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Cooky on 14:19 - Jul 20 with 2950 viewsPigbag

Were not a club filled with lots and lots of illustrious history e.g Highly capped internationals and world recognised names. No Cooky wasnt world class, maybe he was premiership class we don't no but the performances he put in when fit and what he did for our little club is worthy of legend status. Maybe he wasnt as gifted and Stan and Adel but He's done alot and in my eyes and i think many of Rangers fans is legendary status.

Cooky on 14:27 - Jul 20 with 2911 viewsGloucs_R

How old are you fella (genuine Q)? Look at the players we had in the 60's, 70's and 80's....I can name 50 players who would have legend status before we get to Cookie.

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Cooky on 14:29 - Jul 20 with 2904 viewsPigbag

21 mate, granted your on a different level to me with regards games attended etc and are lucky enough to have seen Qpr when challenging for titles and cups, unfortunatly for me i only saw the end of our 90s prem days and well we all know what happened after that and who's played for us since but for me in my era Cooky is a legend.

Cooky on 14:30 - Jul 20 with 2893 viewsfblockasia

go on then ....50 you say ...

Cooky on 14:32 - Jul 20 with 2888 viewsWestbourneR

Because this is so worh fing and blinding over Gloucs.

That aside let me tell you why he is a legend.

- He single handly kept us up, he was a one man team and played games on his own.
- He was top assist provider in the league playing for the worst team.
- If we had gone down that year we'd have disappeared without a trace - all the stuff you are enjoying now would not be happening. We'd be Pompey or Pkymouth or Luton or worse.
- He played through a knew injury that he clearly needed to rest and subsequently sacrificed the rest of his career in football for QPR.
- He GAVE the club back his £250,000 singining on fee to help us out when were in dire straits.
- He sits in the stands and supports QPR

THAT is why he is LEGEND.

Sad that all the thanks he gets is a sweary rant from you.

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Cooky on 14:33 - Jul 20 with 2875 viewsGloucs_R

Fair enough. I'm mid 30's but even I know that there were good players around before my time

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Cooky on 14:36 - Jul 20 with 2860 viewsNathanNI

"He GAVE the club back his £250,000 singining on fee to help us out when were in dire straits. "

This is the only argument needed.

Many players were, are and will be better. Not many will do what he did.


Cooky on 14:36 - Jul 20 with 2856 viewsPigbag

Now your insinuating that im not aware of any decent player pre 1995?

Cooky on 14:37 - Jul 20 with 2844 viewsGloucs_R

ha, not what I meant fella!

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Cooky on 14:38 - Jul 20 with 2848 viewsPigbag

Fair enough.

Cooky on 14:43 - Jul 20 with 2823 viewsGloucs_R

Maybe an over reaction by me. A legend to one is merely a man to another.....

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Cooky on 14:52 - Jul 20 with 2806 viewsPommyhoop

If we can keep him long enuff. Adel will outshine any man known to this club.And I watched Stan.Dont recon Adel would ever give up that amount of money tho ..
Respect where due ..eh ..

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Cooky on 15:43 - Jul 20 with 2694 viewsAntti_Heinola

You're getting really, really angry about semantics. I think you should have a glass of water, calm down, then look in the mirror for a really, really long time, then go and find Cookie and snog his face off.

Bare bones.


Cooky on 18:08 - Jul 20 with 2414 viewsenfieldargh

some people complain when the price of a beer goes up at LR.

He sacrificed £250K so we could all sit here now a purr at what is going on now

Legend: End of

captains fantastic
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Cooky on 18:10 - Jul 20 with 2400 viewssmegma

For the first time ever I agree with you. Sorry about that , it won't happen again.

Legend my arse.

Cooky on 18:16 - Jul 20 with 2384 viewsGloucs_R

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Cooky on 18:25 - Jul 20 with 2356 viewsJamie

He got it back with interest in his second spell that sentiment aside he shouldn't have got.

Cooky on 18:31 - Jul 20 with 2334 viewshoopstilidie

Some people are utter cun t holes.

Lee Cook isn't one of them.

Ringo Starr ate my hamper.
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Cooky on 18:40 - Jul 20 with 2313 viewsR_from_afar

Yes! Just - YES!

Oh, I will add something: Without Cook's cool £250k, we might now be pondering where is a good place to park in Ebbsfleet.


"Things had started becoming increasingly desperate at Loftus Road but QPR have been handed a massive lifeline and the place has absolutely erupted. it's carnage. It's bedlam. It's 1-1."


Cooky on 19:41 - Jul 20 with 2218 viewsDylanP

Respect yes; legend no

What Cook did was remarkable. Giving back quarter of a million is just an incredible act in this day and age. We are surrounded by mercenaries and then there is Cook, genuine fan, genuine top man.

And he was a great player. Fun to watch, fast, exciting, accurate, clever. Plus he had character and class.

If we had a Hall of Fame, Ring of Honour, or whatever, then there is no doubt that he would be there.

But for me, legend is something else. There are only a few: Stan, Rodney, Gerry, Sir Les. Its a very short list. Best to keep it very short.

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Cooky on 19:45 - Jul 20 with 2207 viewswittle

you can add macca to that list but not cookie im afraid.

Cooky on 19:46 - Jul 20 with 2202 viewsPablo_Hoopsta

And, if I recall, didn't that deal to Fulham include us having a preseason friendly against them to give a little cash boost, and he got injured in it after (what looked to me) a tough tackle, which curtailed his chances in the Prem with them.

He came back and tried his best, a real shame he never had more success with us, a true gent, humble as anything whenever I met him (only a couple of times at functions and stuff), and lastly don't forget 250k is a lot more for a player of his earnings at that time than it would be for any of our new heros.

Cooky on 20:04 - Jul 20 with 2168 viewsQPR_Jim

I agree, it was a large amount of money for him and a large amount of money for the club too. The comment from Jamie about earning it back in his second spell is ignoring the point that when he gave us that money there was hardly any chance of him getting it back off us. So it was a selfless act as was the damage he did to his knees which has reduced his earning potential and reduced his chances of getting the success his talent deserved.

To be honest thought as much respect as I have for him he's a cult/folk hero more than a legend in my eyes.
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