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Players reaction at the final whistle 08:54 - Mar 18 with 1918 viewsPigbag

The boys played well and showed a lot of fight but their reactions at the end of the game makes me think they have nothing left in the tank. Slumping to the ground, hands on head wandering around, it was like it was the fina game of the season and we needed to win. I personally have never left a ground so dejected and that includes the 6-0 thrashings by our neighbours amongst other trips. I just hope Harry can pick them up because they looked like they had nothing left IMO. Great support on our part has to be said also.

Players reaction at the final whistle on 09:30 - Mar 18 with 1832 viewshoopstilidie

I just thought they looked gutted to have lost a game that was there for the taking. Nothing more than that.
If anything I believe it will spur them on.

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 09:33 - Mar 18 with 1804 viewspomanjou

Agree. A high speed game with a gut wrenching result. Naturally shattered. Physical not mental thing.

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 11:13 - Mar 18 with 1610 viewsdaveB

i'd be more worried if they walked off laughing

Players reaction at the final whistle on 11:25 - Mar 18 with 1567 viewsNorthernr

In a way it was nice to see that they were as gutted as us. But the whole thing did rather smack of "well, that's us finished". That was certainly what most were saying on the way out of the away end and it looked like the players felt the same. It's a big two weeks for Redknapp now. He's right, five wins are attainable and throw a draw or two in and we'll have a good chance. He has to make those players believe again. In that first half they looked so confident and full of belief and at the end they looked destroyed. Big two weeks now and Fulham will go one of two very different ways IMO.

Players reaction at the final whistle on 16:26 - Mar 18 with 1300 viewsDylanP

I thought their reaction was about right. That was a huge loss and there is no disguising that. We could have won, we should have drwn. We lost and it is a huge blow. Let's just hope that 'arry's legendary ability to motivate can get them believing coz this one aint over yet and belief is going to be one of the most important ingredients.

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 16:34 - Mar 18 with 1282 viewsdaveB

agree with that Fulham will tell us everything, if Redknapp can get the players belief back and we get a win there then anything is still possible as I really don't see Sunderland, Norwich and Villa winning many more games so 38 points may well be enough. On the other hand we could get an absolute tonking again

I felt similar to the players in that it was all over and was the same yesterday but now the dust has settled I'm less resigned to accepting relegation than I was on 5pm on Saturday and would say we still have a slim chance

Players reaction at the final whistle on 16:35 - Mar 18 with 1280 viewsHayesender

I didn't stick around at the whistle, because I couldn't bear to see the smug looks on the villa fans faces, and that jumped up prick Lambert lapping it up

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 16:55 - Mar 18 with 1249 viewsQPRDave

Get em on the 1st plane to Dubai, and straight on the p*ss.........well it worked last time!!!

Players reaction at the final whistle on 18:12 - Mar 18 with 1174 viewsthemodfather

If I'd had fallen to the ground at full time, no one would give a toss , we got punished for a few errors and that's that.
I can't sob cos highly paid players went to ground, maybe it's a face saver.

Players reaction at the final whistle on 21:16 - Mar 18 with 1058 viewswombat

I didn't hand around to long after the whistle went but did notice bowsinga sat on the pitch staring at the fans leaving the ground . Not sure if it wa a stare of I'm ok jack I just stuck 60k in my back pocket and feck you or he actually gave a shit I'd hope it was the later .

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 23:47 - Mar 18 with 906 viewsbosh67

It is an issue. Seeing a Traore turn up in a top of the range matt black Bentley with blacked out windows before the Sunderland game put a bit of perspective on things for me. Sure, they feel bad when we lose, sure some of them care. But we go home in slapped out cars to a cuppasoup and they go by private jet to the Ivy to get over it all. It's not the same world anymore.

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 10:44 - Mar 19 with 802 viewsdaveB

he then got up and sprinted to the tunnel without looking back whilst Hill, Remy and Mbia came over to clap us

Players reaction at the final whistle on 11:00 - Mar 19 with 785 viewswombat

I was gone by then dave , he knows he hasnt got many fans at LR and to be honest he dosnt give a flying to$$ about us , a player which pretty much sums up english football

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Players reaction at the final whistle on 12:48 - Mar 19 with 747 viewsQPunkR

English football? Try modern day football!

I too collapsed to the ground as Clint's rocket flew millimetres over the bar. Only got back up in time to see Jenas clapping us and Mbia of course go in to hand his shirt to a fan

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