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This Ki chap 15:43 - Aug 3 with 5916 viewsPigbag

Why is everyone praying we sign him, I'm not saying you shouldn't I just havn't seen him play yet and I'm wondering what everyones seen of him to warrant the excitement. He's got the whole board buzzing, does he really look that good a prospect? If so then im game.

This Ki chap on 15:46 - Aug 3 with 3277 viewsNorthernr

Have I just not been paying attention?

This Ki chap on 15:49 - Aug 3 with 3249 viewsWokingR


This Ki chap on 16:01 - Aug 3 with 3225 viewsPigbag

I havn't had a chance to have a look at him and wanted to hear peoples opinions on him, is that so bad? I also am busy at work so i don't have the time to scour all the posts all day.

This Ki chap on 16:09 - Aug 3 with 3191 viewsadhoc_qpr

Happy to have another creative centre mifielder in the squad but having suffered through South Korea vs Gabon at Wembley on Wednesday i don't want any of those players!!!

This Ki chap on 16:13 - Aug 3 with 3168 viewsfblockasia

i also wonder if ki can cut it ...or are we scraping the barrel ?

there will probably be a few more twists and turns before we find out ,

having too many midfielders is ok ,,we can always use a spare ki ..

i'll stop now
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This Ki chap on 16:15 - Aug 3 with 3158 viewsTacticalR

You can judge for yourself tomorrow night, when Team GB play Korea.

Air hostess clique


This Ki chap on 16:20 - Aug 3 with 3144 viewsTacticalR

Yes, Korea didn't look great against Gabon. Korea have a lot of technical players, but were missing a driving force through the midfield. And Park Chu-Young of Arsenal seems to have completely gone to pieces.

Air hostess clique


This Ki chap on 16:21 - Aug 3 with 3132 viewsPigbag

Thanks for all the positive replies, I'll keep a close eye on him tomorrow.

This Ki chap on 16:33 - Aug 3 with 3087 viewsWokingR

I feel bad now


This Ki chap on 16:36 - Aug 3 with 3077 viewsBklynRanger

Two words:





This Ki chap on 16:38 - Aug 3 with 3069 viewsW7Ranger

That's 3!


This Ki chap on 16:46 - Aug 3 with 3044 viewsNorthernr

The reason I'm confused is because I haven't really seen anybody creaming themselves over this guy or desperate for us to sign him.

IMO he's coming from Scottish football so is an enormous risk.

This Ki chap on 17:03 - Aug 3 with 3000 viewsBklynRanger

What? Fcuk off - how is that 3 words? Alright here's two more words then:





This Ki chap on 17:07 - Aug 3 with 2981 viewsTW_R

That's 3 too!

This Ki chap on 17:09 - Aug 3 with 2972 viewsWestbourneR

TBF he's right - it is three.

Poll: Should JFH get the sack?


This Ki chap on 17:13 - Aug 3 with 2962 viewsW7Ranger

What he said!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^


This Ki chap on 17:14 - Aug 3 with 2957 viewsBklynRanger

3 words. My fat hairy arse it's 3 words!

This Ki chap on 17:16 - Aug 3 with 2950 viewsW7Ranger

"My fat hairy arse" is 4 words actually!!


This Ki chap on 17:25 - Aug 3 with 2933 viewsBklynRanger

Stand up for the Koreans all you want lads, but that Kim John Hung is a wrong 'un.

We should boycott that whole peninsula - failing that make it into one giant Aldi and let the free market decide.

This Ki chap on 17:31 - Aug 3 with 2921 viewsW7Ranger

Also looking at Yu Cum Kwiq.

Disappears early on tho'!!


This Ki chap on 17:35 - Aug 3 with 2918 viewskarl

I think young skillful players can adjust from Scottish football to England as long as they can cope with the extra physical element. By that i mean strength and pace, of course Scottish football is physical but you need more athleticism with it in England.
I'm not convinced Ki has that, when i've seen him play well for Celtic its always been around the edges picking up bits and pieces. Can a team like QPR afford to have someone flitting in and out of the game? Taarabt's increase in work ethic would suggest that anyone hoping to start for us has to be prepared to do the dirty stuff too. IMO If there's a fee involved i would say he's not worth the risk

This Ki chap on 17:58 - Aug 3 with 2890 viewsTacticalR

That's pretty much what happened to QPR at the beginning of last season. We looked pretty shell-shocked by the athleticism of the teams at the lower end of the Premiership.

Ki has consistently said he wants to go to Spain, perhaps that's because his type of game?

Air hostess clique


This Ki chap on 18:29 - Aug 3 with 2857 viewskarl

That is probably the best of the 'big' leagues to suit his style of play.

Wanyama (also at Celtic) does fit the bill in terms of athleticism but he's a raw talent and one for the future. Doesnt play the same areas as Ki so perhaps he's not in Hughes' mind atm. Personally think he would be a good buy to sell at profit player, back to our old ways and no bad thing imo

This Ki chap on 18:46 - Aug 3 with 2836 viewsNorthernr

I'm not saying players can't adjust, I just think people place undue significance on performance in Scottish football. If we were talking about signing a South Korean from a team in the Albanian First Division for £7m we'd be wondering if Hughes had gone mad, but because he's coming from Celtic people see positives when in reality it's the equivalent.

He might be alright, just as the guy from Albania might be alright, but you can place zero, literally zero, stock in him based on what he's done in Scotland. It's one of, if not the, worst leagues in Europe and performing there is an indication of nothing other than the ability to get up in the morning and put on a football kit.

This Ki chap on 18:52 - Aug 3 with 2823 viewsJonDoeman


It Is What It Is !!

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